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How to Build a Stone Wall in Your Backyard

How to Build a Stone Wall in Your Backyard

Last modified: 2018/06/12 | 3 mins

Are you planning on launching a renovation project in your backyard? Does this plan include building a stone wall? is here to share some information about completing this type of project.

Building a stone wall may seem simple at first but there are certain steps that need to be followed in order to obtain a result that lives up to your expectations.

Doing the groundwork

Before you get anything going, try to plan out every part of the project. Here are two main subjects you will have to cover early on in the process:

  • The size and dimensions: if you decide to build a 1 meter tall stone wall, you will have to dig foundations that are 40cm deep. Also note that the width of your foundations will have to be larger than that of your wall.
  • The stones: Choosing and sorting out the stones that will be used to build the wall is another important step that will have a major impact on the final result. The smaller stones and the ones that have an irregular shape should be installed in the middle, the regular ones on the sides and the longer stones will serve to create the base of the wall.

Stone wall in backyard

Photo: Pixabay

Digging a trench for the stone wall

This is the first real step of the stone wall building process. You will have to dig a trench. In order to so, you must stretch out a cord between posts to mark each side of the wall. Next, sprinkle chalk on the cord in order to mark the wall's specific outline onto the grass. Once the trench has been completed, don't forget to place a 4 inch layer of gravel inside the hole. This gravel will help keep water away from your wall.

Don't forget that you must always comply with the rules and regulations that are currently in effect in the municipality where you live. The height of the wall and the depth of the foundation must abide by local regulations. 

Likewise, depending whether or not you are building a stone wall that is meant to separate two distinct sections of the yard or a retaining wall, the depth and width of the foundation will differ.

Stone wall in front of a field

Photo: Geograph

Installing the stones

Once you have installed the wall's foundations, you're now ready to install the stones. In order to get the best possible result, be sure to brush and wash the stones before you install them.

Start by applying a layer of mortar on which you will install the cornerstones. One of the most recommended mortar products is air lime and hydraulic lime, which is known for its strength and durability.  Next, you can start installing the other stones along the cord.

Once the previous steps are over (installing the first layer of stones), you can build the rest of the wall by laying the stones and applying mortar between each layer (with the use of a trowel). Don't forget to check regularly if the mortar is vertical. To do so, use a spirit level or a plumb line.

For optimal results, be sure to hire a qualified contractor to do the job!

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