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Affordable bathroom renovation ideas for tenants

Last modified: 2023-01-26 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

The idea of renovating your house can sometimes spring up at an unexpected moment. Next thing you know, you find yourself browsing the internet looking for inspiration on Pinterest. However, if you're renting your apartment, it could be difficult to start any renovation projects. The final decision will be up to your landlord if you need to make any major changes to your space.

In the following article, you will find different ideas that are both affordable and accessible for tenants, and that will help you spruce up your bathroom and give it a fresh makeover. But before you start anything, it is always important to ask your landlord's permission before any major changes are to take place. In addition, make sure you keep anything you remove so you can put it back up before leaving.


Affordable bathroom renovation ideas for tenants

Refresh your walls

Salle de bain vert forêt

Source: canva

Even though this idea seems obvious, many people decide to leave the painting as it is when they move to a new place. This could mean the old paint is now yellowed, stained or even chipped. To start, a fresh coat of paint could end up being transformative.

For a personal touch, don't be afraid to play with different colours. Amongst this year's trends, we can find colours like navy, forest green, gray, blush pink, greige, taupe, and of course, the timeless colour white.

Other than paint, you can also opt for decorative wallpaper that could match perfectly with the paint colour you chose for the room. Applying it as an accent wall will add texture and depth to the room. 


A makeover for your bathroom vanity

Salle de bain décorations rose

Source: Canva

Your vanity plays a crucial role in your bathroom, given that this is where you spend most of your time getting ready for the day. To start off, changing your mirror could give a completely new look to the room. If you have an old pharmacy cabinet, opting for one with an interesting design will have a good impact on the space.

For a more elegant touch, minus the high costs of marble, you can purchase some contact paper with a marble pattern and adjust it to the shape of your sink when applied. The whole thing is easy to apply and can be removed without complications when needed.

In the same idea, but for your walls, you'll be able to find some peel and stick tile sheets if you feel like creating a backsplash between your sink and mirror. These are easy to remove with a hairdryer.



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Flamboyant light fixtures

Source: canva

Whether your bathroom has a window or not, you'll find a source of artificial light on the ceiling. A thing that is often forgotten and is a strong statement in any room is a nice ceiling light. With an original model and design, you will get people to look up, making the room instantly bigger. Recent trends offer gold, funky and geometrical light fixtures that you can choose from.


Decorations and storage spaces

Source: canva

The most important step in your renovation project is decorating. Without even touching the paint on your walls, adding decorative touches like plants, art or open shelving could make a huge difference.

Opt for small boxes for your products and accessories or wicker baskets for your towels and toilet paper. Add a personal touch and change up your shower curtain. Don't be afraid of textures! Add carpets and forget your old towel rack by switching it for decorative hooks. Alexandra Gater, a home decor expert from Toronto, recommends changing the knobs on your cabinets to give them a brand-new feel.

If you feel like you're lacking storage, add shelves to create open storage instead of a closed cabinet. You'll create the illusion of a much larger and minimalist space. Consider recycling and reusing by shopping in thrift stores or church bazaars. You can easily find gems in those places that will add value and style for the final touches. All these tips can help you get the glamorous bathroom you've always wanted, for half the cost!



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