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10 Kitchen Paint Colours


6 min read

10 Kitchen Paint Colours

Kitchen10 Kitchen Paint Colours

Since 2020, homeowners have become bolder when choosing paint colours. In many ways, you can play with your home décor in plenty of subtle ways by incorporating some of your favourite shades and colours. The kitchen is one of the tried and true rooms to experiment with.

Kitchens are one of the busiest and focal spaces in the home, experiencing daily wear, bringing together friends and families morning, noon, and night. Therefore, such a space needs a colour scheme that mirrors this vibe.

When choosing a paint colour for your kitchen, consider the space's configuration and function as well as your personal likings and aesthetics. Not sure you’re making the right choice? Rest assured, we’ve put together a list of some of the best shades to display in a kitchen setting, with the hope that you’ll find something that suits your home like a glove!

What are the on-trend kitchen paint colours for 2023?

1. Pearly grey

Source: Canva

While white and untreated wood are the most common picks displayed in kitchens, more and more homeowners are turning to another neutral shade that’s just a bit bolder: grey. This neutral shade is both elegant and luxurious while still practical on a daily basis. 

Grey is a delicate colour when paired with monochrome countertops, as well as a neutral accent wall or cabinetry, echoing shades of white or other nuances of grey. Pair a pearly grey with the formerly mentioned shades for a sober yet chic look that will, without a doubt, garner a bit of awe from your friends.

2. Bright white

Source: Canva

A kitchen bathing in a striking white, one reminiscent of a sheet of paper, remains undeniably modern. Monochromatic features, from the cabinets to the walls, create a neutral and refined canvas. The stainless steel range hood adds a touch of industrial-like sophistication, adding nuances of metal sheen that blend beautifully with the white backdrop. 

The wood-accented bar stools cast a natural warmth and a subtle contrast, breaking up the monotony while preserving a modern aesthetic. 

3. Earthy orange

Source: Canva

Orange is a colour that adds a great deal of warmth and uniqueness to a room’s décor. Make sure the shade in question is discreet, rather than neon orange. Such a colour doesn’t suit all, but slightly lighter hues are increasingly popular. 

As a matter of fact, by choosing such a shade, your kitchen will be deemed cutting-edge, ahead of the current trends. We suggest designing an accent wall instead of painting all your kitchen walls with this very forward colour

4. Nautical blue

Source: Canva

If you enjoy a beach day more than some, but don't reside anywhere near a body of water, you can always shape your kitchen colour scheme around this love. Such a shade of blue is soothing, elegant, and timeless, and creates a sort of depth only evoked by a sea and bright blue sky. 

This shade suits brass, wood, and a variety of shades, such as white, green, and grey, to perfection. To add a bit more depth, give a nautical blue-like shade with a matte finish a go, and try matching wood-accented stools to complete the look. 

5. Honey yellow

Source: Canva

This shade of yellow adds a warm and bright glow that blends in well with elements deemed austere, such as stainless steel, hardwood floors, and brass accents. This shade suits kitchens well as it can brighten up a space and add a glow that’s very reminiscent of beautiful summer days. 

If you think this colour might be a tad too intense to feature on all four kitchen walls, consider the “fifth wall” approach—the ceiling. Painting your kitchen ceiling is a design trick that a lot of homeowners have taken to as of late. A yellow ceiling paired with darker walls or scattered items will bring out the depth of your space, making it appear bigger than it is. 

6. Hunter green

Source: Canva

Beware! This colour isn’t for sensitive souls. Yet, hunter green can be a very appealing colour choice for a kitchen. Albeit, it’s not a colour you’d choose to coat every wall, you might choose to paint your kitchen island, cabinets, or another set of tall cabinets in your kitchen this colour. 

Using a contrasting colour is a good way to revamp your kitchen without undertaking a complete overhaul and spending a fortune.

7. Forest green

Source: Canva

Homeowners can draw inspiration from their love of nature to design their new kitchen décor. Earthy tones and shades reminiscent of sand, air, and sea have recently gained momentum.  

Forest green is a great paint colour for kitchen walls, and soft tones similar to this shade pair beautifully with an untreated wood finish and clay and/or brass items. As for the rest of the décor—tiles and furniture—opt for simple patterns. 

8. Dusty pink

Source: Canva

Pink walls aren’t limited to retro-inspired décors. Vintage-like or salmon pinks create a subtle yet eye-grabbing look when used in a kitchen setting. If you’re not sure about coating all four walls in this colour, consider simply painting your cabinets or an accent wall, while maintaining muted walls and items for a cohesive look.

At first, pink might seem like a peculiar pick for a kitchen, but if you’re a fan of bold décors, this colour is perfect to revamp even the dullest of kitchens.

9. Cocoa brown

Source: Canva

This contemporary take on a dark and rich colour will bring out your kitchen cabinets and accessories, that's for sure. If you’re in the mood to make bold decisions in terms of your kitchen walls, try coating them in a rich brown colour. 

While it is a very dark colour, nuances of white will add a modern and pure touch to the space as a whole. Furthermore, darker shades, expertly paired with white accents can create an illusion of depth and a semblance of additional space where there might not be. 

10. Pastel blue

Source: Canva

A not-too-light pastel blue is such an agreeable colour; it’s a classic that’s both elegant and versatile. This subtle shade of blue pairs well with wooden items, as well as bright shades of white. Moreover, pastel blue is a warm and relaxing shade, so if you’re looking to add a bit of spark to your sombre home, it’s the perfect shade to consider. 

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Last modified 2024-01-05

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