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Renovation tips

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Residential Work Not Requiring an RBQ Licence

Renovation tips

5 min read

Residential Work Not Requiring an RBQ Licence

Renovation tipsResidential Work Not Requiring an RBQ Licence

In the province of Quebec, the construction industry is particularly monitored and regulated. Hence why we’re making a point of raising awareness among residential homeowners regarding the importance of dealing with contractors holding the right RBQ licence.

La Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) guarantees the quality of the work performed by its qualified contractors. Furthermore, hiring certified contractors gives you added protection against potential bodily injuries or material damage. It’s a licence bond serving as financial assistance should the hired contractor make a mistake while carrying out contractual work.

However, it’s worth mentioning that not all contractors need an RBQ licence to legally exercise their trade. In fact, like most things, there are exemptions to all rules, and some construction professionals do reap the benefits of said exception. Learn more about it here!

What work doesn’t necessitate an RBQ licence?

Pre-Construction Work Consultation

Source: Canva

When first noticing a problem in your house, it may be wise to call in a specialist to assess the sort of work that needs to be done. With their expert eye in tow, said professional will easily be able to give you a diagnosis as well as the necessary recommendations to fix the problem. 

This may be the case with structural engineers tasked with assessing the state of foundation cracks, decontamination specialists determining the scope of the mould found in a basement, or even architects responsible for identifying the load-bearing wall on a ground floor should one be looking to change the layout of their home. 

Experts working on location for consultation purposes aren’t required to be RBQ-licensed, as they won’t carry out any of the work themselves. They are solely tasked with carrying out an assessment for the contractor detailing the work that needs to be done.   

Inspections of All Kinds

In the broader context of the construction industry, inspectors are a dime a dozen and aren’t required to hold RBQ licences. This happens to be the case with building inspectors mandated to carry out property pre-purchase inspections. The goal behind such a procedure is to detect any visible defects and write up a report regarding the state of the home inspection

Also, building engineers are not regulated by the Professional Code. However, make sure the hired hands have professional insurance, covering building inspection errors and omissions. If you want to learn more on this topic, check out the criteria for finding a building inspector.

Architectural Restoration Work

Source: Canva

If defects in your home require non-structural architectural restorations, you may need to hire a professional who uses artisanal preservation methods to physically preserve your home’s historical features. 

Note that the contractor in question won’t require an RBQ licence if their work methods differ from those employed during standard renovations. The truth is that the preservation work must align with an art form rather than construction work in itself. 


Source: Canva

Typically, landscapers are hired to revamp the exterior aesthetics of your home. It’s a type of work that requires a bit of elbow grease coupled with a generous dose of creativity.

However, one doesn’t need to hold an RBQ-issued licence to carry out landscaping work. One solely needs to have the right skill set to ensure the quality of the work done. 

Roof Snow Removal and De-Icing Services

Source: Canva

As is common knowledge, roofs need to be maintained to prevent water leaks and insulation issues. De-icing and snow removal services are rendered mandatory to preserve the state of your roof and ensure its durability. Doing so is all the more important in Canada where winters are long and harsh. The contractor offering their services isn’t required to hold an RBQ-issued licence.

Tree Felling

For one reason or another, you might be required to cut down a tree rooted in your yard. Note that if you hire a contractor to carry out the job, the latter will not hold a licence, as this profession is exempted from licensing requirements.

However, as the homeowner in question, looking to cut down a tree on your property, you will be required to obtain a permit to do so, whether it be from your city or borough officials. 

Installing Environmental Testing Devices

Source: Canva

To that effect, a contractor hired to install devices for testing airflow or to carry out other civil engineering work, which necessitates the use of piezometers, pressuremeters, extensometers, samplers, and pendulums, won’t require an RBC licence.

Rundown of Construction-Related Work Not Requiring an RBQ Licence

Here’s the complete list of construction-related work that doesn't require one to hold an RBQ-issued licence.

1) Pre-construction work consultation

Includes consultations with structural engineers, architects, and decontamination experts.

2) Inspections of all kinds

Includes building inspectors, who aren’t mandated to abide by the Professional Code. They must have liability insurance to cover any mistakes or omissions.

3) Architectural restoration work

The work done must be more artisanal instead of structural.

4) Landscaping

Covers all jobs included in this category without exception.

5) Snow removal and de-icing services

Snow removal and de-icing services must be carried out as an act to preserve the state of the roof.

6) Tree felling

Homeowners can cut down trees themselves; they must however obtain a permit prior to doing so.

7) Installing environmental testing devices

Includes all environmental testing devices for measuring airflow, lighting levels, combustion, pressure, etc. 

On the other hand, should you be interested in knowing what type of work does require an RBQ licence, click here.

Are you a construction professional and want to know if you need a licence? Take the test on the RBQ website and check out our article about the steps for obtaining an RBQ licence (French only).

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Last modified 2024-03-18

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