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How to Choose the Right Colour of Your Roof


6 min read

How to Choose the Right Colour of Your Roof

RoofHow to Choose the Right Colour of Your Roof

Are you shopping around for a new roof? Do you also want to change the siding on your house, but aren't sure which roof colour is best? Well, you've come to the right place! Below, we've outlined all the factors to consider when choosing a roof colour for your Quebec home.

How to Wisely Choose a Roof Colour

There’s a wide variety of colours of shingles to choose from on the market; one can easily get overwhelmed when it comes to making the right decision. However, by simply following a few key principles, you’ll be steered in the right direction.

Choosing a colour based on your house

When choosing a colour for your roof, it's important to make sure it matches the rest of your house to avoid an awkward colour combination. You can choose from classic colours such as grey, black, and brown, or you can opt for more daring colour combos like brown-black or red-orange shingles. Alternatively, you can play around with different colours to create a tiered or layered effect.

Also, you can mix and match shingle patterns to give your roof a unique style. However, carefully consider your pattern so as not to distort your home’s overall vibe or give it a dull look. For a grey, white, yellow, or blue house, opt for either grey or black shingles. For a red or yellow brick house, choose brown, black, or grey shingles. On the other hand, for stone siding, brown or light brown shingles are best.

Choosing a colour that conforms with your borough's rules & regulations

Some boroughs have established standards regarding the type and colour permitted for the siding and roofing. Therefore, it’s important to inquire as to what those rules are before you let your imagination run free. 

Bear in mind your house's architectural style

Choose colours that match your home’s exterior decor to achieve an overall aesthetically pleasing result. Mixing styles isn't always a good idea. For example, a colonial structure might clash with an industrial style roof. For inspiration, you can walk around your neighbourhood to check out the roofs and see which style would best suit your home.

Conceal or highlight select details

Good use of colour can help highlight certain details about your home. A roof covered with dark shingles can help conceal imperfections and redirect the eye to other elements. In contrast, lighter hues can make your house appear bigger and draw attention to other appealing features.

Choosing a colour according to the siding material

Nowadays, one can find a multitude of shingles on the market, all made from various types of materials. Just to name a few:

Asphalt is one of the most widely used types of roofing shingles in Canada. Its popularity is mainly attributed to its wide variety of products as well as its excellent price/quality ratio. It's also available in many colours.

Slate is more brittle than asphalt. This natural rock is only available in various shades of grey.

Clay shingles are usually red or light brown. Clay tiles are fired in a high-temperature kiln before installation, which ensures durability.

Wood shingles are brown, and made of cedar, pine, or redwood. They can be stained. This material isn't recommended for fire-prone sectors.

3-colour shingles_How to Choose the Colour of Your Roof

Source: Igor Ovsyannykov - Pixabay 

It's best to seek out the advice of a roofing expert before installing any kind of shingle. They'll be able to help you make the right choice.

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Roof Colour: Making an Informed Decision

A roof is one of the most important components of a house. Not only does it protect the occupants and their belongings from the elements, but it also serves as an aesthetic feature when it comes to your home’s outer shell. So, let's take a look at the reasons why it's so important to choose the right colour for your roof.

Match your environment: Environment plays an important role in your home roofing colour selection. Greys and blacks are more suited for urban areas, while a roof with brown tones might be better suited for a house located in a rural area, one surrounded by trees and nature.

Save on energy: Good insulation is key to extending your roof's durability and saving on energy costs. Materials such as asphalt, aluminum and tile all have an impact on energy consumption.

Dark-coloured roofs are best suited for cold climates, as they easily absorb light and help keep the house warm. They also facilitate the snow-melting process. On the other hand, light-coloured roofs tend to be highly reflective and are best suited for hot, dry climates, as they moderate the temperature of the structure.

Mirror the homeowner's personality and stand out from the neighbouring homes: Choosing a roof colour is a way to add a personalized touch and a hint of originality to your house. It's a great way to set it apart from the rest and make it look great in the process.

A long-term investment: Typically, roofs account for more than a third of the visible portion of the house and last for about 20 years. Therefore, you'll be dealing with it for quite some time. Every time you're in your backyard or on your way back home from work, you'll have to contend with it, so it's important to make the right choice, colour-wise, so you won't regret it later down the line.

Furthermore, a well-maintained roof with a well-matched colour may be a considerable asset when it comes to boosting the price of your house when listing it.

roofs_How to Choose the Colour of Your Roof

Source: S. Hermann & F. Richter - Pixabay 

These days, monochromatic roofs are no longer preferred. Instead, a variety of shingle shades and patterns are used. In Canada, neutral colours (black, grey, brown) are most commonly used. However, depending on the region in which you live, preferences may vary. In Quebec, black and brown shingles are especially popular.

Take a shingle sample home, and see whether you've made the right choice. Otherwise, once installed, you may regret your choice. When you get home, check how the samples look against the facade at different times of the day. There are also computer software which allow users to reproduce their desired roof colour.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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