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Reno inspiration: 10 examples of kitchen cabinets

Last modified: 2020-12-08 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Amanda Harvey

It's often said that small home improvement projects can make a huge difference. By opting for simple, yet visually interesting jobs, you'll bring a room back to life without having to deal with demolition, blueprints, and everything else that goes into a large-scale remodelling project.

When it comes to kitchen renovation, people tend to go all out because of the use of the room and its practicality. However, what many don't realize is that it’s possible to transform this space by making simple changes to the layout and functionality by focusing on one particular element, like cabinet frames.

This is why it’s good to educate yourself on the different types of kitchen cabinets, materials that could be beneficial, their practical positioning and the different designs that will breathe new life into your kitchen.

Reno inspiration: 10 examples of kitchen cabinets

1- Metal cabinets for a sophisticated sparkle

Metal is often associated with professional kitchens like in restaurants or hotels. However, by opting for brass or gold colour cabinets, you’ll add a little “pop” to your kitchen, while reflecting the natural and artificial light in the room.

armoires cuisine dorées_golden kitchen cabinets

Source: Housebeautiful

2- A zen, uncluttered space with wooden cabinets

By opting for light, smooth wood cabinetry, your kitchen will not only appear larger and with ample space, but you'll create the perfect minimalist look that can easily coordinate with different colours, both matte and shiny.

armoires en bois_wooden cabinets

Source: Thedesignfiles

3- Multi-purpose cabinets

Those with a small kitchen know this: the more appliances there are, the more cluttered the space looks. This is why opting for multi-functional cabinets will help to keep the space organized and practical.

For example, if you thought you’d never be able to install a dishwasher, this option will allow you to both hide it and find a convenient place for it in the room. For a perfect minimalist design, look into cabinets without handles.

Cabinet multi fonction multipurpose

Source: Houzz

4- Showcase-type cabinets

If open storage or shelves aren't to your taste, but you still hope to show off your wares, glass cabinet doors might be the perfect compromise for you. These are excellent for softening up a dark kitchen or showcasing your prettiest dishes.

Cuisine armoires vitrées_glass cabinets kitchen

5- Cabinets without doors

By mixing styles of cabinets, you can create an interesting effect that will add dimension to your kitchen. By integrating open shelving between those with doors, you can play with the arrangement of your culinary accessories, which will serve as an eclectic backdrop.

caissons ouverts et fermés_open shelves and closed cabinets

Source: Reservehome

6- Floating storage

Trendy with folks looking for a light and airy visual appearance, open shelving has been gaining popularity in recent years. You can trade-in your old cabinets by opting for shelves or floating cubes that will help you create this design. By arranging these shelves with pot hooks and knife magnets, you will add different interesting elements that will give your kitchen a touch of originality.

Étagères ouvertes cuisine maison_open shelves in kitchen

Source: missmoss et herzundblut

Étagères ouvertes exemple 2_open shelves example 2

Source: aestate on tumblr et ellef.r

7- Sliding cabinets

Practical, lively and versatile, there are various interesting takes on sliding door cabinets that will perfectly complement your fast-paced lifestyle. Either completely enclosed or with a gap that allows the doors to slide on either side, this design is easily achievable for the budding handyman.

Custom-made with untreated wood and personalized according to your tastes and needs, this type of cabinet will accentuate the kitchen of those looking for a rustic and down-to-earth design.

Cuisine armoires en bois_wood cabinets kitchen

8- Cabinets adapted to your needs

Ah, those famous corner counters that make it so you almost have to squeeze in to get by! These types of cabinets are the nightmare of many homeowners. That’s why there are some handy cabinet tips and designs created to avoid this specific problem.

One of the designs that caught our attention is that of “V” drawers. Depending on the shape of the corner of your counter, they facilitate storage and offer you a practical section that adopts a one-of-a-kind shape.

Rangement coin armoires cuisine_corner drawer kitchen

Source: Drivenbydecor

9- A wall of cabinets

If you have an empty wall and you're thinking about remodelling your kitchen, make that space useful by filling it with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. This offers a quirky and practical aesthetic. By concentrating the shelving to one part of the room, you’ll free up the space above the counter where cabinets are normally found, leaving this area free for other kitchen accessories.

Floor to ceiling kitchen

Source: Deardesigner

10- Stacked cabinets

For those with high ceilings or those with enough space, installing two rows of stacked cabinets will provide ample storage for avid kitchen lovers, in addition to creating a practical and original design for your kitchen.

Armoires de cuisine superposées_kitchen cabinet design

Source: Housebeautiful

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