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10 Best Kitchen Paint Colours

By: Léa Plourde-Archer


6 min read

10 Best Kitchen Paint Colours

By: Léa Plourde-Archer

KitchenDesign and home decor10 Best Kitchen Paint Colours

Since 2020 and homeowners are becoming bolder with their room colour choices. There are lots of subtle ways you can play with the decor of your home by incorporating some of your favourite shades and colours. One of the tried and true rooms to experiment with is your kitchen!

Kitchens are one of the busiest and well-loved rooms of the home, experiencing daily wear and tear, as well as bringing friends and families together morning, noon and night. Therefore, these rooms' colour palette should reflect this.

When choosing a colour for your kitchen, consider this space's form and function as well as personal tastes and style. If you're feeling stuck about where to start, we've come up with a list of some of the best colour choices for the kitchen, and hopefully, we've incorporated something for everyone!

Here are the best colours for your next kitchen painting project


1) Mercury Gray

Cuisine couleur gris perle_mercury gray kitchen

Photo: Symphony Group

Although white and natural wood are popular choices for the kitchen, more and more homeowners are moving towards another neutral that has a little bit more edge: gray. This neutral is sleek and luxe while still being practical for the everyday.

A gray can look delicate when paired with monochromatic countertops as well as an accent colour wall or bold cabinetry. Try pairing a mercury gray with warm golds or dark navy blues for an ultramodern look that will have friends and loved ones feeling jealous.


2) Paper White

White kitchen

Photo: Unsplash

Paperwhite incorporates just enough subtle hues of gray and brown so as not to be boring. The colour pairs well with black, for the traditional black-and-white kitchen that is timeless.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more updated, consider adding small pops of bright colour to various accessories or accents in and around your kitchen. Maybe you’ve always wanted a bold backsplash? Painting the walls white and keeping your furniture monochromatic allows for bolder choices elsewhere! 


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3) Earthy Orange

orange kitchen

Photo: Flickr

For an unexpected and flashy colour choice, add personality and warmth through a shade of orange. Make sure the orange you choose is muted rather than verging into neon territory. This colour may not be for everyone, but lighter shades of orange are growing in popularity. Playing with this colour in your kitchen can put you well ahead of upcoming trends. Maybe try using a toned-down orange as an accent colour instead of going full throttle with an entire kitchen makeover!


4) Nautical Blue

Cuisine bleu royal_royal blue kitchen

Photo: Interiors by colour

If you’re a fan of the ocean but your home is nowhere close to one, nautical blue is a peaceful, timeless and elegant colour to consider for the walls of your kitchen. This colour evokes images of the depths of the sea and the vastness of the sky.

This tone works well with paonazzo marble and brushed brass, as well as complementing colours such as green, lilac and grey. For further depth, try a nautical blue with a matte finish or matching counter top stools or chairs, rounding out this breezy theme. 


5) Honey Yellow

Yellow kitchen

Photo: Pixabay

Yellow with a honey glow is a great warm and sunny addition amid cooler kitchen accessories such as stainless steel, hardwood floors or brass accents. This hue works well in a kitchen because it will brighten up the space and add a vibrancy that will remind those indoors of warmer weather, regardless of the season.  

If you find this colour too bold to completely cover your walls, consider the “fifth wall” aka the ceiling. Extending paint onto the ceiling is a design trick that homeowners have started incorporating into their paint projects. Painting the ceiling a warm yellow amid dark accessories or walls will open the room, making it appear larger.


6) Hunter Green

Cuisine vert khaki_khaki green kitchen

Photo: Vtwonen

Not for the faint at heart, a deep and dark hunter green can breathe new life into a kitchen by way of an accent piece.  This isn’t necessarily a colour you’d choose to cover an entire room but would be best suited for an island, hutch or other large pieces of hardware in your kitchen. Using a profound accent colour is a noncommittal way to give your kitchen an update without going all the way or breaking the bank.


7) Saxon Green

Cuisine vert foret_saxon green kitchen

Photo: Elle Decor

Homeowners often incorporate their love of nature into their kitchen colours, as earthy tones and natural shades of sand, sea, and air have grown in popularity over recent years. A mossy green is an excellent choice for the walls of your kitchen, and muted, soft green tones look great when paired with natural wood finishes as well as clay undertones or brass hardware accents. Keep the rest of the kitchen decor simple when working with a colour like this, including tiles and furniture. If you’re looking to channel the great outdoors, this is the way to go!


8) Dusty Rose

Cuisine rose antique_antique pink kitchen

Photo: Desire to inspire

Painting your kitchen a shade of pink is no longer stuck solely in the 1950s! A soft salmon shade or a dusty rose has a subtle but eye-catching effect when painted on the walls of the kitchen. If you don’t feel confident covering the walls in pink, consider painting your cabinets or an accent wall alone, keeping accessories and furniture neutral.

Pink might seem like an odd choice at first, but if you’re a fan of surprise and delight, this colour can give even the dullest of kitchens brand new energy and life.


9) Bittersweet Chocolate Brown

Cuisine brun chocolat_chocolate brown kitchen

Photo: HGTV

This contemporary take on an old-world shade is a rich and beautiful dark colour that will make lighter cabinets and kitchen accessories pop! If you’re interested in taking a bold step regarding the walls of your kitchen, try this deep brown, almost black, shade.

Although this may be a dark colour, its red undertones will add warmth to an otherwise white space. Also, darker shades paired correctly with white accents can create an illusion of depth and extra space where there may not be any.


10) Pastel Blue

Cuisine bleu pastel

Photo: Studio Mcgee

A pastel blue that isn’t too light is an easy shade to live with, as it is classic while remaining versatile and elegant. This subtle colour pairs well with brass accents, as well as soft yellows and bright whites.

Paint natural woods in the same pastel blue shade as the walls to create an unexpected element of dimension. This colour is calming and inviting, so if you’re looking to open up a darker home or apartment, this shade is worth considering! 


