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Repairing a Broken Window Pane: DIY Guidelines

Repairing a Broken Window Pane: DIY Guidelines

Windows and doorsRepairing a Broken Window Pane: DIY Guidelines

Glass is beyond fragile, and at one point in time, any of your window panes could crack or even shatter, allowing outside air to filter into your home. A broken window pane can result from debris kicked up by the wind or from a rock colliding with your glazing. Regardless of the damage, repairing the glass pane as soon as possible is the best way to go.

Repairing glazing is a meticulous undertaking, requiring patience and painstaking precision work. The repairs done must go unnoticed, hopefully returning your window to its former glory.

What materials do you need to repair a window pane?

Replacing a Broken Window Pane

Source: Canva

Before replacing your window pane, you have to gather all the tools and materials you will need to carry out this task. This will spare you any added stress, in addition to all the work you have to do.

You will need:

  • Plasterer's knife

  • Heat gun (hot air)

  • Linseed oil

  • Putty

  • Glazier's hammer

  • Glazier's spikes

  • Ready-to-use replacement glazing

For your safety, it is strongly recommended to wear the appropriate equipment while carrying out such work (gloves, mask, and safety goggles).

How to Repair a Broken Window Pane: Step-by-Step Guidelines

Replacing a Broken Window Pane

Source: Canva

Step 1: Prepare the work area

The first step is to prepare your work area by laying all the necessary materials nearby to avoid having to fetch tools mid-way through working. Next, put on your work gloves, mask, and protective goggles.

Step 2: Remove the glass pane

Remove your window from its encasement in the wall and place it on a flat surface (preferably a table to work comfortably). Make sure the window is steady, then remove any glass chips. Using a heat gun, start softening the sealant that was used to hold the glass in place and then strip it back with a plasterer's knife. Remove the broken glass and carefully clean your wooden frame with a damp rag.

Step 3: Apply the sealant

Apply a coat of linseed oil on the frame to ensure the sealant adheres more easily. Roll the putty so that it softens into a thin, rope-like shape. Place it into the rabbet of the wooden window frame, flattening it slightly so that the material better adheres to the intended surface. This can be done with a caulk gun.

Step 4: Install the new window

Carefully pick up the new glass pane and place its edges on the sealant applied, making sure it's properly positioned. Once done, press down on the edges of the frame so that the pane adheres in place. Avoid pressing too hard or putting pressure in the middle of the frame as it may break.

Step 5: Secure the glass

Once the glass is settled in the frame, it is recommended to place glazier points around the glass for a better hold. The recommended distance between each point is 15 cm (6 inches). Use a glazier's hammer to nail the glazier points into the rabbet, piercing the sealant.

Step 6: Add finishing touches

As a last step, apply a sealant around the edges of the glass. To do this, roll some putty into a rope-like shape again, no more than ¾ inch thick. It is best to maintain a uniform size all along the rope-like putty used. Using your thumb, press the putty into place, occasionally using linseed oil for smooth-looking results. Your new window is finally ready. You can put it back in place and benefit from new-looking glazing!

What are the benefits of replacing your door or window glass panes?

Replacing a Broken Window Pane

Source: Canva

There are many benefits to replacing a damaged or broken door or window glass pane.

  • Improved security: An undamaged window is paramount to home security. A damaged window can be an easy point of entry for burglars. By replacing it, you’re reinforcing your home’s security perimeter.

  • Increased energy efficiency: A broken glass pane can lead to air leaks and inefficient insulation. By replacing it, you’re restoring your home’s insulation as a whole, thereby lessening heat transfer and lowering heating and air conditioning costs.

  • Noise reduction: A new glass pane can significantly reduce exterior noise pollution filtering into your home, especially if you opt for insulated or soundproofed glazing. Doing so can improve the comfort experienced in your living spaces.

  • Improved aesthetics: A broken glass pane can diminish the overall look of your home. By replacing it, you're not only improving the appearance of your property, but you're also increasing its market value.

  • Weatherproofed: Undamaged glazing is rain-, wind-, dust-, and insect-proof. By replacing a broken glass pane, you’re ensuring your home remains rainwater-free, clean, and comfortable. 

Overall, replacing a broken window reinforces home security, energy efficiency, and comfort, while also improving its general appearance and ensuring its weatherproofing.

Available Window Replacement Financial Assistance

If you plan on repairing several windows, surely it would be better to hire a professional for peace of mind. Also, note that several funding programs have been put in place for such renovations, such as the Rénoclimate program, offering financial assistance for replacing windows. As of May 2024, the amount provided for each window replacement will increase from $60 to $150.

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Last modified 2024-03-13

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