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8 renovation projects to beautify your cottage

Last modified: 2022-06-16 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

If you own a cottage and go there several times per year or per season, you may be considering taking on some renovations. Even if it was recently built, it’s never unnecessary or too late to add value to your property. 

Sometimes, it’s the small details that have the greatest impact on the interior and exterior look of your cottage, offering a fresh touch to the design. No matter what budget you’re working with, here are some examples that’ll help all homeowners in search of ways to improve their cottage.

8 examples of renovations to beautify your cottage

chalet_Soumission Rénovation_cottage_renoquotes

1- New windows for a modern cottage

If you’ve never considered changing the original windows after purchasing your cottage, this could be a perfect idea to start the transformation process. If possible, opt for bigger windows.

The addition of a canopy or single-story windows will ensure that you have an abundance of natural light that will illuminate your interior. If this is something that interests you, here’s an article on the subject:

2- Polished concrete floors for an elegant cottage

With time comes wear and tear, and this is especially true when we’re looking at the floors. If you want an alternative to wood and enjoy a minimalist look, a waxed concrete floor could be tempting. 

In a darker gray, or even black, paired with white walls, the brightness of the contrast between the two will add a sophisticated element to your interior design.

3- The addition of a glass railing for a minimalist look

maison en bois_Soumission Rénovation_wooden house_renoquotes

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, installing glass railings will lighten up the space and offer a modern look. You will feel that your space is more refined inside, and more sophisticated outside.

In need of some inspiration for minimalist decor? Here's an article for you: Home Decor: A Guide to Minimalist Style.

4- A few brushstrokes for your exterior cladding

Your cottage is subject to bad weather year-round. On top of this, since this is your second home, you’ll likely be less present and your cottage could spend several months without any form of maintenance. If your siding allows for it, a good coat of paint could offer a huge change in the appearance of your property. 

If you can’t paint your siding, you could choose to target window frames, doors, or railings on your facade. All of these options will offer a nice aesthetic boost to your cottage exterior. Here are some additional articles on the subject:

Chalet revêtement extérieur_soumissionRenovation.ca_exterior siding cottage


5- Painting the interior, too

Many old cottages or cabins are built entirely out of wood, offering a rustic or vintage style. However, if you’re working with furniture that is also made of wood, your decor will appear monotonous and bland. 

By opting for lighter colours such as cream or white, especially when it comes to wood, you’ll create the illusion of a larger and more uncluttered space. This is perfect for the relaxing effect you’ll want your cottage to have. As a bonus, this could also be used to revamp your flooring.

farmhouse interior_cottage renovations

6- Renovate or add a deck

Whether raised or set directly on the ground, having a deck is a key element to give life and atmosphere to any cottage. In this way, you can invite friends, family or your partner to have memorable dinners and barbecues. 

Here are some practical links that can guide you in renovating or building a patio:

7- Landscaping

One point that many tend to ignore is the exterior appeal of a cottage. What better than a relaxation area, a place where you can gather in a group around a bonfire, a small reading or picnic area? 

It’s normal to think about investing in the building itself before thinking of beautifying the exterior. However, the curb appeal that a beautiful cottage exterior will have when compared with unkempt one will be all the more satisfying. 

To have an estimation of the cost of your next landscaping project, check out our article Landscaping: the cost of various projects for 2020.

Wood cottage

8- Review the decor or design of common rooms

Your cottage is your second home, and thus it’s best to keep the decor simple and try not to clutter the space. If your common rooms are open concept, opt for practical and intelligent design that will allow you and your guests to enjoy the layout. 

Think minimalist, Scandinavian, multi-functional furniture, such as a table that also serves as an island or sofa bed.

rustic cottage

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