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Last modified 2023-11-16

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10 min read 17 Feb 2023

Kitchen Makeover: Revamping the Décor

Nowadays, in our homes, one of the rooms in which we spend the most time is the kitchen. Not only is it where we cook, but it’s the ideal place to spend time with friends and family, usually over a good meal. Hence, there’s value in making it cozy and welcoming. So, without further delay, why not give your kitchen the makeover it deserves to make it as homely as possible? This space can be revamped with the help of just a few clever ideas! Here are some interior décor tips that’ll make your dated kitchen look modern in no time! 15 Makeover Ideas to Revamp an Outdated Kitchen There’s no need to remodel your kitchen from top to bottom to give it a new look. Simply follow some (or all!) of the tips listed below, and the outcome is bound to amaze you. And best of all, it can be done within a reasonable timeframe. 1- Repaint the walls Source: Canva Dull and faded walls, maybe a worn-down credenza, and weathered wooden cabinets. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh coat of paint to revamp an outdated kitchen. Repaint your walls to your liking; there’s an infinite amount of colours to choose from. If you want to brighten up a space, go for white. If you’d rather make the room a bit cozier with a hint of pizzazz, focus on warm colours. For something more on the sophisticated side, opt for clear, neutral colours, with a slight satin finish. To give your kitchen a makeover, consider repainting your credenza. When it comes to coating furniture in fresh paint, you should go with clear hues and favour brighter colours for walls. 2- Turn your attention to restoring kitchen furniture Source: Canva Don’t limit yourself to painting the walls, do the same for your cabinets and other kitchen furnishings. As a matter of fact, restoring cabinets can be an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to give your kitchen a makeover. To maintain the look of the wood and highlight its veining, a clear stain will get the job done. Opt for kitchen-specific acrylic paint for a slightly more contemporary finish. Said paint doesn’t contain health-hazard solvents and is heat- and stain-resistant. As for a satin-finish paint, it’ll make the space appear bigger and brighter. You can paint all your furniture or just a few pieces, it’s totally up to you. For low-level furniture, use dark paint colours and for tall furniture, use light tones to further convey the illusion of height. 3- Change the light fixtures Source: Canva Light plays a vital role in the kitchen’s overall appearance. Not only does it set the mood prevailing, but it also turns out to be quite useful when it comes time to cook. From wireless puck lights to drop-ceiling light panels, by way of LED strips to oversized light bulbs dangling above the dining table… When it comes to lighting and light fixtures, the choice is yours. And, light fixtures affixed right above tall furniture or upper cabinets are still widely popular in Quebec, in due part to the element of privacy created within. 4- Rethink the layout to modernize the kitchen Source: Canva A small and disorganized kitchen can quickly turn into an unwelcoming space. It’s important to consider the practical side of things when moving forth with your kitchen makeover. You have to rethink the layout in a way in which you can move with ease. If you think that your dining table is too big or outdated, switch it out for a newer, more modern model suited to the space available. You can also extend your countertop to include a dining area. To achieve a trendy and contemporary effect, trim the top of your furniture for sleeker-looking furnishings. It’ll make your kitchen seem more open! You can also affix shelves and racks to your credenza for extra storage. That way, you can clear your counter, which often appears to welcome clutter, like knick-knacks and utensils. If you have the space for it, consider investing in a kitchen island to have a dedicated spot to cook and eat. Also, think about consulting with kitchen design companies to obtain quotes if you’re thinking of custom-designing your new kitchen. 5- Renovate the kitchen counter and backsplash Source: Canva It might be time to change your kitchen countertop that’s most likely worn out from years of cooking delicious meals. There’s a revamp in there somewhere! To do so, you can remove it and put in a new one, or simply stick a new one atop the old one. Doing as such can easily revamp your kitchen. Otherwise, you can always lay a coat of waxed concrete atop a tiled countertop; it’ll help fill in the grout joints while also levelling the surface. You can also revamp your backsplash by sticking new tiles over the old ones. A quick and easy alternative would be to use stick-and-peel tiles. The outcome will surprise you. Are you looking for experts for your kitchen project? Fill in this form to be connected with top-rated contractors! 6- Focus on the decorative aspect Source: Canva Well-thought-out decorative items will render your kitchen cozy and friendly. Let your creative flag fly and decorate the room as you please. Get colourful utensil holders, frames, a clock, etc. Position plants about the room and pick out eye-catching appliances (stand mixer, kettle, microwave, toaster, etc.). More so, you can also use stencils and templates to decorate and add a touch of colour to vertical surfaces. You can find numerous colours and patterns of these in home décor stores. Some are specially designed for kitchen surfaces. Prices vary depending on the quality and thickness of the material in question. Applying wallpaper can also be a really good idea if you’re looking to give your kitchen a makeover. You can thus add a retro-like aspect to the room. You can choose between a heavily patterned or solid-coloured wallpaper. In any case, you’ll still need to apply a coat of wallpaper varnish to protect your furniture from any damage when cleaning the material. Check out the current retro kitchen trends. 7- Change your faucet Source: Canva Your faucet can help revamp the kitchen as a whole. Switch out your old faucet with a new and sleeker one. It’ll without a doubt modernize your kitchen. There are plenty of models available on the market, it’s up to you to select the one that best suits your needs. For an industrial look, we suggest getting a black or chrome faucet with a high spout. For a more refined effect, consider square spouts. 8- Switch out the cabinet knobs and handles Source: Canva To successfully complete your kitchen makeover, you have to take into account all details. Don’t overlook anything. You can switch out your old cabinet knobs and handles with trendier and more unique ones. You can choose between light wood, aluminum, metal, or stainless steel handles. For a look that’s tailored to your liking, you can custom-make your knobs and handles with repurposed items like toys, silverware, etc. You just need to figure out how many knobs and handles you need to change. Next, measure the distance between the two screws on the handles to make the newer model. Right now, black and matte colours are in. 9- Change the flooring Source: Canva Consider changing the flooring. Cracked or worn tiling isn’t a good look and it can be undeniable. Upgrade your floor with more modern tiling. You can also find stick-and-peel floor tiles that you can lay yourself atop the existing flooring. You don’t need to be a professional to get the job done. Just trim them accordingly with the help of a utility knife, and then glue them down. 10- Repaint the inside of your cabinets Source: Canva You can coat the inside of your cabinets with paint for a needed refresher. We highly suggest using a light hue if your cabinets are dark or painting the inside with a dark colour if the cabinets are light-coloured. Do as such if your kitchen features open shelving or if you want to remove the cabinet doors to feature your tableware and the new colour inside. 11- Embrace an industrial look Source: Canva The industrial look is really in right now. To give your kitchen a makeover, you can replace some of the cabinetry with stainless steel modular. You can also use a stainless steel industrial table instead of a kitchen island or a shelf alike. These add-ons will definitely give your kitchen a unique look. 12- Replace cabinets with open shelving Source: Canva If your kitchen is small, we suggest replacing the upper cabinets with open shelving. That way, you can lighten the room and free-up space. Furthermore, shelves are incredibly aesthetically pleasing and are sure to be a striking feature. They’re super easy to make and can be mounted on the wall without any visible supporting brackets (floating shelf), by sliding the support directly into each frame. 13- Open up the kitchen Source: Canva Opt for open-concept storage. That way, you’re exposing your dinnerware, thus making it a part of your décor. A wall-mounted shelf could be ideal to showcase your nicest dining sets and kitchen gadgets. You can also open up your kitchen into your living room by adding a glass partition wall. That way, natural light can seep into both spaces and ensure maximum comfort. A workshop-like wall partition would do perfectly. 14- Make use of the upper wall area Source: Canva Some kitchens only feature base cabinets. The empty upper wall area is an obvious space to decorate. You can add shelves or small storage crates. You can also paint on patterns or simply paint a bright strip—the colour of your choosing—across the wall. There are so many options available to you, be creative! 15- Wrap it up! Source: Canva To successfully revamp your kitchen courtesy of a makeover, you may need to add little finishing touches here and there. The same goes for those never-ending interior décor projects. The whole won’t be the same if there are electric wires strewn about, if the tiles are damaged in some areas, or if the ceiling needs a touch-up. Make sure to finish any related work prior to undertaking your kitchen makeover. Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover: It Can Be Done! On average, the cost of a minor kitchen renovation amounts to $21,000. This includes costly changes such as new cabinets, flooring, and appliances. For a mid-range kitchen renovation, it costs, on average, $31,000. As for a high-end kitchen renovation, costs start at $50,000. As you’d guess, these prices can vary depending on any number of factors, like the project’s complexity, the material's quality, the space's size, etc. Notwithstanding, you can still give your kitchen a makeover on a tight budget. You don’t need to undertake a complete kitchen overhaul or put in all-new, trendy appliances and cabinetry. The ideas listed above are purely examples of simple and inexpensive ways to obtain great results. However, if you decide to turn to a professional to renovate your kitchen cabinets, the cost can be rather steep. On average, you’ll need to fork out $3,500 for modest projects, and $7,000 for large-scale projects. The project timeline won’t be the same either.

