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Secrets of a Luxurious Modern Bathroom


9 min read

Secrets of a Luxurious Modern Bathroom

BathroomSecrets of a Luxurious Modern Bathroom

A lavish bathroom that leaves us yearning for a little more time spent is without a doubt one of the most appealing aspects of a hotel room. More often than not, to promote their establishments, hoteliers capitalize on the allure of this elegant space where clients will spend very little time but reminisce long after zipping up their suitcases. 

What exactly is it about this room that makes it so lavishly modern? Or, should we be asking ourselves, How can we recreate it at home?

How to Design a Modern Bathroom with a Luxurious Feel

Source: Canva

There are numerous ways to transform your bathroom into the epitome of luxury you’re seeking. If you have the necessary space, your first step is to replace your shower-bath combo with a freestanding tub and separate shower. Doing so will add a chic-like aspect to your space while also revamping the style and boasting the comfort level.

Choosing high-quality materials is a must, whether it be flooring, for the shower, or walls. Dressing up the walls will make all the difference in the world. Opt for a full or partial covering made of marble, porcelain, or wood. Use all surfaces available without so much as cluttering the décor. Sizable artwork spanning the majority of a wall is preferable compared to several, smaller-sized pieces. 

Adding decorative pieces most often found in living rooms is a permitted luxury here. Treat yourself to a few notable and elegant items: textured bathroom linens, imported bar soaps and shower gels, grooming accessories with a badger bristle shaving brush, slightly retro but forever classy. 

Speaking of accessories, look for unique items. To that effect, you don’t need to look far and wide nor break the piggy bank! Discount home goods stores like HomeSense are perfect for finding affordable but quality products. However, above all else, the best thing about it is that its products have limited inventory. Unlike items sold at your local hardware store, one might say it’s nearing exclusive standards. 

In your new bathroom, put all your senses to good use; avoid focusing simply on sight. Soft jazz or classical musical playing in the background, the latest towel warmer, enthralling bath salts… 

The Makings of a Contemporary and Luxurious Bathroom

Source: Canva

Trimmed flowers in a Murano glass vase, a walk-in shower, dimmed lighting, or sleek storage spaces…it’s all pretty much what comes to mind when picturing a high-end bathroom. A luxurious bathroom is the quintessential setting to unwind and pamper oneself and a great investment for a house and its occupants. Here are the key components of a luxurious bathroom.

Freestanding Bathtub 

Often the centrepiece in many bathrooms. In and of itself, a freestanding bathtub is transcendent. Overall, we fell head over heels for natural stone, rectangular-shaped bathtubs as well as all-black modern tubs. 

With a bathtub tray and a wall-mounted television, luxury isn’t what’s missing. 

Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles

Another favourite: marble- or quartz-covered walls. For budget-friendlier options, ceramic tiles are great for mimicking natural stone.  

Zellige tiles are the quintessential option for eye-catching results! Since they’re handcrafted, no two tiles are alike. These gems are quite simply stunning!

Elegant Lighting

High-end lighting will create a vibe in the room. A favourite is mirror backlighting that isn’t too harsh on the eyes. Sconces on either side of the mirror are also appealing. Lastly, a chandelier perfectly suits more modern décors for a contrasting look. 

If it can be done, go for skylights. Whether above the shower or bathtub, it’s none other than exquisite!  

Heated Floor

Nothing is quite as luxurious as a floor that keeps your feet warm at all times. If you’re considering switching out your ceramic tiles, there’s no better time to install underfloor heating. Don’t miss out!

Bathroom Fireplace

The idea of a fireplace in a bathroom is luxurious to boot. After all, isn’t having a fireplace and bathtub combo in the same room not the best way to enjoy an evening at home? A glass of bubbly awaiting, of course!

A Luxurious Marble Bathroom

Source: Canva

It can be quite difficult to find a material that’s as luxurious as marble. Exposed on all surfaces, on a single wall or in the shower, this natural stone pairs elegance and lavishness for an incomparable look. 

White marble is famous for its aesthetic and unparalleled elegance and is suited to all luxurious indoor spaces. Whether it’s polished, raw, matte, bush hammered, or flamed, this material is available in a wide range of shades and textures to suit all tastes and meet all décor parameters.  

Naturally, marble isn’t a budget-friendly option. However, it has a timeless appeal. It can be relatively easy to limit costs by simply using it on a single wall or in the shower, as a countertop surface, or even a sink basin. Some will even go as far as framing it to further showcase it, much like a piece of art on a wall. 

One way or another, marble will surely revamp your bathroom décor. 

