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What to Do in Case of a Water Infiltration Problem

What to Do in Case of a Water Infiltration Problem

Interior renovationsWhat to Do in Case of a Water Infiltration Problem

Have you noticed a problem with water infiltrations in your house? Once you have determined the source of the problem, the first step is to evaluate the severity of the problem. is here to give you a few pieces of advice in order to know what to do if you’re faced with this type of problem.

Finding the source of the water infiltration

If the situation isn’t too urgent, try to find where the water infiltration is coming from. There are many different areas in the house where water can introduce itself: the roof, the windows, the foundation or the walls. Go around the house to see if you can find out where the leak is coming from.

Here are a few of the spots where water tends to creep into the house:

  • A crack in the foundations;

  • An old plaster wall that is starting to crumble;

  • A French drain that is blocked or broken;

  • A concrete slab that is worn out or affected by pyrite;

  • A defective roof (flashings that aren’t well protected, damaged material);

  • Windows that aren’t waterproof (damaged caulking);

  • Brick joints that aren’t waterproof;

  • Blocked eavestroughs.

However, there are so many potential spots where the water can enter the house that you might not find the source the first time around. When in doubt, hire a contractor or an inspector. Of course, if your feet are already bathing in a puddle of water in the middle of your living room, you’ll have to act quickly, as the infiltration has turned into a flood. Water infiltrations, even minor ones, can produce considerable damage and can affect the air quality of the room (because of the mould and bacteria).

Water infiltration around windows

Photo: A Typical Typea

Water infiltrations in foundations

In the Spring, the thawing of the ground causes a lot of problems around the foundation walls. Cement reacts badly to temperature changes and if it starts to crack, it will not be able to block the water that has accumulated in the ground. If your yard is steeply inclined towards the house, chances are that this type of problem will happen again.

In order to prevent this type of problem, you have to repair cracks in the roughcast render, which is applied on the surface of the foundation walls (check out our article on the subject). If it’s already too late, call an expert. They will be able to determine the seriousness of the problem.  

Water infiltrations around windows and doors

Water that enters through windows and doors is often due to faulty caulking. The problem could also be coming from damaged elements that aren’t fulfilling their protective function anymore. Over time, the parts become worn out, up to the point where they can start to develop cracks, leaving a chance for the water to creep into the house.

If the source of the problem is the caulking, you can make minor repairs with a sealing product. However, make sure that you aren’t only applying makeup to cover a deeper problem! If you’re not sure, contact a door and window specialist.

Water infiltrations in the roof

If you’re trying to determine whether the water infiltration is coming from the roof, look for the following signs: paint that peels from the walls, water puddles on the floor, roof or walls that are warped.

There are so many factors that can cause water infiltrations from within the roof: damaged material, blocked gutters, building defects, problems with the protective membranes, etc. A professional roofer will be able to find the best solution to solve your problem.

Finding long-term solutions against water infiltrations

Whether you are faced with minor water infiltration or a flood, one piece of advice: act quickly. You might have a hard time finding the cause, so before you rip every last hair out of your head, contact a professional.

Clean the affected areas as best you can. If the damage is considerable, call your insurance company prior to commencing any renovations. Instead of choosing options that will cover up the problem in a temporary manner, you must always prioritize long-term solutions.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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