7 min read

Cynthia Laferrière 15 Feb 2023

What Are the 2023 Kitchen Décor Trends?

Are you planning on refurbishing, redecorating, or renovating your kitchen? You can always make this key area in your home more user-friendly and ergonomic while still considering your budget and personal preferences. Have no fear, unless that specific area is stuck in time, there’s no need to demolish everything and start from scratch for a little modern revamp. All you have to do is throw some trendy elements into the mix, combined with the signature style you love! Without further ado, here are the trends to focus on in 2023 to design a modern kitchen. 2023 Kitchen Design Trends: Décor Ideas 1- The organic, biophilic look Source: Canva This type of kitchen is in harmony, and even communicates, with nature. By integrating elements reminiscent of the outdoors, an atmosphere of well-being, something organic and natural is created. Note that there are many ways to design a biophilic décor. First off, you can add some greenery by, for example, creating a green wall or mounting suspended shelving above your kitchen island to showcase your plants. For those more disciplined followers of this lifestyle, choosing plants will be done according to what’s commonly found in your region or those that adorn your flowerbeds. Next, if your windows look out onto trees or wooded landscapes, it could be worth making them bigger. Or, at least, ensuring that the view isn’t obstructed. For the more daring ones with a budget to match, one of the most-seen trends is the kitchen extension that spills out onto an outdoor terrace. Big doors or a bar/countertop situation leading to an outdoor kitchen decorated with the same shades as the indoor one is a way of communicating with both tightly linked worlds. However, you may have to plan for an insect-contingency plan to keep these creepy-crawlies away from your food. Lastly, the décor will be based on what's indicative of nature. The colours will evoke either a seaside, forest, or beach. The materials chosen will also reflect what’s found outside (stone, wood, linen, cotton, wicker, rattan, etc.). 2- The Scandinavian minimalist look Source: Canva This design trend has been well-established over the last few years, and seems to be going nowhere! Straight lines, solemnity, abundant lighting, and elegance are all timeless characteristics. In a Scandinavian-inspired modern lifestyle, wood and light colours are it, whether featured on walls or kitchen cabinetry. Furthermore, the keyword is “clean.” As a matter of fact, everything has to be in line with the minimalist guide, meaning everything has a place and a purpose. Even the knobs and handles are discreet, subtle even, to enhance the vastness and peacefulness of the area. 3- A new trend: A dramatic look Source: Canva The prevailing concept behind this style is to create a theatrical undertone that has character, using bold colours (dark green, plum, navy blue, brown, etc.). Throw in some dark wood, some stone with a distinct veining, and some vintage decorative pieces, and there you go! You can also pull out your favourite keepsakes and silverware for an even more personalized look! Are you looking for experts for your kitchen renovation project? Fill in our form to be connected with top-rated contractors! The Modern and Trendy Kitchen Essentials 1- Unique backsplash and ceramic tiles Source: Canva When it comes to backsplashes, this year, it’s all about adding texture and colour. First things first, sought-after tiles are small and square in shape, very much like Zellige tiles (glazed terracotta tiles that are hand-carved in Morocco). It’s very monochromatic; each tile has a slightly different and unique hue. Large, oversize tiles even, are also trending. They’re low-maintenance and don’t require as much joint grout, such backsplashes will make the space appear bigger. You can also choose a single slab, where the material is a large, continuous piece rather than tiles, much like a countertop. Lastly, retro-inspired ceramic relief is also very trendy. As for colours, terracotta and warm shades are still considered timeless essentials. Pink-tinted corral is a favourite for many paint brands like Benjamin Moore. In terms of design trends seen over the course of the last decade, we're seeing a lot of deep greens and blues. Satin and matte finishes and epoxy grouts are also very popular. 2- Timeless cabinet colours Source: Canva The iconic and timeless white. However, beware of using slightly glossy, and impersonal, cold shades of white. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, it’s best to favour neutral tones and warm shades, mixed with wood and beige, while also considering natural lighting. These shades can be paired beautifully with just about any style, from Scandinavian to a farmhouse look, by way of contemporary and industrial styles. It all comes down to the materials used to set the tone in your kitchen. Alternatively, dark wood, stained green, blue or even black cabinets will add a touch of luxury and character to your space. 3- Sizeable items Source: Canva LIGHTING Lighting becomes the focal point of the room, especially if you have a kitchen island. Pendant lights might actually serve as the starting point to create the entire décor. This year, chunky bronze, gold or mixed materials like iron and wood are the way to go. If needed, add recessed lights to further complement the lighting in the room. BOOTH A comfortable booth, why not? Straight lines and padded booths are all the rage, and, the latter is an interesting way to use up space or claim an unused corner. The material chosen will obviously differ depending on whether you live alone or have little rugrats running around. Consider velour or pleather if given the chance! For reference, typical dimensions for a booth bench are 18 inches high and 38 to 42 inches for the backrest. PLUMBING In regards to faucets, on a broad spectrum, matte finishes tend to be more appealing, however, there’s a strong liking for a lot of unique colours. As such, it won't be too shocking to see fancy purple, white, green, or light pink faucets in 2023. PANTRY If the planned work is more large-scale and consists of remodelling the entire kitchen, consider creating a separate space for a walk-in-type pantry. This area, that’s often hidden away behind glass doors or a cabinet door, is an extension of your main space. Along with the perks of tucking away breakfast stuff or a few smaller, less complimentary appliances, one can store larger quantities of food in there. If your house plan allows for it, you can even build an additional countertop, add a small sink, store your less-often-used dish sets, have a second fridge and freezer, and the list goes on. RANGE HOOD Last but not least, what are you supposed to do with your range hood? The latest trend calls for a built-in or concealed range hood, or on the flip side, for it to be the downright centrepiece because of its imposing size and chic design. Overall, anything but the standard and narrow white range hood that’s very reminiscent of an awning. Common 2023 Kitchen Errors to Avoid Far be it from us to tell you what to do or to steer you away from your personal preferences. Let's just say that the following items are no longer recommended by interior and kitchen designers. While tile kitchen countertops are harder to clean, stainless steel ones aren’t in line with the nature-inspired design. The overuse of open kitchen cabinets concept or shelving is also a no-no. Such shelving accumulates dust and cleaning becomes very time-consuming to keep everything neat and aesthetically pleasing. Over-the-range microwaves are often too high. There are increased risks of accidents and it’s often difficult to stir anything that’s already inside the microwave. Now that you hold much knowledge to create a living space that’s up to your standards—your dream kitchen—have fun with it! Highlight your personality and don't forget: just like a fine wine, moderation will always taste better.

