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Everything You Need to Know About Hexagonal Tiles


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Everything You Need to Know About Hexagonal Tiles

KitchenEverything You Need to Know About Hexagonal Tiles

Are you looking for a tile model that will add a touch of originality to your decor? Whether you're renovating your kitchen, bathroom or another room of your home, tile replacement will likely be an integral part of your home improvement project.

While rectangular or square tiles often come to mind as the first option, we often forget that hexagonal tiles are also noteworthy. Here are some reasons to lean in their favor for your next renovation project.

3 reasons to choose hexagonal tiles

1- To create a unique design

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By alternating hexagonal tiles in various colours, it’s possible to create a one-of-a-kind design. Moreover, if you decide to go for various shades of the same colour, the gradient effect will be more accentuated than it would with rectangular tiles. Visually, the design created by laying your hexagonal tiles will offer the room both style and character, while breaking away from the linear look of square or rectangular tiles.

Among all the possibilities offered by hexagonal tiles, the creation of a half-wall is surely the most original! When placing tiles on our wall, we often decide to make them rise all the way to the top.

Tiles that lead up only part of the wall offer an absolutely stunning look! Hexagonal patterned tiles are ideal for this type of project, as their differences help to accentuate the dynamism of the design.

2- To create a visual break

Of course, hexagonal tiles have an original look, which is particularly effective in creating a focal point in kitchen or bathroom decor. While some may want to use these in large areas, those who are more conservative may prefer to use them sparingly.

For some, the integration of hexagonal tiles in a shower niche is perfect! Automatically eye-catching, this small, distinctly tiled area will offer the space a visual break.

If your tiling project doesn’t involve the shower, there are other options available: you could choose to install a mosaic frieze on an interior wall or use tiles to create a beautiful floor pattern.

3- To offer dynamism

When choosing tiles for the bathroom, kitchen or any area of ​​our home, it’s rare to think of integrating two different tile formats in the same room.

However, this trick is incredibly effective and dynamic, one made even more powerful with the use of hexagonal tiles. Note that this contrast makes it possible to establish a boundary between two adjacent rooms such as the dining room and kitchen.

Would you like to know more about various tile models available for a tiling project? Take a look at our article Reno Inspiration: 10 Unique Examples of Wall and Floor Tiles.

Plancher céramique hexagone

Hexagonal tiles: for what type of decor?

When planning a tiling project, most homeowners will look to make wise decisions and choose tiles capable of blending harmoniously into their decor. In this regard, let's mention that hexagonal tiles are available in several finishes, which makes them a particularly versatile option.

Is your decor minimalist or modern? In this case, tiles with a ''concrete'' look would suit it perfectly. Their contemporary, industrial-looking design is a nice choice to enhance this decor style. In this way, white tiles can honor a classic and refined decor. Further offering a dose of originality while keeping things simple.

Installation of hexagonal tiles

As we pointed out in another article discussing various tile designs, installing hexagonal tiles can be a relatively difficult task, especially regarding floor projects where small errors will be noticeable. Moreover, due to their special shape, it can be hard to cut them precisely.

Thus, the end result appearance can be greatly affected. If this is your first experience with this type of project, it would be best to entrust an expert with the skills required to carry it out perfectly.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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