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How to Create a Unique and Elegant Décor with Designer Tiles

How to Create a Unique and Elegant Décor with Designer Tiles

Design and home decorHow to Create a Unique and Elegant Décor with Designer Tiles

Modern tiles, with their cutting-edge technology, creative design, wide range of materials, original installation methods, bold colours, and metallic finishes, are anything but boring. 

The tiling industry has mastered the art of crafting standout designs in light of the bustling market and the surge of many creative brands. It’s a significant departure from the classic wall-to-wall tilework; designer tiles are featured in every room, refining all surfaces in every way possible while exploring outdoor surface options. This type of tiling unleashes your creative juices in a world of possibilities. 

Come along for an all-encompassing journey. 

What type of designer tile should you use for a modern interior?

designer tiling

Source: Canva

As flooring, it combines comfort, practicality, and durability to give life to both functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. Used as a wall treatment, it rivals the prettiest wallpapers and revamps the most modern-looking décors. 

In other words, designer tiles are everywhere. They’re unique, timeless, and versatile; there’s nothing like it.

Step out of your comfort zone; dare choose elaborate patterns, colours, and large tile formats. Here’s what’s trending on a room-to-room basis. 

What type of designer tile is best suited for a living room?

Being the quintessential family room, the living room must be inviting and cater to the household’s needs and wants. Whether it doubles as a lounge area, nap space, or work zone, a living room is multi-functional and suited to all family members. 

We love…

  • XXL formats that visually enhance a space

  • Hexagon-shaped tiles that add a unique flair to the space’s dimensions

  • The wall and fireplace mantel tiles that match the flooring

  • Metallic tiling for a refined, elegant look

  • Infinite amount of finishes: matte, glossy, satin, semi-polished to blend in with the lighting and setting

  • Tiling that separates one open-floor space from another

  • Unique and original finishes that liven things up

  • Marble-like finishes that are without a doubt chic

  • Natural, authentic, and noble stones

  • Carpet-like tiling for a touch of elegance

What are the best bathroom tiles?

designer tiles

Source: Canva

Take the next exit off the nearest beaten path for a designer tile option by emphasizing patterns, XXL formats, mosaics, and unique installation methods.

Tiling also means having the free will to use tiles that imitate materials that may be ill-suited to humid environments. And we’re making the most out of that!

We love…

  • Mosaic tiles for a shower base, backsplash, and walls

  • Natural stones and pebbles for a nature accent

  • XXL tiling to blend together surfaces. 120-cm by 120-cm format is a must!

  • Faux marble tiles for their timeless elegance

  • Diagonal installation method or rectangular tiles to visually enhance the space

  • Faux wood tiles for a wink to modern architecture

  • Stoneware tiles since they’re moisture-resistant

  • Urban-inspired tiling and faux concrete

  • Wallpaper-like tiling

  • Azulejo-inspired tiles, in whole or partial effect

PIECE OF ADVICE: Opt for anti-slip tiling or a non-slippery finish for your bathroom flooring.

Check out our tiling ideas for small bathrooms.

What type of wall tile is best suited for a kitchen?

Wall tiles are still very trendy, whether installed in a bathroom, bedroom, or living, spanning the space between the flooring and ceiling. 

Note that floor tiling can be used on walls, but wall tiles can’t be used on floors. Tiles designed for wall treatments aren’t as resistant or can withstand repeated trampling. Here are kitchen favourites depending on the chosen style: 

  • Multi-coloured tiling for a contemporary look

  • Sandstone or cement for a more industrial-inspired style

  • Terrazzo for an ultra-modern countertop and backsplash

  • For a boho-chic look, hexagon-shaped, dual-coloured tiles

  • Stone-like ceramic tiles for a very modern and authentic setting

  • Mosaic tiles are great for all styles, given their nuanced options: glass, metal, porcelain, stone, pebbles…

A Taste of Designer Tiling Outside

designer tiles

Source: Canva

Outdoor spaces are exposed to bad weather and drastic temperature changes and have particular flooring requirements, especially regarding tiles. While the weather is on a permanent upswing in certain areas worldwide, that much can’t be said about Quebec. 

The current global trend is tiling for balconies, patios, and terraces. Therefore, in our neck of the woods, we’ll opt for tiling specially designed for outdoor use, often stoneware.

As for tropical destinations, indoor tilework featured in living areas usually extends to outdoor patios so as not to partition those two living spaces. We also heavily rely on oversized tile formats with subtle grout joints for unparalleled elegance and a chic look. Faux wood, stone, or concrete looks are also very sought-after. Lastly, using the same tile in different formats can create stunning and unique designs.

How to Show Off a Designer Tile Outdoor Patio Space

Nowadays, in Northern countries, new tile designs make it possible to set up an outdoor space much like you would in warm weather areas. Stoneware tile, glazed or not, is the perfect type of outdoor tiling. Glazed stoneware tile is an exceptional colour, finish, and pattern choice. It’s very resistant and designed for high-traffic areas; however, it’s still susceptible to damage from physical impacts. 

In a nutshell, to last, outdoor tiling must have the following characteristics:

  • Withstand freeze, bad weather, and UV rays

  • Be anti-slip

Some companies have even developed a type of tile that doesn’t require grout or adhesives (doesn’t hold up to bad weather) that’s laid on gravel (like pavers) or raised/floating (on roofs, layered over plumbing, cables, etc.). 

We especially like colourful designer tiles with a graphic pattern and faux wood, stone, and concrete designs. 

What about pool tiles?

Without a doubt, opt for a type of tile designed for outdoor use. We also like an anti-slip surface or a tile treated for that purpose.

We especially like models that are identical on the inside and outside of the pool, installed in such a way that the actual pool and the surrounding walkway are one.

What are the most modern types of tiles?

designer tiles

Source: Canva

Here’s how modern tiling is defined as part of the ongoing trend.

Favour These Materials Over Others

  • Natural stone: travertine, slate, marble, etc.

  • Terracotta: mosaic, tomette, tin-glazed, etc.

  • Industrial-looking materials: cement, concrete, etc.

  • Stoneware flooring, as wall treatments, and in common living areas, whether it be inside or outside

Favour Trendy Colours Over Others

  • For neutrals: white, beige, sandstone, ashwood grey, chocolate brown

  • For bright colours: green, terracotta, and mustard yellow

Dare Use Unusual Shapes

Here, non-traditional shapes—those that aren’t square—spring to mind: oblong, plank-like tiling; hexagon, to coat the floors and walls…Paired with XXL tiles is a surefire way to create a modern look!

Note: Moden tiles can be as long as 320 cm! Doing so limits the grout joints needed, creating an even more spacious and elegant to-boot look.

Favour Imitation Finishes Over the Real Deal

With imitation finishes, you’re benefiting from the best of both worlds: the undeniable style of the genuine product and the advantages of tile (durability, resistance, easy installation, most often budget-friendly pricing, a weight that suits intended surfaces, water- and moisture-resistant). 

We’re obsessed with faux wood, marble, granite, travertine, waxed concrete, etc.

5 Modern Patterns to Focus On

  1. Dynamic graphic tiles with elaborate patterns or simple shapes can add some zest and energy to a room.

  2. Harlequin tiles break up monotony. Be bold; use multi-coloured diamonds for a gradient look.

  3. Fish scale tiles… Traditional blue and white fish scale-shaped tiles are always in, but you can also try them in terracotta and green.

  4. Botanical wall tiles for small plant-adjacent walls!

  5. Jungle-inspired tiles…your new “house plants” will add decent greenery without requiring any care! Consider a mismatched installation method.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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