10 min read 29 Mar 2023

High-Quality Contemporary Kitchen Design

With its trendy materials, refined look, multi-functionality, and welcoming vibe, the contemporary kitchen has everything to please, even when it comes to the pickiest of them all. Are you considering embracing a contemporary look in your new kitchen? Here are a few pointers that’ll allow you to create a kitchen with sleek, modern lines for unique and high-quality style. What’s a contemporary kitchen? Source: Canva A contemporary kitchen is a kitchen design that’s very sought-after and especially favoured at the moment. It happens to be a very progressive style since what was trendy in kitchens 10 years ago, won’t necessarily be today, and more so, in a few years, whatever is trending right now won’t be so much then. The contemporary kitchen will typically take inspiration from various different styles. Most often, it’s the result of a fusion of modern, industrial, and traditional styles, to then create a custom look that meets all needs and wants. A simple and clean design Source: Canva The contemporary kitchen is defined by its very clean and straight lines. The area must be as open-concept as possible for one to easily move about the space. As such, walls or partitions are to be avoided. The kitchen must still mesh with the rest of the house. Simplicity is key. The décor must be light and minimalist. Therefore, no frills, please. A functional space In a contemporary kitchen, optimizing the space available is a must. Every nook and cranny should be used so that stuff doesn’t just pile onto the counter space and other surfaces. The contemporary look can suit your kitchen no matter its shape and dimensions. If your kitchen is on the narrower side, a lot of storage will free up space and allow you to move around with ease. On the other hand, if your kitchen is rather spacious, the space will have to be cleverly designed to create a room that’s both welcoming and comfortable. Likewise, to showcase its simple and clean look, the contemporary kitchen puts a lot of emphasis on storage. Nothing is done randomly; all superfluous elements are taken out of the décor, and everything has a purpose and a place. To achieve a uniform décor and enjoy a more spacious kitchen, some appliances such as the oven, refrigerator, microwave, and toaster, can be built into the cabinets. Are you looking for experts for your kitchen renovation project? Fill in our form to be connected with top-rated contractors! Key Items in a Contemporary-Looking Kitchen Source: Canva The contemporary kitchen differs from that of other types of kitchens on account of the elements that make it whole. Let’s take a look at a few indispensable elements that will give any kitchen a modern feel: A wide range of materials The contemporary kitchen can be characterized by combining diversified materials. Put together, they give off a warm, cozy look. The most commonly used materials are laminate and melamine. Priced affordably, these materials are available in numerous colours and finishes. Wood, glass, and stainless steel are, too, very common in contemporary-looking kitchens. Aside from the above-mentioned, there’s also quartz, ceramic, Corian, and Dekton. FENIX surfaces are also used because of their great resistance against heat, scratches, cleaning products, and abrasions. Its matte surface with a velvety finish gives the room a unique look. As a matter of fact, it’s especially soft to the touch and easy to maintain. Marble can also fit in a trendy kitchen, especially when it comes to a credenza and countertop. It’s a super stylish material that’s especially valued for its elegance and noble-like aspect. However, note that marble is very fragile, as such, it’s not very resistant to impacts. It’s also pretty vulnerable in terms of acids and stains. Using marble requires constant cleaning and maintenance. As for flooring, tiles are the way to go. This option adds a certain aesthetic to the area while also giving way to the idea of adding a personal touch to the decoration. Numerous flooring options are available, like porcelain stoneware tiles, which give off a natural stone look, or even faux cement tiles. Over the last few years, we’ve been seeing a lot of parquet flooring, as well as vinyl, PVC, and laminate floors. Using faux wood or any other imitation of noble materials can also work when designing a contemporary kitchen. During our interview with FIDM’s Chris Dyke, we learned that generally speaking, “materials used in a contemporary kitchen are most often highly resistant”. Bright and Bold Colours Source: Canva In terms of colours, white is the colour of choice for modern kitchens since it gives the latter a luminous look while giving the impression that the space is more open. Bright colours like grey, prune, red, or blue even can be used for a bolder look. These shades will bring life to the room. For example, mixing red and grey will give your kitchen a unique look. