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The Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Balconies

Last modified: 2017/12/07 | 2 mins

Patented in the 1930s (30 years before fiber optic materials), fiberglass use has become widespread in the past few decades- which has caused a true revolution in the glass industry. Fiberglass is often employed for its mechanical functions and optical features.

Pros of fiberglass as a material for a balcony

Fiberglass balconies are available in a wide variety of models, which makes them accessible for all tastes. In general, fiberglass is mostly known for the fact that it is light in terms of weight. This material is also available in the colour of your choice.

Home owners that have fiberglass balconies enjoy the fact that they do not have to paint the surface on a regular basis. For people who like the look of wood, certain companies offer wood imitation fiberglass that recreates the look of wood without requiring the same level of maintenance.  

Fiberglass offers excellent protection against frost, fire, corrosion and UV rays. It is also waterproof, which means that this material can be used for storage furniture and structures which will be protected against rain, snow and wind. It is also possible to choose the adhesion level of the balcony’s surface, in order to make it more or less smooth, according to your needs.


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Cons of fiberglass

During the winter, even when the surface has a high level of adhesiveness, large quantities of snow can make it slippery and susceptible to falls.

In the summer, if your fiberglass balcony is subject to a lot of sunlight, it is recommended that you avoid dark colours as they attract heat. Its composition, which is close to that of metal, makes it so that a prolonged exposure to sunlight can make the surface very hot and therefore, potentially uncomfortable. In the long run, exposure to extreme heat can also cause glass contractions which can lead to cracks in the surface.

Fiberglass balcony maintenance

Cleaning a fiberglass balcony is quite easy. In most cases, a rag and a little bit of liquid soap will do the trick to make the balcony look nice and clean.

If you’re looking for a deep cleaning technique, using a brush should be very efficient. However, try to avoid metallic brushes as the friction caused by the metal may create opportunities for rust to settle in. The same goes during the winter: leaving metal objects on your balcony could lead to the appearance of rust.

If a crack occurs, whatever the cause, it is important to fix it by filling the crevices ASAP. If you wait too much, water infiltrations may cause more cracks and the whole balcony could collapse.

Fiberglass balconies for apartment buildings

Real estate developers often include fiberglass balconies on their condo buildings, since they are durable, cost very little in terms of maintenance and are quite inexpensive, especially when multiple balconies are being built.

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