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Revamp Your Kitchen with Countertop Paint

White Countertop Paint
White Countertop Paint

8 min read

Revamp Your Kitchen with Countertop Paint

KitchenRevamp Your Kitchen with Countertop Paint

No matter what, as a homeowner, there always seems to be something in need of repair, replacement, or renovation. While some projects necessitate time and money, others will simply take up a few hours, a weekend tops.  

Replacing a kitchen countertop is, however, never an easy feat. Besides the time and money spent, your first hurdle will be removing the existing countertop and later disposing of it. Once you've carefully considered everything, maybe the idea of restoring your countertop, instead of replacing it, may become increasingly appealing with each passing moment…

So, are you playing around with the idea of prolonging the use of your current countertop, provided that it's revamped in the looks department? Here’s how countertop paint comes into play, revamping your countertop, giving it a new appeal, one that’s enough to convince you to keep it for a bit more.

What to Know About Kitchen Countertop Paint

kitchen countertop paint

A few years ago, there was no way of achieving worthy results by painting a countertop. The only worthwhile route was getting a new one. However, in a world of new resurfacing methods, DIYs, and Spray-Net paints, whether it be for money-saving or eco-friendly ends, a lot of people prefer to restore and revamp rather than replace.

As a result, several companies developed products capable of such feats. Some have even excelled at it, given the quality of the finished product being comparable to newly manufactured countertops. As for the product’s surprising performance, it allows for a streamlined application process, rendering it accessible to all. 

With all the new products available on the market, it’s now easier than ever to make new out of the old... Or come as close to it as possible.

Kitchen designers are unanimous on this front, one of the key qualities of a good countertop is sturdiness. As such, restoring a kitchen countertop is a good way to go, as long as the workbench is still pretty solid.

Despite results that might exceed your expectations, bear in mind that the surface you’re painting isn’t new by any means. Its service life can’t be compared to that of a newly made, distributor-bought product. It’s but a short-term solution. 

To prolong your old countertop’s lifespan, opt for either an epoxy coating or a high-end paint kit. But, to avoid any disappointment, it’s best to weigh the costs involved before making up your mind.

How to Paint a Kitchen Countertop 

painting a kitchen countertop

Naturally, as with all DIY endeavours, there are basic guidelines to follow:

  • Air out the room

  • Make sure the temperature in the room in question suits the manufacturer’s instructions

  • Shield your eyes

  • Wear a mask

Here are the steps to abide by when painting a kitchen countertop:

Step 1. Set up the area in question in such a way as to protect all surfaces that won’t be painted and make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. Carefully read over the instructions before starting. You’re more likely to achieve appealing results by following the manufacturer’s instructions to a T.

Step 2. Clean the counter with a heavy-duty degreaser, such as sodium triphosphate (TSP), and allow the surface to dry.

Step 3. You can repair damaged areas with a specially-designed putty. Check with your local paint reseller or cabinet manufacturer to know exactly what to purchase.

Step 4. To ensure the primer coat adheres well, sand down the surface using medium-grit sandpaper (150), doing so carefully to avoid damaging the surface, and then remove the dust.

Step 5. Apply primer and allow it the dry completely. (Check the manufacturer-recommended drying time on the product’s label.)

Step 6. Once the surface is dry, use a long-pile paint roller to paint over the countertop. More than two coats will likely be needed. Between every coat, lightly sand the surface using very fine-grit sandpaper (320) and remove dust.

Step 7. Once the paint has fully cured, apply a coat of epoxy resin to protect the surface. A single coat provides the same amount of protection as fifty-five coats of varnish!

How to Paint a Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertop

If you’re looking to restore a ceramic tile kitchen countertop using paint, here’s how to go about it: 

Step 1. Prepare your workspace by covering cabinets, walls, and floors. 

Step 2. Clean the countertop with a heavy-duty degreaser (TSP) to strip the ceramic tile’s smooth and glossy finish, then pat it dry. 

Step 3. Sand the surface using medium-grit sandpaper then, with a damp rag, remove the dust.

Step 4. Apply a coat of oil-based primer (Polyprep 3), and allow it the dry completely (refer to the drying time recommended by the manufacturer).

