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10 inspiring examples of interior renovation projects

Last modified: 2020-06-22 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Léa Plourde-Archer

Purely esthetical or essential, done on a whim or carefully thought out... The world of interior renovations is vast and answers to a wide variety of needs. From painting to installing kitchen cupboards, laying a new floor, building columns and building a home expansion, the possibilities are endless!

With a network of more than 5000 contractors, we have decided to present 10 examples of beautiful home renovation projects completed by some of our certified contractors.  

Here are 10 examples of interior renovations to give you a few ideas

1) A play on transparencies and rich tones in an open space

Entrée de maison moderne Construction M. Dubé

Contractor: Construction M.Dubé

This spacious room is split into several levels and adopts a style that is like an open loft. The large windows in the dining room, as well as those in the living room, offer a lot of natural light that spreads throughout the space. The esthetical combination of materials is also very interesting, as it creates a nice visual balance.

2) A dining area that combines a modern table set with classic architectural details

Dining room

Contractor: One Oak Construction

Dining areas often replace dining rooms in modern homes. People appreciate being close to the kitchen and enjoying the fact that the room is open to the rest of the house. This particular dining area benefits from a generous amount of natural light and in terms of architecture, there are a lot of architectural details such as the slightly worn-out floors, the subtle mouldings and the funky arched door that creates a nice transition between both rooms.

3) A basement tv room

TV room basement

Contractor: Go Home Contracting

A lot of people include a TV area in their home renovation wishlist. However, since it often remains a lower priority, the project ends up not being completed. Here are some homeowners that decided to move forward with building their TV temple. The area is spacious, meaning that there is still room for guests!

4) A modern staircase that looks like an art gallery

modern indoor staircase

Contractor: Concept pro métal

Is this a home or an art gallery? This modern layout is very daring, with architectural details that are both useful and attractive, such as the staircase without risers and glass door, which both let natural light pass through.

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5) A huge media unit in a very sophisticated room

Tv unit

Contractor: Soll Solutions

This impressive media unit has been custom-built. It perfectly blends in with this room which has a very unique decor. Much like in the example shown above, it feels like being in an art gallery!

6) A living room in shades of grey and blue

Neutral decor living room

Contractors: Pascalina Designer Intérieur

This simple living room offers a nice balance of shades of gray and blue, with a striking touch of warm honey-coloured wood. Far from being dreary, this is also an example where patterns and textures are put to good use, which adds a comfortable and welcoming aspect to the room.

7) A central room that looks straight out of a rustic chalet

Rustic living room

Contractor: Linfra developments

This home adopts a rustic style that is far from outdated. Spacious and warm, the room and its decor could very well be transposed in an urban setting, or in a suburban house, to add country cottage flair.

8) A state-of-the-art home theatre

Cinéma maison

ContractorConstruction EMS

Everything in this room seems to have been thought out to watch movies or play video games. The curtains and suspended ceiling create an intimate space, the furniture offers lots of storage and the large corner armchair invitingly suggests long evenings spent comfortably seated. In short, this is a dream place for cinephiles.

9) A living room/kitchen/dining combo in an open concept

Salon et cuisine style loft

Contractor: Rudi maintenance

This space adopts an "open-concept" layout, where the main rooms of the house occupy the same space whilst including divisions that take the form of architectural details. In this case, the separation is done starting from the dark-wood suspended ceiling section.

10) A sober and welcoming bedroom

Zen bedroom

Contractor: Service Designer Intérieur

This bedroom's decor adopts the "no-frills" look. Once again, it's the details that make all the difference. The paint colour, which is impeccably applied, is very versatile. In this environment, it contributes to the very sober but elegant look of the room.

11) Bonus

The living room featured on the main photo was conceived and renovated by Construction M.Dubé

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