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Setting Up a Reading Nook: 10 Ways to Design Your Private Literary Sanctuary

Setting Up a Reading Nook: 10 Ways to Design Your Private Literary Sanctuary

Design and home decorSetting Up a Reading Nook: 10 Ways to Design Your Private Literary Sanctuary

Nothing compares to immersing yourself in a great book in the comfort of your home, nestled in a cozy and perfectly designed reading nook. Whether it’s next to a window overlooking the backyard or a cozy spot near the fireplace, creating a customized reading nook may be the missing link that ties your home's design together. No matter your home’s layout, whether it be a small house or a spacious loft, of modern or traditional design, you’ll find the best-suited solution for you below. Here are 10 inspiring ways to transform a corner of your house into a genuine, tranquil literary sanctuary. From the simplest of designs to the more luxurious options, the following ideas can be adapted to all home sizes and styles, creating a dedicated reading space that mirrors your personality and lifestyle.

1. Set up a window-adjacent space

Source: Canva

What better than snuggling up in a cozy armchair near a window, bathing in natural sunlight with a great read in hand? Consider adding a wooden piece of furniture nearby to set down your coffee or tea cup and a shelf to have your favourite books within arm’s reach.

2. Create a lounge-like space in a book-filled room

Source: Canva

Should you be lucky enough to have a space devoted to all your books in your house, set up a cozy little lounge area in the middle of it. Add comfortable seating or a big, plushy ottoman, paired with a large coffee table, which are all things that can really turn this space into the perfect lounge spot for any and all bookworms. 

3. Picture a boho-chic mezzanine turned reading nook

Source: Canva

For fans of the boho-chic vibe, design a reading nook in a mezzanine or platform-like area. You can add colourful throw pillows, large and plush rugs, as well as string lights to create a cozy and relaxing setting. 

4. Turn your attic into a cozy reading corner

Source: Canva

You can also turn your attic into the perfect sanctuary for the bookworms in your family. Set up a comfortable couch and add shelves for your books. You can even create a coffee corner to complete the cozy and cocoon-inspired ambience.

5. Optimize your hallway by turning it into a reading nook

Source: Canva

Make the most of your hallway space by fitting it with a small, but comfortable armchair. You can also add some shelving to showcase your favourite books and reading lights to further enhance the cozy vibe. 

6. Set up a stylish library-like reading nook

Source: Canva

For interior design enthusiasts, this is a great idea. It makes for a modern reading corner that’s beautifully decorated with tall and minimalist-inspired bookcases. Add a few stylish armchairs, book-devoted furniture pieces, a few knick-knacks, and paintings. You’ll then benefit from a sophisticated space that’s perfect to both focus and unwind. 

7. Fireside reading corner

Source: Canva

This one is perfect for the wintry season. In fact, nothing equates to the comforting warmth of a fireside reading nook. Set up some comfortable armchairs or a chaise lounger next to the fireplace, paired with a few plaid blankets to create a super cozy reading nook/lounge.

8. Set up your reading nook on the veranda

Source: Canva

Nature buffs, we got you! Here’s a relaxing reading corner idea for your veranda, paired with comfortable seating and colourful throw pillows, that simply needs a few plaid blankets. Add some end tables for your drinks, and houseplants for a green touch, and enjoy the natural light. 

9. Create a reading corner in a traditional-looking library

Source: Canva

Your reading corner can also be set up in your traditional-looking library. You can add some beautiful vintage leather armchairs, a wooden end table, and a soft-lit lamp. The ambience in this room is perfectly suited to immerse yourself in your current read. 

10. Set up a reading nook in a tucked-away corner

Source: Canva

Don’t have enough space to convert an entire room into a reading-dedicated nook? No big deal! Turn a tucked-away corner of your house into a cozy reading corner. Choose a comfy armchair and pair it with an end table. Complete the look by adding a few floating shelves for an aesthetic and practical storage solution. Build up your space with a few of your favourite things, a cute lamp, and a few houseplants. 

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Last modified 2023-11-15

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Table of contents

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