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Wall coverings

3 min read

Concrete and Its Imitations as Wall Covering

Wall coverings

3 min read

Concrete and Its Imitations as Wall Covering

Wall coveringsConcrete and Its Imitations as Wall Covering

If you're looking to give your interior a modern look, concrete and concrete-inspired wall coverings are a great option. This article explains all the ways you can achieve a concrete look for your wall, with or without real concrete!

4 ways to create a concrete wall covering

1) Pouring concrete on a wall

The first option is to install real concrete. Even though pouring concrete directly onto vertical surfaces is difficult, it is still feasible. To start out, you'll have to install plywood sheets with edges on which the concrete will be poured. 

Once the concrete has been poured, you can decide either to add some texture or to make the surface smooth. Most people prefer to polish the concrete walls with a special machine that gives off a glossy finish.

Many different colours and finishes are available in hardware stores, to suit your tastes. The main drawbacks of this particular option are that this technique must be done by a professional and that it can be expensive. 

Another disadvantage is the fact that concrete tends to attract dust, although certain products contain additives that can fix this problem. Prices start at 12$ per square foot.

2) Concrete wall panels

The second option is to install concrete wall panels. These panels, also called fibre cement panels, are made of a microlayer of concrete poured on a flexible fibrous surface. They come in various shades and finishes. 

Thanks to their easy manipulation, the installation process is simple. The final result is very similar to real concrete walls. However, since concrete panels are standardized, they are less customizable than real concrete.

Cement wall indoors

Photo: Pixabay

3) Concrete wallpaper

In third comes the option of using stick sheet roll concrete. Based on the same concept as the concrete wall panels, this flexible sheet is sold in rolls, like wallpaper. Many textures, colours and finishes are available and the final result is very realistic. 

The installation process requires the use of an adhesive product usually sold with the rolls. It can be completed by anyone who has basic manual skills.

4) Concrete-effect paint

Last but not least, you could also paint your walls with concrete look-alike paint. Certain paints mimic concrete and can even achieve a matte or polished finish, much like real concrete. Many colours are also available and it is easy to apply. 

Although it is less similar to concrete than fibre panels or sheet rolls, this type of paint can create a very beautiful and realistic result. The main advantage of this option is that it is more affordable than the other alternatives.

Main photo: Flickr-Rooky Yatz

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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