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What Are the 2024 Kitchen Décor Trends?


6 min read

What Are the 2024 Kitchen Décor Trends?

KitchenWhat Are the 2024 Kitchen Décor Trends?

Are you planning on refurbishing, redecorating, or renovating your kitchen? You can always make this key area in your home more user-friendly and ergonomic while still considering your budget and personal preferences. Have no fear, unless that specific area is stuck in time, there’s no need to demolish everything and start from scratch for a little modern revamp. All you have to do is throw some trendy elements into the mix, combined with the signature style you love! Without further ado, here are the trends to focus on in 2024 to design a modern kitchen

2024 Kitchen Design Trends: Décor Ideas

1- The organic, biophilic look

Organic and biophilic trendy kitchen

Source: Canva

This type of kitchen is in harmony, and even communicates, with nature. By integrating elements reminiscent of the outdoors, an atmosphere of well-being, something organic and natural is created. Note that there are many ways to design a biophilic décor.

First off, you can add some greenery by, for example, creating a green wall or mounting suspended shelving above your kitchen island to showcase your plants. For those more disciplined followers of this lifestyle, choosing plants will be done according to what’s commonly found in your region or those that adorn your flowerbeds.

Next, if your windows look out onto trees or wooded landscapes, it could be worth making them bigger. Or, at least, ensuring that the view isn’t obstructed. For the more daring ones with a budget to match, one of the most-seen trends is the kitchen extension that spills out onto an outdoor terrace. Big doors or a bar/countertop situation leading to an outdoor kitchen decorated with the same shades as the indoor one is a way of communicating with both tightly linked worlds. However, you may have to plan for an insect-contingency plan to keep these creepy-crawlies away from your food. 

Lastly, the décor will be based on what's indicative of nature. The colours will evoke either a seaside, forest, or beach. The materials chosen will also reflect what’s found outside (stone, wood, linen, cotton, wicker, rattan, etc.).

2- The Scandinavian minimalist look

Scandinavian-inspired kitchen design

Source: Canva

This design trend has been well-established over the last few years, and seems to be going nowhere! Straight lines, solemnity, abundant lighting, and elegance are all timeless characteristics. In a Scandinavian-inspired modern lifestyle, wood and light colours are it, whether featured on walls or kitchen cabinetry. Furthermore, the keyword is “clean.” As a matter of fact, everything has to be in line with the minimalist guide, meaning everything has a place and a purpose. Even the knobs and handles are discreet, subtle even, to enhance the vastness and peacefulness of the area. 

3- A new trend: A dramatic look

Trendy kitchen with a dramatic décor

Source: Canva

The prevailing concept behind this style is to create a theatrical undertone that has character, using bold colours (dark green, plum, navy blue, brown, etc.). Throw in some dark wood, some stone with a distinct veining, and some vintage decorative pieces, and there you go! You can also pull out your favourite keepsakes and silverware for an even more personalized look!

The Modern and Trendy Kitchen Essentials

1- Unique backsplash and ceramic tiles

unique backsplash in trendy kitchen

Source: Canva

When it comes to backsplashes, this year, it’s all about adding texture and colour.

  • First things first, sought-after tiles are small and square in shape, very much like Zellige tiles (glazed terracotta tiles that are hand-carved in Morocco). It’s very monochromatic; each tile has a slightly different and unique hue.

  • Large, oversize tiles even, are also trending. They’re low-maintenance and don’t require as much joint grout, such backsplashes will make the space appear bigger. You can also choose a single slab, where the material is a large, continuous piece rather than tiles, much like a countertop.

  • Lastly, retro-inspired ceramic relief is also very trendy.

As for colours, terracotta and warm shades are still considered timeless essentials. Pink-tinted corral is a favourite for many paint brands like Benjamin Moore. In terms of design trends seen over the course of the last decade, we're seeing a lot of deep greens and blues. Satin and matte finishes and epoxy grouts are also very popular.

2- Timeless cabinet colours

trendy kitchen with white cabinets

Source: Canva

The iconic and timeless white. However, beware of using slightly glossy, and impersonal, cold shades of white. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, it’s best to favour neutral tones and warm shades, mixed with wood and beige, while also considering natural lighting. These shades can be paired beautifully with just about any style, from Scandinavian to a farmhouse look, by way of contemporary and industrial styles. It all comes down to the materials used to set the tone in your kitchen. 

Alternatively, dark wood, stained green, blue or even black cabinets will add a touch of luxury and character to your space.

3- Sizeable items

sizeable items in trendy kitchen

Source: Canva


Lighting becomes the focal point of the room, especially if you have a kitchen island. Pendant lights might actually serve as the starting point to create the entire décor. This year, chunky bronze, gold or mixed materials like iron and wood are the way to go. If needed, add recessed lights to further complement the lighting in the room.


A comfortable booth, why not? Straight lines and padded booths are all the rage, and, the latter is an interesting way to use up space or claim an unused corner. The material chosen will obviously differ depending on whether you live alone or have little rugrats running around. Consider velour or pleather if given the chance! For reference, typical dimensions for a booth bench are 18 inches high and 38 to 42 inches for the backrest.


In regards to faucets, on a broad spectrum, matte finishes tend to be more appealing, however, there’s a strong liking for a lot of unique colours. As such, it won't be too shocking to see fancy purple, white, green, or light pink faucets.


If the planned work is more large-scale and consists of remodelling the entire kitchen, consider creating a separate space for a walk-in-type pantry. This area, that’s often hidden away behind glass doors or a cabinet door, is an extension of your main space. Along with the perks of tucking away breakfast stuff or a few smaller, less complimentary appliances, one can store larger quantities of food in there. If your house plan allows for it, you can even build an additional countertop, add a small sink, store your less-often-used dish sets, have a second fridge and freezer, and the list goes on. 


Last but not least, what are you supposed to do with your range hood? The latest trend calls for a built-in or concealed range hood, or on the flip side, for it to be the downright centrepiece because of its imposing size and chic design. Overall, anything but the standard and narrow white range hood that’s very reminiscent of an awning.

Common 2024 Kitchen Errors to Avoid 

Far be it from us to tell you what to do or to steer you away from your personal preferences. Let's just say that the following items are no longer recommended by interior and kitchen designers.

  1. While tile kitchen countertops are harder to clean, stainless steel ones aren’t in line with the nature-inspired design. 

  2. The overuse of open kitchen cabinets concept or shelving is also a no-no. Such shelving accumulates dust and cleaning becomes very time-consuming to keep everything neat and aesthetically pleasing. 

  3. Over-the-range microwaves are often too high. There are increased risks of accidents and it’s often difficult to stir anything that’s already inside the microwave. 

Now that you hold much knowledge to create a living space that’s up to your standards—your dream kitchen—have fun with it! Highlight your personality and don't forget: just like a fine wine, moderation will always taste better.

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Last modified 2024-01-04

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