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Home Decor: A Guide to Modern Style | Renovation Quotes

Home Decor: A Guide to Modern Style | Renovation Quotes

Interior renovationsHome Decor: A Guide to Modern Style | Renovation Quotes

A catalyst of post-war and industry, modern home decor is a bridge between the new and the old, the functional and the present. Modern decor incorporates minimal aesthetic choices regarding the colour scheme, pattern, architecture and furniture, with bold pops of colour hidden in this otherwise unfussy and sleek style.

Smooth curves and clean lines are highlighted, while plays on natural outdoor elements and distinctive focal points are favoured. This style is a great choice for those already living in a minimally decorated home, as less is more! However, even if you’re working with an overpacked, cluttered space, there are several ways to achieve the modern look.

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Here’s our guide for how you can adopt modern style into your home. 

Contemporary VS Modern Home Decor: A Brief Rundown.

Although contemporary and modern home decor are often confused, let it be known that these two styles are not the same thing. Contemporary style is as literal as it sounds: what is being created and produced right at this moment. Therefore, it is not tied down to one specific style and borrows bits and pieces from various eras.

Modern style is era-specific, breaking with pre-industrial and traditionalist styles. Modern design is connected to machination, and references the 1920’s to the 1950’s, though some may argue it references anything from the 20th Century. There are overlapping characteristics and elements between these two. However, contemporary design often pulls inspiration from the modern design era. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that these terms differ in home decor! After that brief history lesson, let’s go over what elements make up modern home décor!

Modern Homes: Clean Lines and Clean Interiors

source: Pixabay, La-Belle-Galerie

When you think of modern home decor, you can think of glass windows where walls may have once existed. From the exterior of the home, flat roofs, distinctive right angles and intentional asymmetry are reoccurring architectural elements. Modern style breaks from traditionally full spaces and moves towards embracing simplicity. Modern interiors are clean and fresh. Interior walls are generally painted white with a hint of muted colour.

Though white walls often get a bad rep for being boring, in modern homes they are crisp and refreshing as they act as a foundation to enhance meticulous details of the room. Further, floors are usually kept bare and made of natural minerals in a neutral tone. Polished concrete or clean hardwood are two common choices.

Modern furniture looks to incorporate materials that stem from the industrial age. Materials that are used include moulded plastic, wood, and polished metals. Structurally, furniture is often raised from the floor, keeping the look clean and modest while offering rooms an ethereal quality.

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Minimalist Elements

Modern style pulls from minimalism, by using the least to achieve an effect. Therefore, the rooms in a home that has adopted modern style are clutter-free, taking ample consideration to make the little details count. Colour schemes rely on silvers, blacks, and whites though they often incorporate primary colours such as reds and royal blues. Earth tones and hushed natural colours are less common in modern decor. Further, like minimalism, modern style relies on geometric shapes and patterns in both furniture design and accents.

Squares, triangles and curvilinear forms feature prominently, as well as accents made of metal or glass. Modern furniture design is stripped down to its basic form and does not look to cushy comfort but instead is ergonomic to accommodate the human body correctly. Art featured in the modern home tends to move towards focusing on abstractions of the mechanical process, such as photography or print-making.

Natural Materials

source: Pixabay, La-Belle-Galerie

Modern style incorporates plenty of natural materials into its decor. Wood, stone, leather and linen are among those most commonly used. Think of materials that provide warmth and texture without being overly gaudy. Hardware is usually found in brushed aluminum, polished stainless steel, glass and plastic. When wood is used, it is often painted over to conceal its natural grain and provide a more finished look. It is also often used to contrast against metal or glass elements.

Homeowners adopting modern style should try and find a balance between these varying materials. Natural light is another important element in the modern home. As we have stated, modern decor is often associated with replacing walls with glass, so light should flow freely throughout the home. Leave windows visually open, regardless of their size, to maximize light. Skylights are another excellent way to increase natural light as well as views of the outdoors.

Working with an interior designer to adopt a modern home decor

Are you looking to adopt a modern style in your home but puzzled about where to start? Do not hesitate to call upon the services of an interior designer to transform your rooms and adapt them according to your taste and needs!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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