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a bright, lively colour, go for a matte finish to make the room more modern. Softer colours are also very stylish. Powder pink and light blue are very often used in contemporary-looking kitchens. We can’t omit the mention of darker shades that are also especially trendy nowadays: dark blue, maroon, charcoal grey, or black. These will give quite a bit of character to any kitchen. However, it’s best to combine darker colours with lighter and brighter colours to have a decent, balanced outcome. Kitchen Island: The Key Piece In a modern kitchen, the island not only opens up the space, but it allows for a cozy spot to gather around with friends and share quality time with family. More so, it’s practical, aesthetic, and user-friendly. On account of its strategic layout, one can prepare delicious dishes while still interacting with guests in the other room. On top of doubling as additional storage space, it can also have a sink or be used as a dining table or a homework station for the kids. High-Quality Countertops Source: Canva Countertops in such kitchens are typically made with robust and resistant materials. Ultra-compact surfaces are definitely preferred. Although expensive, they have a lot of advantages. Crafted using a variety of natural stones, such countertops offer superb resistance to scratches and heat. They're thin, anti-bacterial, and stain-resistant. Corian countertops are less pricey but they’re just as efficient as the ultra-compact models. Its downside lies in the fact that it’s a material that’s vulnerable to scratches and stains. However, note that it can be sanded down, which makes repairing its surface in case of scratches easier. Another ideal countertop in a contemporary kitchen is the resin counter. This type of material will resist heat perfectly, but it’s still likely to scratch easily. However, this downside can be quickly offset by ironing out the affected areas. Note that resin countertops are available in just a few colours: black, white, and grey. Minimalist Cabinet Designs Even when it comes to kitchen cabinets, a minimalist style prevails in the contemporary kitchen. There’s no need for mouldings or too complex finishes. Wood, especially oak, is a very sought-after material for furniture. MDF is well-suited for cabinet doors. Dark shades like grey, blue, and black are the preferred colours when repainting. As for door knobs and handles, we’re relying on simple, less ornamented models. Golden-coloured hardware is trending right now. Light Fixtures Source: Canva Contemporary kitchen lighting should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Lighting should be used in all areas to maintain the cozy and homey feel of the room. Consider recessed lighting on the ceiling and under the shelving. You can even have some installed under the upper cabinets or under storage niches. Pendant lighting is also really interesting. Position these right above the kitchen island, thus giving a chic and modern look to the kitchen. Appliances and Other Modern Gadgets In order to maintain a current and trendy look, go for appliances that are sophisticated with cutting-edge technology. Induction cooktops, smart ovens, wall-mounted range wood, etc. There’s a plethora of options on the market. Modern Kitchen Design Ideas Source: Canva There are various possibilities available when it comes to conceptualizing a contemporary kitchen. It’s super important that the outcome be both aesthetic and practical. The decoration itself has to be in line with the rest of the house, in terms of colour and style. Check out some contemporary kitchen ideas below to inspire your dream kitchen project. The white kitchen Source: Canva Dreaming of a bright, sleek, and simple kitchen? Well then, the all-white look is perfect for you! All the more if the space is on the smaller side. White gives off the illusion that the space is bigger than it is while also emphasizing the contemporary look of the kitchen. For a more striking visual effect, you might prefer to use white lacquer wood furniture. These pieces reflect the sunlight very well. The all-black kitchen Source: Canva Black is a timeless colour that’ll make any room look chic and elegant. It suits almost all types of materials and helps showcase items and colours. Blending black with metallic items, like faucets or appliances, results in an authentic décor. The automated kitchen Source: Canva Automated items blend perfectly in a contemporary kitchen to facilitate daily tasks and enhance your well-being. A lot of appliances feature an optional remote connection and control via smartphone or tablet. For instance, this is true of the smart oven, which allows you to remotely set a temperature according to the type of food being cooked. There’s also the smart fridge which, depending on the ingredients already stocked, creates a shopping list by itself. This appliance can, as a matter of fact, flag foods that are nearing their expiration date! The partitioned kitchen Source: Canva The kitchen partition is a great alternative to a full wall. Besides dividing the space, it also limits the noise coming out of the kitchen and prevents cooking smells from spilling into the rest of the house. It's perfect if you want an open-concept kitchen but with some degree of privacy. Partitions are available in various models to fit different room configurations and preferences. The contemporary yet vintage kitchen Source: Canva Contemporary designs don’t exclude vintage looks. It’s quite the opposite actually; the two mesh really well. A hint of vintage will give your contemporary kitchen a lot of character, right off the bat. You can add to your décor items such as a china cabinet, antique furniture, second-hand pieces, etc. Nevertheless, ensure you don't overdo it to preserve the clean lines of the contemporary style. The subtle and minimalist kitchen décor Source: Unsplash Less is more! We can’t say it enough: the contemporary look doesn't need a lot of embellishments. As Chris Dyke confirmed, “the [two main, Ed.] advantages of a contemporary kitchen is style and simplicity”. Focus on simple, clean lines. Maximize storage space for items and utensils. If you're looking to create a cleaner look in your kitchen, opt for handleless furniture/cabinet panels and try to keep the walls bear.

