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Wall coverings

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What CanExel Siding Colours Are Available?

Wall coverings

6 min read

What CanExel Siding Colours Are Available?

Wall coveringsWhat CanExel Siding Colours Are Available?

If you’re considering redoing your home’s exterior siding, you probably already have a vision in mind—a product that’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and low-maintenance, one that ages beautifully and is reasonably priced. 

If that’s the case, CanExel exterior siding may just be the right option for you. Not only does it check all the boxes, but it boasts the widest array of colours.  

What is Maibec CanExel siding, and what colours does it come in?

CanExel Siding: An Engineered Wood Cladding Solution

CanExel siding is made of wood fibre, resin, and wax that’s fused under pressure in a manufacturing plant. It’s coated with a thermosetting industrial paint that’s baked on at very high temperatures to obtain optimal resistance against cracking, discolouration, and peeling. 

The product's matte finish mimics the look of wood, yet still has numerous advantages, such as the fact that it practically doesn’t require any maintenance, nor does it require a coat of oil or varnish.  

Colour Palette Available and Different Finishes

Maibec’s CanExel siding is marketed as several distinctive products that are differentiated by their wood grain, but also by the positioning of the boards, the spacing between each, etc. 

Each and every type of siding is available in rich shades that vary based on the finish. 

  • Ridgewood D-5: 2 shades

  • UltraPlank: 1 shade

  • VStyle: 15 shades

  • Ced’R-Vue 9 inches: 7 shades

  • Ced’R-Vue Snap Lap 6 inches: 7 shades

What are the most sought-after colours for 2023?

Black and white are most definitely topping the charts. Both these colours are advantageous as they suit all colours and styles. Another shade that’s been increasingly sought after over the last few years in Quebec is caramel brown.

Here are the 6 other colours making a splash:

  • CanExel Ridgewood Scandinavian

  • CanExel Ced’R-Vue White

  • CanExel Ced’R-Vue Sierra

  • CanExel Ced’R-Vue Black

  • CanExel Ced’R-Vue Yellowstone

  • CanExel VStyle White

The New Trendy Colours for 2023 and 2024

Modern farmhouses or Scandinavian-looking houses are increasingly trendy in Quebec and will influence the colour palette. Truth be told, Maibec, a siding manufacturer, is diligent about updating its shades to meet customer demands. 

This is evidenced by the two new colours they've added to their roster that perfectly suit trending aesthetics:

  • Scandinavian

  • Dark Roast

How can these new colours sway your choice of siding?

The cold tones that dominated the scene a few years ago have been tossed aside by warm colours. Earth tones, especially valued by professional designers, are at the heart of this new movement. 

Light brown, white, beige, green, brown, and black are all the rage, while more eclectic shades, like red, blue, and yellow, are taking the back seat. 

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How to Choose Your House’s CanExel Siding Colour

Naturally, purchasing siding is a long-term investment, and picking the right cladding colour for your house calls for some reflection. 

Beyond seasonal trends or colours featured on this year's trendy list, you have to choose a colour that suits your taste and intentions for the forthcoming years.

If you’re stuck, our best advice is the following: pick a shade that’s timeless. And, as it turns out, we so happen to have selected three colours that are basically timeless and will make your house classic-looking, 10, 15, or 25 years down the line.

CanExel White

White is neutral and enduringly chic. It suits all shades and practically all materials (wood, metal, stone). It also blends in with all environments (countryside, mountainous terrain, suburbs, or city) and pairs nicely with all styles of houses, whether modern, traditional, farmhouse, Scandinavian, etc.

CanExel Sierra

CanExel’s Sierra siding colour is a torrified-like brown that’s currently soaring in popularity. It’s a neutral and balanced colour that can be paired with greys, blacks, or light-hued browns. Amongst the earthy tones that are currently stylish, this colour makes for a timeless choice.

CanExel Scandinavian

CanExel’s Scandinavian hue was developed with the goal of mimicking natural wood, one that's very reminiscent of a raw, untreated plank of wood. Its simple and refined look is definitely a must that’s here to stay.

Select the Right Shade Courtesy of Samples and Online Colour Visualizer

To make your life easier, Maibec offers, via their website, a colour visualizer tool to obtain a realistic preview of your construction or renovation project. 

Maibec Designer is easy to use and available to all, and can be used to preview different brand products on a selection of model homes, or by downloading a photo of your house. All you have to do is choose the siding (wood siding or Resistech engineered shingles or siding), profile, and colour. You can also play around with the colours of the doors, windows, gutters, shutters, and roofing. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, don’t forget to order your samples!

Architectural Style and Environmental Considerations 

For a meticulously polished look, avoid relying on colour coordination. Exterior siding is made with a variety of materials and you have to account for it as a whole, to ensure everything blends together. 

Stone veneer, masonry chimney, fibre cement solarium, wooden architectural details, use all you can to revamp your property’s appeal. 

Here are a few colour suggestions based on the 3 most common architectural styles:

CanExel Colours for a Scandinavian Look

  • Black

  • White

  • Scandinavian

  • Sand

  • Midnight Blue

  • Timberwolf

CanExel Colours for a Farmhouse Look

  • White

  • Sand

  • Scandinavian

  • Sandalwood

  • Black

  • Mist Grey

CanExel Colours for a Modern Look

  • Black

  • Sierra

  • Timberwolf

  • Yellowstone

  • Barista

  • Cliffside

Will colour have an impact on the siding cost?

Yes, colour options will impact the cost. However, unless you’re hesitating between two shades, and your budget is rather limited, the difference won’t be so significant that it’s worth the sacrifice. 

Given the current price points, the boards run between $2.75 and $3 per square foot. 

The Advantage of CanExel Sandalwood Siding

Natural Looking

At Maibec, they’re serious about not endlessly repeating patterns. The result: a realistic-looking wood grain. The variation in the wood’s veining further enhances the genuine aspect of the product. Proofs in the pudding: CanExel cladding can be perfectly paired with authentic fibrewood!


Maibec's CanExel product is the only engineered, high-density fibreboard (HDF) siding. Such cladding undergoes vigorous material strength tests, both in terms of paint and substrate. 


It’s a Canada-made product that meets the requirements of the country’s extreme weather patterns. For decades now, it has provided UV ray resistance and can withstand extreme warm and cold temperatures, as well as storms. 

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural wood, which requires regular upkeep, CanExel preserves its appealing look with minimal maintenance. Simply clean it with water and soft soap.  

Several Installation Options

CanExel siding can be installed horizontally, vertically for a trendier look, and even diagonally for a custom-looking design. Focus on the details, they truly make a world of difference when you’re looking to distinguish your home from the rest.

Warranty Offered

A warranty is synonymous with peace of mind. So, for example, here are the CanExel warranties offered by Maibec:

  • 25-year limited warranty against chipping, cracks, and peeling;

  • 15-year limited warranty on the finish; and

  • 5-year, 100% labour and material replacement warranty.

A Few Well-Intentioned Pointers When Choosing Your House’s Siding

When dealing with exterior siding, options aren’t what’s lacking. However, it extends beyond mere aesthetics. The building’s envelope plays a crucial part in safeguarding the structure from adverse weather conditions and UV rays. Before choosing, consider the following factors:

  • the material’s pros and cons;

  • cost;

  • maintenance; and

  • installation. 

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Last modified 2023-11-24

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