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Here are some Formwork Contractors in Faraday, Ontario

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Your formwork project

Do you need to pour a concrete slab? To do this, you will first have to realize its formwork. But how is this task performed?

Before constructing the formwork of a concrete slab

Before you start building your formwork, you will need to clean the area where it will be installed. All obstacles must be removed from the ground.

Then, take measurements of the location of the future slab. You will mark this place with stakes and rope.

Now you have to dig the ground either with a shovel or more specialized equipment if it is a large area. If you have to dig deep into the soil, put gravel on it before pouring your slab.

Building the formwork of a concrete slab

To build the formwork of your concrete slab, you will need to make sure the angles of your formwork are 90 degrees. In addition, you must certainly use wooden boards that are at least 27 mm thick, they will have to arrive at the same level as the surface of the slab that will be poured.

Beware of concrete slabs that are not covered! For these types of slabs, the formwork must be slightly sloping in the same direction from which the water flows. Temperature variations are also a concern and in this situation, expansion joints will have to be installed.

Is your structure load-bearing? If this is the case, your concrete must be armed with wire mesh.

How to prepare concrete

Obviously, good formwork will not serve its purpose if your concrete is not prepared and poured in the right way. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Use a concrete mixer or wheelbarrow to mix your concrete depending on how much you need;
  • Mix one part cement for two of sand and three of gravel;
  • Add half a volume of water;
  • Spread some of your concrete with a rake;
  • Using a large ruler, level the concrete.

Keep in mind that the concrete needs to be levelled as work progresses. At the very end, a trowel will have to be used to perform the final smoothing; this step will be completed by making circular movements.

A few recommendations to follow after pouring your concrete

First, let's say it's best to wait 24 hours before stepping on your slab. If you want to apply a coating product or another layer, wait a few months.

Finally, be sure to clean your slab from time to time with water and soap to restore its radiance.

You are not a handyman at heart? Do not hesitate to call on a professional to carry out your project!