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The Unique Look of an Industrial-Style Kitchen

The industrial-style kitchen has been making the round for close to five years now. More popular than ever, its charm is no longer limited to city-centre lofts or condos and is now also prominently featured in rural or suburban homes. It’s both cozy and authentic, and functional and robust. Suffice it to say: it has a little something that pleases all. It’s an ideal design concept for kitchen renovations. While it allows for all the architectural structures to remain as they are, it still conveys a universe overhaul. Don’t miss out on this new, timeless trend! What’s an industrial-style kitchen? Source: Canva Inspired by New York lofts, industrial kitchens heavily rely on the meshing of recycled materials and sombre colours to create a factory-like look, one that’s straight out of those 19th-century manufacturing plants that were rampant in the United States during the Industrial Revolution. A pragmatist’s and culinary enthusiast’s dream, the industrial-like kitchen is highly functional and perfectly designed for large family gatherings. The storage space is optimized, the countertops multiplied, and one can enjoy a comfortable sit-down meal. This style blends industrial, functional, and trendy furnishings with unfinished materials like wood, concrete, stone, metal, and glass. The modern-looking, industrial-style kitchen has nothing to do with the traditional kitchen, per se, meaning that it lends itself to the creative mind. It’s an open-space concept that features storage options and also highlights trendy items. Industrial-style kitchens also favour big spaces. In smaller homes, we can trick the eye into thinking the area is more extensive by knocking down the wall adjacent to the living room or dining room. It can be replaced by a partition that will allow more natural light to seep in. Are you looking for experts for your kitchen renovation project? Fill in our form to be connected with top-rated contractors! The Different Industrial-Style Kitchen Designs Source: Canva While the industrial-style kitchen has been trending since 2018, it still has evolved since then. It’s been adapted to suit new trends to remain relevant year after year. While original and cozy, it’s also authentic and animated; its various looks continue to dazzle. If you haven’t yet landed on a specific tone and design inspiration, I bet the next few looks will help with that! New York-inspired, industrial-style kitchen When we picture an industrial kitchen, we first think of those swanky New York lofts with red brick walls, open-concept spaces with wooden beams and exposed piping. Said version is factory-inspired—the latter favours open-concept and spacious rooms. A classic industrial kitchen Source: Canva Now this is what we call an authentic industrial look: Concrete floors, walls swapped for partitions, dark or neutral-coloured furnishings, and raw materials. The creative, industrial kitchen Let your imagination run wild, and create a very tailored-to-your-likings space. Signs, blackboards, posters… whether it’s used to showcase the weekly menu or daily quote, the industrial-style kitchen speaks to our soul. The retro-inspired industrial kitchen Source: Canva Inspired by furnishings from late 19th-century American factories, the vintage version of said kitchen takes on a unique and striking setting. Thrifted furnishings, retro appliances, vintage-inspired décor, and a boho-chic style meshes colours and patterns to slightly defy the unfinished-looking features of wood, steel, and concrete. The all-black industrial kitchen Source: Canva The all-black look is audacious and timeless and adds character. It’s all about the subtle play between various shades and materials, which gives light to a minor contrast. You can do so much with black, especially since a lot of decorative materials and items are available in the said colour that’s mysterious yet elegant: flooring, wallpaper, countertop, sink, faucet, etc. For all metallics, matte finishes are preferred. The family-friendly, cozy industrial kitchen With this one, we’re heavily relying on one’s whimsy, playful mindset with a slate-finished wall where one can leave behind a chalk imprint. As a gathering spot, the kitchen island looks a little bit like a long, unfinished-looking table, surrounded by mismatched stools or chairs. With this look, you can also add a paint colour to the cabinet doors if you’re going for a more friendly setting. A modern yet industrial kitchen Source: Canva For those who prefer straight lines and refined décors, this modern version of the industrial kitchen combines colours and exquisite items. One opts for shades of white and cream, natural wood, and a few hints of black. We’re swapping out everything that shines with brushed gold, black, or a gunmetal finish. The 100% “thrifted” industrial kitchen Remodelling or renovating a kitchen can be expensive. Luckily, in the spirit of the industrial look, the “thrifted” trend suits it perfectly. This gives you the opportunity to revamp cast-aside items, going from one thrift store to the next and perusing ads to find hidden gems. People are also browning through online DIY websites for inspiring ideas that will help them transform their new finds into unique objects. Industrial-Style Features Source: Canva In its industrial state, the kitchen isn’t solely viewed as an area in which meals are prepared, but a cozy gathering spot to spend quality time with family or friends. With a well-balanced mix of rustic, retro, and modern decorative items, the industrial style, which was once reserved for large areas, nowadays was reimagined for smaller spaces. If need be, it blends in other styles to create creative, open-concept, and cozy settings. This style automatically gives character to a kitchen. While it’s often associated with a structured layout, prevalent structural materials, and a more masculine look, the industrial style is actually designed to break away from mainstream, conventional looks. An industrial-style, functional, robust, and cozy kitchen rarely exists without retro-looking pendant lighting, a big stainless steel sink, and long, black or tarnished copper cabinet handles. Typically, we’ll see a harmonious and striking composition that highlights unfinished, original, or recycled materials, partitions, concrete floors and stainless steel countertops. Since it favours objects that are both sombre and dark, the industrial-style kitchen suits bright rooms just right. As such, we’ll offset the rather raw and cold materials by allowing plenty of natural light to seep in and multiplying the light fixtures. To create open spaces, we recommend either replacing a wall with a partition or building out a cathedral ceiling. The Colours that Define the Industrial Look Source: Canva Fundamentally speaking, the industrial look is neutral. Therefore, it can be quite easy to personalize such a design by adding a touch of colour, whether it be to existing furnishings, the materials used, or the knick-knacks added. While neutral colours are prevalent, avoid bright colours, unless it’s simply hinted, here and there. Nothing prevents you from using colour to personalize the setting, provided you use it wisely. As for blending in blacks and whites, a true classic when it comes to interior design, they can easily serve as a basis for any décor. Black Black metal, oftentimes matte, is very used. Glass is often