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2021 Kitchen Decor Trends

Last modified: 2023-02-28 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Are you considering renovating your kitchen this year? With all the available material and decor options, at first, it can be difficult to navigate. To offer some inspiration for this large-scale project, take a look at the kitchen decor trends that are sure to steal the show in 2021!

2021: 9 decor ideas for the kitchen

1- Mixing metals

If the idea of ​​mixing a gold finish in the same room with a metallic gray shade was an option that would be swept aside before, it seems that it’ll be one of the trends in the spotlight for kitchens in 2021. This daring avenue is certainly an effective way to create contrast!

However, you’ll have to respect a very precise rule so that the result is visually interesting and pleasant: you will have to determine the metal that will be most present in your decor according to the colour palette that predominates in your kitchen.

So, if you've been leaning towards cool colours, it’s wiser to prioritize nickel or chrome. Does your kitchen tend towards warm colours instead? In this case, bronze or gold should be the dominant metal. This rule will make it possible to create contrasting decor, without appearing aesthetically inconsistent.

2- Natural colours

cuisine beige_Soumission Rénovation

This colour scheme is not only appropriate for the bedroom or the living room, but also for the kitchen. Different shades such as green, beige and yellow will help create a more natural-looking decor. These colours will be found on walls as well as on various home decor objects. With so much time spent indoors, why not bring some of that outdoor beauty into your kitchen?

3- Shaker cabinet doors

Shaker doors were a consistent feature in farmhouse-style decor, and this year they’ll be in our kitchens! Characterized by a raised rim, straight framing and sleek design, they’re both elegant and timeless. This is why they coordinate with most styles, enduring the passage of time with dignity.

4- Natural materials

cuisine_Soumission Rénovation

Following the idea of ​​working with natural colours and hues for the kitchen, it seems the same is trending in terms of material choices. Therefore, we will see a lot of marble as well as wood, as this will allow the furniture to harmonize with the selected colours and various elements of the room. Nothing better to give your kitchen character, while keeping this room both warm and friendly.

5- Hidden or understated cabinet door handles

When it comes to cabinet door design, handles certainly have a big role to play. While they’re primarily functional, they also add a touch of style that helps shape the look of the entire kitchen.

This year, the cabinet door handle trend is all about simplicity. In some cases, they’ll even be hidden in order to allow for a clean design aesthetic. The era of detailed handles, reflecting a classic style, is definitely over!

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6- Imposing lights

luminaire massif_Soumission Rénovation

As for lighting now, the trend this year will be large fixtures. They’ll play a key role in defining the style of the kitchen, as well as the choice of furniture, colour scheme and materials.

7- The kitchen island

Available in several sizes and styles, the kitchen island is suitable for both small and large spaces and finds its place in rustic, classic or modern settings. It goes without saying that this piece of furniture (also available on wheels) is remarkably versatile! More so, it acts as both work surface and storage space. This year, every style is popular: luxurious, minimal, mobile or not.

8- Incorporating storage into the kitchen backsplash

tablette vaisselle_Soumission Rénovation

The integration of a backsplash in the kitchen is often done with the aim of adding a decorative touch and is usually motivated by aesthetic considerations.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to keep in mind that it’s also possible to incorporate a shelf, which offers additional storage space for dishes or a place to put decorative elements that help define the style of your kitchen.

9- Wallpaper

While many of us may have thought its heyday was over, it appears that wallpaper will be in the spotlight this year for kitchen decor. The variety of patterns and colours available offers infinite possibilities. Are you apprehensive about incorporating wallpaper into your kitchen? Be aware that types specifically designed for this purpose exist, and these are able to cope with humidity, dirt and splashes of all kinds.

So, are you undertaking a kitchen remodelling project? Take a look at our Kitchen Renovation Guide to discover many articles on the subject, this should allow you to find all the inspiration you need to make your project a reality.

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