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How to Clean Your Ventilation Ducts

Last modified: 2018/08/17 | Approximate reading time 2 mins

Your ventilation ducts need to be cleaned? Before you take out your bucket and rags, there are a few things you should know has prepared a handy guide on how to clean your ventilation ducts properly. 

When do your ventilation ducts need to be cleaned?

Before you start cleaning your ventilation system, you have to know the proper way to do it. In reality, the frequency at which you will need to clean the ducts will depend on several factors. The following factors will come into play:

- The size of your house;

- The occupation rate;

- Having pets;

- The geographical location of your house (urban environment or countryside).

The bare minimum would be to clean the ducts every five years. If you're an allergy sufferer or if you have trouble breathing, the cleaning process should be done more often. Other situations when you should clean your ventilation system: - Having recently moved in to a new place; - If renovation projects took place inside your home;

How to clean the ventilation ducts: 

The in-depth cleaning of ventilation ducts is way more complex than one would expect. We advise that you get a professional to complete this task, at least the first time or if you notice that a lot of dust and dirt has accumulated. A cleaning specialist will charge you around $300 to $600 to do the work for you. If you really want to do it yourself, you will have to rent equipment such as a negative air machine.

This machine must be placed near the heating system. Once it starts working, it will inhale all the dust from the ventilation shafts. This machine is 25 to 50 times more powerful than an ordinary vacuum cleaner. The machine will work to remove volatile dust but if dirt has accumulated on the sides of the vent, you will need other tools such as rotating brushes and compressed air nozzles.

While you take care of your ventilation ducts, use this opportunity to clean other parts of your house which affect general air quality, like the kitchen hood or the bathroom fan. Dryer hoses and ducts should be cleaned every two years, otherwise, they can turn into a fire hazard. Lint tends to accumulate in the hose and can end up blocking the air circulation.

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