used to separate the kitchen from the living room or dining room. (Walls can also be painted or wallpapered in black when the lighting in the room allows for it.) The furniture is also black, juxtaposed with wood or posters with industrial prints (motivational words, numbers, symbols, etc.). Overall, it colours the countertops, faucets, cabinet knobs, door or window frames… White or cream White or cream is often used in combination with black, which is normally a non-negotiable. Rugs and throw pillows, frames, and such shades come together and brighten the room. To follow along with current fashions, exposed brick walls can be painted white or covered in lime. Grey Flooring, walls, piping, sink, and faucet, whether with a matte or metallic finish, we really see it everywhere, floor to ceiling. It’s a manufacturing plant-inspired look that highlights plumbing features instead of concealing them. From steel to anthracite, by way of concrete, grey always seems to be just the right colour. Maroon A lot of neutral-tone seating areas, whether it be chairs, armchairs, or stools range from maroon to tan, to cognac, rust, and chocolate brown. Both irresistible and masculine, these shades match raw materials perfectly, whether it be wood, cement, or metal. Red There are so many different shades to choose from: brick red, Bordeaux, wine, but there’s also Coca-Cola® red! As for décor pieces, red once again steals the show, setting off throw pillows, lamps, tapestries, stools, etc. The Materials that Define Industrial Designs Source: Canva The keywords here are raw and authentic. Four materials are at the heart of this trend: concrete, brick, glass, and metal (iron, steel, copper, etc.). These are paired with leather to create a setting that’s both cozy and masculine. Paired together, wood and iron make dining sideboards, shelves, kitchen islands, tables, and stools. At times, untreated lumber can also bear wordings reminiscent of old workshops or antique signs. The Must-Haves of an Industrial-Style Kitchen Source: Canva As mentioned earlier, the industrial-style kitchen runs amock, allowing creativity to take over. In open-concept spaces, where partitions are used, feature refined and functional furnishings. Patrons of said design tend to swap their traditional kitchen islands for a long, workshop-like table. Countertop surfaces are multiplied and open-concept storage areas are all the rage. Shelves with a rustic finish, made with metal and wood, are used as a pantry. Most everything can be exposed, so the choice is yours! The walls are endowed with faux brick panels or concrete, or simply painted in black, grey, or another neutral shade. Whimsy just isn’t a match for this one. People aren’t going out of their way to conceal exposed piping. Homeowners choose to have a large stainless steel sink and a matte or brushed finished faucet, whether in black, gold, or copper. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to design your kitchen as such. Most hardware and department stores, warehouses, online retailers, and thrift shops are filled with must-have industrial kitchen items. Some specific items can really set the tone as a whole, like retro kitchen stools, monochrome checkerboard tiles, metallic pendant light fixtures, black Dekton countertops with copper veining, black door knobs, unfinished wood panelling… It’s all about making the right choices. If you happen to be crafty, you can save a bit of money by going the DIY route and making your partition, workshop-like kitchen island, wooden shelves…If you’re a collector, you most likely already own a few precious gems that would add a nice, personalized retro touch to your new kitchen: metal signs, a Coca-Cola cooler, an antique clock, etc. Have you landed on concrete floors, walls, and countertops? We highly recommend hiring a professional to carry out such installations since they’re more complex than you might think. Workshop-Like Décor Ideas Source: Canva Both retro and contemporary, this décor style is simply timeless. And, since unfinished materials mesh with metallic, factory-like structures, the possibilities are endless. That’s probably why all industrial-style kitchens are unique and tailored-made to ones liking! Feel free to draw inspiration for the following… Slate A little, a lot, passionately…for a painting, cabinet door, or wall! People really get a thrill out of using it to write the daily menu, little reminders, or leave it up to budding artists to express themselves. Stainless steel furniture and metal shelving Since it reflects light, it often better suits small industrial-style kitchens rather than wood and sombre metal. Not unlike restaurant kitchens, it allows for all essentials to be readily available. A stainless steel kitchen island on wheels Wheel-mounted, this apparatus serves as a table, storage space, service counter, and countertop. Since it’s easy to move around, when wheeled out, it gives small kitchens more space and ensures that all essentials are readily available in larger kitchens. It fits anywhere, matching any cabinet, regardless of colour, finish, or material. Authentic lighting fixtures The light fixtures are reminiscent of those found in old-fashioned factories and manufacturing plants. Also, pendant lights are featured. As for fan favourites: oversized metal domes and string bulb lights, lined up on a wire. The light bulbs should be bright enough to light the entire room. Add wall sconces if need be. Bar chairs and stools In line with the Chesterfield sofa, the Tolix stool is a staple industrial design piece. While often available in black or steel grey, bright hues or pastel colours add a cozy touch to the room. Vintage-looking appliances Red and black are favoured for their elegance, while pastel hues are rather whimsical. KitchenAid retails several small appliances designed with a retro look yet with modern-day efficiency. A thrifted look We want to make our kitchen look like a mismatched masterpiece where contrasting furniture pieces, gleaming, and simple pieces are featured, as well as new and thrifted pieces. Pots and pans and kitchen utensils are left out in the open, and displayed in bulk. Antique posters and signs Vintage botanical prints, antique Coca-Cola® signs, enamel signs, old-fashioned etchings... Now's the time to personalize your décor. You can also adorn your furniture with stickers, emphasized by retro-inspired artwork. A few feminine touches Girly details are thrown into this once-masculine world... From baby pink to hot pink, tableware and linens to throw pillows and stools. A Persian rug, bright bouquets and floral prints. Colours and a touch of femininity echo natural materials in a setting that's both cozy and welcoming. Check out our article on the Kitchen décor trends. Leading Industrial Design Brands Source: Canva Want to splurge a little? Here are a few companies that retail very on-brand and must-have industrial-style pieces. Tolix: Unfinished or colourful chairs and barstools. Jieldé: Designed first for industrial use, the Jieldé lamp is now making its way into our homes. Chesterfield: Timeless leather sofas and armchairs that will keep you happy for years. IKEA: When well matched, a lot of their products can create trendy, affordable designs. Still unsure? Note that the industrial style can be perfectly blended with a Scandinavian, boho-chic, or Art Deco look. With these newer looks, white is prevalent and showcased using light wood essences and stainless steel.