Roman-Inspired Bathroom: It’s All About the Shower

Source: Canva

A Roman shower, or walk-in shower as it’s more commonly referred to, prolongs the look of the bathroom, and is one and the same with the floor, allowing you to step in and out without having to step up or down. Such a shower has a knack for perfectly blending in with the décor since it’s covered in identical tiles to the bathroom flooring. 

In its ultra-luxurious version, forget about the glass shower door. The absence of a door, partition, or any other protruding element contributes to creating a sense of openness and luxuriousness that captivates the room. 

Soaps and toiletries are stored on niches—recessed shower shelving. To preserve the room’s opulence, strategically place luxurious products at eye level, but also conceal everyday items. 

If you’re not a fan of the cold, note that you can install a heated shower light on your walk-in shower ceiling. 

It’s a unique space that should be fostered in an en suite bathroom. You can even go as far as omitting a door separating the master bed and bath by setting up an enclosed space for the toilet.  

Despite its fancy appearance, a walk-in shower perfectly suits the needs of the elderly, people with mobility impairments, as well as toddlers. Walk-in showers are intended for all age groups and definitely have it all!

How to Design a Small Chic Bathroom

Source: Canva

Are you dreaming of vast expanses, luxury, and relaxation, but your bathroom just isn’t measuring up? Designing a luxurious bathroom in a large space may seem financially untenable, but rejoice in the fact that you can create one out of a modest space too. 

Hotel room bathrooms are proof points: the whole concept behind a luxurious bathroom is that it can be beautifully adapted to smaller spaces. Elegant porcelain tiles coating the walls or a marble shower can transcend a room in no time. It’s all about light shades and glossy finishes, both of which reflect light for a royal-like status!

Opt for slight curves and sleek lines when it comes to furniture, bathtub, shower, and toilet. Should you only be sharing this space with one other person, make sure your vanity has sufficient storage. And, by getting a medicine cabinet instead of a linen cabinet, you’ll free up floor space. Lastly, by swapping a standard shower stall for a walk-in shower, your bathroom will appear more spacious and lavish. 

There’s not enough room for a tub? Ask your contractor to plan for a bench in your walk-in shower or get yourself a teak bench that can be moved around the room to meet your various needs at a moment’s notice. 

Right now, the trend calls for wall-mounted toilets. Such a design also takes up less space and is available in the most elegant colours. 

As for shower panels and faucets, look for stylish or sleek models. And, since most people come to associate luxury with one-of-a-kind items, feel free to look further than your local hardware store!

In terms of accessories, draw inspiration from 5-star, luxurious hotel bathrooms with their wall-mounted soap dispensers, towel holders, and embroidered linens and bathrobes. 

Budgeting for Your Dream Bathroom

Source: Canva

When you really think about it, one does spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So it’s not too surprising to allocate a decent budget toward remodelling it. The amount typically spent for a luxurious bathroom may vary significantly. Besides the materials chosen, several other factors can impact costs, such as the region in which you reside, the chosen design, and the complexity of the work.

For a modern luxurious bathroom, showcasing materials like marble, costs can easily range between $45,500 and $50,000. Does your budget fall short of these figures? No worries! The new materials and distinctive accessories available on the market can help you recreate the look of a luxurious bathroom for a fraction of the cost.

Tips for a Luxurious Yet Affordable Bathroom 

Source: Canva

Replace Shower Curtain with Glass Door

Because it’ll make your space feel bigger. It's also low maintenance and much more luxurious! It’s the least you can do if you want to keep your shower-tub combo.

Get Fancy Floor Mats

Now this is a budget-friendly option. Besides adding colour and texture to the décor, mats are a great way to avert the eye from dull-looking or slightly damaged ceramic tiles. A living room rug will surely work its magic in a bathroom while giving it a rich-looking feel.  

Add Mirrors for a Semblance of Grandeur

A mirror is a great way to dress up a wall and it also reflects both natural and artificial light, which means it can trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it actually is. It’s also a must-have for most routines—prioritize it. To limit expenses and snag a unique find, thrift away! 

Dare Add Some Greenery

Luxurious bathrooms do fall in line. They are adorned with the same elements featured throughout the rest of the home. Focus on plants that thrive in humid conditions. Avoid limiting your options to traditional species, think outside the box!

Add a Seating Area

Naturally, one might want to sit comfortably within the confines of their bathroom, and the tub’s edge isn’t our idea of comfort. 

Switch Out Your Laundry Basket

It might just be a detail, but since even the tiniest of details matter, opt for a seagrass or wicker basket! These are super trendy and so beautiful that you won’t even want to tuck them out of sight. 

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