Step 5. Apply three coats of oil-based paint with a melamine finish, allowing for at least 24 hours of drying time between each coat. Apply an additional coat if necessary.

What paint works best on a kitchen countertop?

paint used to paint a kitchen countertop

Latex Paint

To revamp your countertop in under a jiffy, there’s nothing better than a coat of paint. Unlike other products that may require a bit of know-how, latex paint is a novice DIYer’s dream. It’s also the perfect product for those who aren’t looking to make things more complicated than they need to be. Indeed, such paint is easily applied, can be cleaned in the blink of an eye, and makes for practically flawless results, every time. 

To do so, you have to use a paint and primer specifically made for laminate countertops. As for the application, proceed as detailed above. Note that the primer must be applied in thin coats. The rest practically takes care of itself!  

Achieve a Granite-Like Look Using an Epoxy Resin for Wood and Other Materials

What's better than a granite kitchen countertop? Get a lookalike finish at a fraction of the price! Stoneffects clear epoxy countertop coating kit allows you to replicate the look and texture of genuine granite. The results are both impressive and long-lasting. The products can be used on surfaces as diverse as laminate, wood, tiles, stone, or plastic. It’s a budget-friendly way of elegantly restoring your countertop without financially burdening yourself.

Proceed as follows.

Step 1. Prepare the surface in question by lightly sanding it to ensure the primer adheres properly.

Step 2. Apply the primer with a paint roller.

Step 3. Apply the stone-like coating using a trowel. Allow it to dry for 24 hours before moving on to the next step.

Step 4. Using 180-220-grit sandpaper, sand the stone-like coating to level it and remove any marks left by the trowel. Wipe the surface with a damp rag and use a vacuum cleaner to ensure all residue is removed.

Step 5. In ambient temperatures, add the epoxy countertop coating and mix for 3 minutes. Avoid using an electric mixer. 

Step 6. Before applying the epoxy, cover all adjacent surfaces with masking tape and make sure your floors are covered with drop cloths.

Step 7. Immediately after mixing the products, pour the epoxy mix onto the countertop. Spread it over the entire surface using a quality paintbrush. After checking to make sure you haven’t forgotten any spots, pour the rest of the mixture into the middle of the countertop and spread it out evenly on all sides. (Vertical surfaces might need two coats.)

Step 8. Before the epoxy cures, eliminate any bubbles that might have surfaced with a heat gun. 

Step 9. While the epoxy is still malleable, level the surface by running a metal scraper over it. 

Step 10. Remove the masking tape immediately after application. 

The epoxy will be cured after 72 hours, but you can start using your countertop with caution after 24 hours only.

How much does it cost to paint a kitchen countertop?

painting a kitchen countertop

Just like with any renovation project, costs vary mainly on account of the products purchased and the surfaces to cover.

Based on quick math, quality paint retails for roughly $25 to $100 per gallon. To buy resin, you have to budget about another $100. To that, add the retail cost of purchasing all hardware tools: paintbrushes, roller, sandpaper, etc.

You can also purchase a DIY kit, which ensures all products are compatible and may also include items needed to carry out the project to completion.

Regardless of your decision, you aren’t likely to spend less than $200.

Examples of Specially-Made Countertop Coatings and DIY Kits

Rust-Oleum Stoneffects Countertop Coating  

  • Price: $180 - $210 

  • A budget-friendly alternative to replacing a countertop. Its glossy finish is waterproof and stain-resistant.

Passeport Élite Countertop Epoxy

  • Price: $100 - $240 

  • A resistant coating with a bacteria-proof barrier.

Giani Marble Countertop Paint Kit in White Carrara 

  • Price: $100 - $300

  • Has a three-step easy application process that will transform Formica, laminate, Corian, ceramic tiles, wood, marble, and granite in a weekend alone.

  • It’s safe for interior use, practically odourless, and has zero VOC.

It's a specially-made primer that conceals small defects found on surfaces, with mineral colours that perfectly recreate the veining of quartz. Upon noticing its price point, you might think it’s cheaper to get a new countertop but trust us, the finish is simply stunning!

Giani Granite Countertop Paint Kit 

  • Price: $200 - $400 

  • It's a realistic granite finish available in five modern colours.

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Last modified 2024-04-09

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