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Find the Best Light Fixtures For Your Kitchen

Besides their basic and somewhat obvious function, kitchen light fixtures are, nowadays, vital assets to personalize and add a decorative and welcoming touch to your kitchen. Are you looking for information to help you choose the right light fixture for your kitchen? Check out the following to learn more about styles, models, and costs. What kind of kitchen light fixtures are trendy right now? Nowadays, the kitchen is considered a focal point of any home. Gone are the days of considering the kitchen as a mechanical space in which only meals were prepped. Today, it represents a gathering spot for families and friends to get together and share stories. As such, it needs to be both inviting and cozy. Kitchen light fixtures are perfect to help create a homey vibe and showcase your personality by way of decor. It has both a functional and decorative purpose. Therefore, one has to choose wisely to ensure optimal comfort levels. For example, washing dishes in the sink or preparing food on the countertop requires really good lighting to ensure all-around cleanliness when it comes to surfaces and adding the right amount of ingredients to a dish. Furthermore, if you have a dining room, well-thought-out lighting will liven up the room and make your family meals all the more enjoyable. There are numerous different types of kitchen lamps available on the market. Between spotlights, sconces, pendants, and many more, there’s something for everyone. At this point, let's take a look at some of the kitchen light fixture models and their unique features. Ceiling Lamps If your kitchen is on the smaller side, ceiling lamps are your best bet. Typically, these can be positioned in the middle of your ceiling to evenly brighten the area. We highly recommend opting for metal, glass, steel, or plastic fixtures. These materials are easy to clean and aren’t likely to trap cooking smells. Select powerful yet glare-free models to shield your eyes and enhance the overall look of the room. There are ceiling lamps with a dimming feature, sort of like mood lighting, which can go from a warm white light to a daylight light. As such, your lighting can be adjusted according to your daily activities. If the ceiling light isn’t enough in itself to properly light up the area, you can always add wall-mounted light fixtures next to the countertops or under the cabinets. Position light panels under your upper cabinets or even recessed or built-in lighting. You can also invest in built-in motion light sensors that can detect movement and subsequently turn on when someone enters the kitchen or is cooking. Sconces You can count on wall sconces to set a soothing, relaxing tone to your kitchen. They're well suited for tamed and understated decors. As such, sconces will create a unique and sophisticated look in said area of your home. And, they usually brighten up isolated corners and break up direct light. For instance, you can pair up your wall sconces with pendant lights to create a more serene setting in your kitchen. There are several models of wall sconces; you can choose between a hanging wall sconce, a half-wall sconce, or a vintage strip sconce. Are you looking for experts for your kitchen project? Fill in this form to be connected with top-rated contractors! Hanging Lights: Pendants or Chandeliers Hanging lights are basically a must-have in kitchens nowadays. They’re perfect to light up a kitchen island or countertops, while also adding a little something to the overall ambiance. Also, they're available in several colours, sizes, and models; from vintage and rustic to Scandinavian or bistro, not to mention industrial too. It's important to choose your pendant lamps according to the size of your kitchen. If the room is spacious, choose a pendant that can be rotated to direct the light to specific areas such as the sink, stovetop, or countertop. If the room is smaller, choose a fixture that matches the paint colour of your walls. To highlight your fixtures, you can position several at the same height, one next to the other, or instead, opt for a multi-tier chandelier model. We highly recommend a warm white or cool light. Note that light-coloured kitchen light fixtures can make a room look bigger and brighter than it is. We also suggest favouring silicon, glass, or metal models; such models can withstand humidity. LED Strip To add a touch of flair to your kitchen, you can even install LED light strips. The latter are LED kitchen light fixtures with lights embedded into a strip. Most often, they’ll be positioned at the far end of countertops, cutting boards, or shelves. You can affix them with double-sided adhesive tape. They come in numerous colours and wattages. They’re equipped with a cable, plug, and switch. Some models have a colour range option, which can be remotely controlled with a remote control or smartphone. LED strips have the added benefit of being energy efficient. Cable and Track System The cable and track system lights kitchens in a particular fashion. This type of kitchen light fixture lets you plan for several lights next to each other. That said, a single rail is enough to light various areas of a room. You can even install, within the same system, different light fixture models. That way, you can benefit from both variety and elegance in your kitchen. How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Kitchen Here are a few tips to help you choose your light fixtures: For better lighting, pair various types of fixtures: You can, for example, pair sconces with ceiling lights for additional background lighting. Make sure to choose functional lighting: That way, you can benefit from optimal results, both visually and comfort-wise, to enable you to work in an ergonomic fashion from your countertops. Most often, you’ll be tasked with slicing and dicing with sharp objects, so good lighting will make the whole endeavour much safer. Think of lighting in terms of specific areas such as the stovetop, sink, storage, countertops, etc. Choose layout-specific lighting: It’s important to know what you want in terms of kitchen lighting when purchasing fixtures. There’s nothing more unpleasant than too-bright or too-low lighting. A kitchen needs, on average, 300 lux lighting, however, to efficiently light all worktops, you can go up to 500 lux. If you think that direct lighting drowns out the ceiling, you can fix that with one or two wall sconces. Choose adjustable kitchen light fixtures: This allows you to better light any surface area. A dimmer can also help you control the amount of light output depending on whether you want a cozy or bright setting. Kitchen Light Fixtures: Models & Prices The Z-LITE JENAMEES INC. LENYX Chandelier Designed with six light bulbs, this elegant chandelier has a versatile design that can suit just about any room. It’s 134.5 inches high and costs about $662.00. This Dainolite, 24-inch modern kitchen island light fixture from the Prudence Collection This one is height-adjustable and is designed for sloped ceilings. It’s rather hard to install and is LED-compatible. It’s priced at $310. CANARM Polo Track Light Fixture This light fixture has two light bulbs and is made with 14-inch brushed nickel. It’s multi-directional and gives any kitchen a bit of flair. It’s super easy to install and costs about $89.99. SCOTT MCGILLIVRAY Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixture Matte black in colour with clear glass, it has four 60W lightbulbs. It’ll surely add a touch of elegance and charm to your kitchen. Plan on spending about $189.99 for it. SCOTT MCGILLIVRAY Winslow Flush-Mount Light Fixture This light fixture adds style to any room with its matte black and gold colouring paired with a metal black shade. It has an Easy Connect® push-in connection system and costs about $114.99. GEENI Smart LED Prisma Colour 3 m Light Strip This light strip adds creative lighting to your kitchen courtesy of millions of different colour combinations. It’s priced at about $50.99.

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