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10 renovations to transform your dining room

10 renovations to transform your dining room

Design and home decor10 renovations to transform your dining room

The dining room is the gathering place of the home and according to the definition associated with these words, must be convivial and accessible. Some use their dining room every day while others reserve it for special occasions. In either case, this room should be adapted to the needs and tastes of the occupants.

If you’re thinking about starting to plan the transformation process of your dining room, look no further. In this article, we will offer you various options to improve the layout and decor of the room.

10 examples of work to renovate your dining room

Regardless if you are 2 or 10 sharing the dining room, this is a space where people want to relax and enjoy the company of one another. It is with these expectations in mind that people approach the layout of the room. After all, meals can become memorable moments where everyone meets up. These cherished meals are often the only time of the day where everyone is together.

1- Work on the window treatment

The dining room can accommodate both family morning brunches and meals with friends that stretch into the evening. The versatility of a window treatment makes it possible to adapt the space in order to create more privacy or to let in natural light depending on different needs. There is a wide variety of materials available on the market which offer different levels of transparency, as well as many colours and textures allowing you to let your imagination run wild!

You can install both blinds and curtains, or either, depending on your personal style as well as what’s best for your windows. But why exactly would you spend time and effort on your window treatment? Because this will have an impact as much on the decoration and overall atmosphere of the room. Of course, the practical side of working with blinds and curtains also plays a role and therefore enhances the aesthetic appeal.

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2- Improve room lighting

Traditionally, there is usually an imposing fixture that is installed above the table of the dining room and this generally happens to be the only source of light in the room. In order to create a warm, inviting and illuminated environment, it’s worthwhile to focus on designing efficient and well-distributed lighting throughout the room.

Choose fixtures that blend in with the decor already in place in the room. Make sure to play up your originality through your light fixtures, especially if the light fixture is the focal point of the room. Don’t hesitate to call in a lighting specialist to make sure you’re choosing the right bulbs, covers and so forth to showcase the various elements of your decor.

source: unsplash

3- Transform the layout by modifying the partitions

Although the two projects mentioned above are small, if you’re looking to take on something larger scale, why not change the partitions or move the dining room to another part of the home? If your dining room is next to the kitchen, you could create an opening in the adjoining wall to simplify food moving from place to place as well as facilitating conversations between loved ones. 

On the other hand, if your dining room is already open, you might look to create more privacy by building a new wall. This is the type of project that can make a huge difference and offer the space a completely different appearance.

Of course, if you do decide to make changes on the walls it’s important to decipher if they’re load-bearing or not. This is because destroying or creating an opening in a load-bearing wall will affect the structure of the house and thus, its stability.

Below we’ve listed some articles about partitions that might interest you:

  • How to install drywall/gypsum board panelling

  • How to create an opening in a load-bearing wall

4- Alter or change the wall covering

Among all of the possible transformations, changing the wall covering is one of the simplest projects. Of course, this project being simple can come down to the material, but it is almost always affordable and effective.

Most people opt for paint as it’s a versatile product that offers plenty of possibilities. Of course, there are plenty of other wall coverings to consider, including decorative panels, tiles, wallpaper, wood, brick and concrete.

Obviously, there are plenty of choices, and you might consider alternating between two materials to create a unique design. For example, you could create an accent wall with one of the aforementioned materials and paint other walls a more neutral colour.

To learn more about wall coverings, check out these articles:

  • Interior wall coverings: prices and characteristics

  • Paint and wall covering renovation guide

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Photo: Flickr-Marco Verch

5- Replace or renovate the floor

Unlike the bedroom or kitchen, where certain floor materials are discouraged, there are no such constraints in the dining room.  You can install ceramic tiles, wood slates or vinyl siding, Your choice will certainly be guided by your aesthetic preferences, the durability of the material, prices as well as the required maintenance regime. If you like your current floor but it’s not in good condition, be sure to take measures to transform it and launch restoration efforts to maintain its' beautiful appearance.

Here are several articles on the subject of floor restoration:

  • Price Guide: Flooring Materials

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  • 10 Affordable Flooring Materials

6- Custom furniture

A dining room usually contains some essential furniture, including the table, chairs and the dresser. Most of the time, these pieces come from furniture department stores and thus, many people have the same type of furniture in their home. But maybe you’re looking for something original? In this case, why not ask a cabinet maker to design custom furniture? This will help your dining room to be uniquely yours, with furniture that not only tells a story but has a long life within your family. Not to mention these pieces can be passed down from generation to generation!

7- Change your windows

Of course, not all dining rooms have windows. But when they do, they have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the room. This is especially true when the room is used during the day. If you do have the luxury of windows in your dining room and if it’s time for an upgrade, you could opt for newer or greener models on the market. In the case that your room doesn’t have windows, you might go so far as to consider installing a new window or two into a few of the walls.

Here are some articles about windows:

  • How to Choose Your Windows

  • How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Windows

  • Door and Window Renovation Guide

8- Install or enhance mouldings and beams

This is another example of a project which is of a primarily aesthetic vocation. Mouldings have long been part of the decorative elements used to define a space as well as emphasize its' architectural elements. As far as the beams are concerned, efforts have long been made to hide them.

However, in recent times, rustic home decor has come back in style and thus, more homeowners are looking for ways to emphasize them. If there aren’t any mouldings or beams in your dining room, you can easily install them as this is a readily accessible project for even the most novice of home renovators!

Check out these articles about mouldings:

  • Crown Molding: Everything you need to know

  • How to Install Crown Molding

9- Improving the insulation and soundproofing

In order to create an inviting and friendly space, the insulation and soundproofing of your dining room must be taken into account. You’ll have much more desire to use your dining room if it is comfortable, and festive gatherings and meals will be much more enjoyable knowing the room is well insulated and soundproof.

For example, when you have friends over and your children are watching television in the next room, how do you keep the sound separate? Or perhaps there is another room in the home which is noisy, and you’d like to eat in peace? Soundproofing is an excellent way to improve the quality of life inside the home.

To read more on soundproofing and insulation, check out these articles:

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  • The Cost of Insulation

10- Collaborate with an interior designer

So, you want to change the decor of your dining room but find yourself lacking the confidence to make the tough decisions? Why not work with an interior designer? These designers have the skills and expertise to guide you on large-scale projects. Working with a professional will offer you a room that perfectly suits your tastes and needs. If you choose to go this route, make sure to meet with several designers in order to find someone who you trust as well as someone who understands exactly what you’re hoping for.

In the meantime, check out these articles on different decor styles to gather some ideas and better define your tastes:

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Last modified 2023-12-05

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