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10 of the most beautiful bedrooms seen in TV and film

Last modified: 2022-08-01 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

As we’re well into the new year, it’s likely that you're ready to take on the projects that have been put on the backburner. For many, the bedroom is one of the most personal spaces, and it’s important that the decor reflects comfort and tranquillity. After giving much thought, this project is likely a top priority.

Inspiration isn't hard to find today with platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram. Oftentimes, it’s what's directly in front of us that we forget to look at. As it turns out, your favorite movies and cult TV series could be the perfect source of inspiration for your next decor.

The most beautiful bedrooms seen in TV and film 

1- The colourful mural in To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Main character Lara Jean's bedroom is a dream for creative and colourful minds. In vibrant blue, the mural painted behind the bed perfectly accentuates the decor and adds a personal touch that catches the eye.

chambre à coucher dans To all the boys i've loved before bedroom

Source: Imdb

2- The Victorian decor in Dickinson

With a contemporary twist, Dickinson tells the life of Emily Dickinson, a Victorian-era poet. However, the modern aspect doesn’t take away from the setting's authentic decor: floral wallpaper and dark wood panelling, all of which creates a classic and romantic interior.

chambre à coucher dans Dickinson bedroom

Source: Apple TV

3- The boho and organic spirit in Daisies

This Czech film from the late sixties occupies a unique genre and although there’s no specific story to it, the film’s sets are a perfect blend of boho style and nature inspiration. We can especially recognize the inspiration of the “flower power” movement, which had a strong presence in that era.

Chambre à coucher dans Daisies bedroom

Source: Anothermag

4- French elegance in The Dreamers

In her French apartment, Isabelle’s bedroom is charming and sophisticated. Antique furniture and accessories work perfectly with artwork and floral wallpaper.

Chambre à coucher dans the dreamers bedroom

Source: Pinterest

5- The minimalist bedroom in Les Amours Imaginaires

Harmonizing perfectly with the typical design of Plateau Mont-Royal apartments, the bedroom in Xavier Dolan's film is minimalist, with a few art sketches as decoration. A fresh and simple room as we often see in artists' apartments.

Chambre à coucher dans Les amours imaginaires bedroom

Source: Imdb

6- The reading corner of Moonrise Kingdom

Although this isn't a bedroom but rather a reading or game room, the fact remains that a section like the one seen in Moonrise Kingdom would be perfect as a reading corner sitting at the edge of your bedroom window; a perfect idea for book lovers.

chambre à coucher dans Moonrise Kingdom bedroomSource: Vogue Australia

7- A room bewitched in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The redesigned version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch plays on the dark side of the witchcraft world and the decor reflects it well. Sabrina's bedroom is a mixture of antique and rustic style, like the rest of the house. With forest-inspired wallpaper, earthy tones and repainted woodwork, the ambiance recalls the charm of the Victorian era.

chambre à coucher dans Chilling adventures of Sabrina bedroom

Source: Huffpost

8- The mix of disco and gothic in Dark Shadows

The house in which Barnabas the vampire lives is a splendid mansion, but the main focus is on the room of the teenager living there too. The 70s meets Gothic in this unique and grandiose decor.

Chambre à coucher dans Dark Shadows bedroom

Source: Popsugar

9- The classic Parisian bedroom of Killing Eve

The Paris apartment of the second main character, Villanelle, is certainly interesting. Despite its worn out and decrepit appearance, there is a historic and preserved charm typical of the French city. The simplicity of the accessories gives way to the authenticity of the room.

Chambre à coucher dans Killing eve bedroom

Source: Scene therapy

10- A room worthy of a goddess in American Gods

This series talks about the clash between new gods and old ones which, in modern times, have slowly been forgotten. This is why, during the brief moment when you can see the bedroom of the goddess of Spring and Easter, we notice the pastel colours and floral patterns. As far as the eye can see, this room perfectly represents the holiday.

chambre à coucher dans American gods

Source: Twitter

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