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10 Best Kitchen Paint Colours

Last modified: 2022-07-27 | Approximate reading time 6 mins

It's 2020 and homeowners are becoming bolder with their room colour choices. There are lots of subtle ways you can play with the decor of your home by incorporating some of your favourite shades and colours. One of the tried and true rooms to experiment with is your kitchen!

Kitchens are one of the busiest and well-loved rooms of the home, experiencing daily wear and tear, as well as bringing friends and families together morning, noon and night. Therefore, these rooms' colour palette should reflect this.

When choosing a colour for your kitchen, consider this space's form and function as well as personal tastes and style. If you're feeling stuck about where to start, we've come up with a list of some of the best colour choices for the kitchen, and hopefully, we've incorporated something for everyone!

Here are the best colours for your next kitchen painting project

1) Mercury Gray

Cuisine couleur gris perle_mercury gray kitchen

Photo: Symphony Group

Although white and natural wood are popular choices for the kitchen, more and more homeowners are moving towards another neutral that has a little bit more edge: gray. This neutral is sleek and luxe while still being practical for the everyday.

A gray can look delicate when paired with monochromatic countertops as well as an accent colour wall or bold cabinetry. Try pairing a mercury gray with warm golds or dark navy blues for an ultramodern look that will have friends and loved ones feeling jealous.

2) Paper White

White kitchen

Photo: Unsplash

Paperwhite incorporates just enough subtle hues of gray and brown so as not to be boring. The colour pairs well with black, for the traditional black-and-white kitchen that is timeless.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more updated, consider adding small pops of bright colour to various accessories or accents in and around your kitchen. Maybe you’ve always wanted a bold backsplash? Painting the walls white and keeping your furniture monochromatic allows for bolder choices elsewhere! 

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3) Earthy Orange

orange kitchen

Photo: Flickr

For an unexpected and flashy colour choice, add personality and warmth through a shade of orange. Make sure the orange you choose is muted rather than verging into neon territory. This colour may not be for everyone, but lighter shades of orange are growing in popularity. Playing with this colour in your kitchen can put you well ahead of upcoming trends. Maybe try using a toned-down orange as an accent colour instead of going full throttle with an entire kitchen makeover!

4) Nautical Blue

Cuisine bleu royal_royal blue kitchen

Photo: Interiors by colour

If you’re a fan of the ocean but your home is nowhere close to one, nautical blue is a peaceful, timeless and elegant colour to consider for the walls of your kitchen. This colour evokes images of the depths of the sea and the vastness of the sky.

This tone works well with paonazzo marble and brushed brass, as well as complementing colours such as green, lilac and grey. For further depth, try a nautical blue with a matte finish or matching counter top stools or chairs, rounding out this breezy theme. 

5) Honey Yellow

Yellow kitchen

Photo: Pixabay

Yellow with a honey glow is a great warm and sunny addition amid cooler kitchen accessories such as stainless steel, hardwood floors or brass accents. This hue works well in a kitchen because it will brighten up the space and add a vibrancy that will remind those indoors of warmer weather, regardless of the season.  

If you find this colour too bold to completely cover your walls, consider the “fifth wall” aka the ceiling. Extending paint onto the ceiling is a design trick that homeowners have started incorporating into their paint projects. Painting the ceiling a warm yellow amid dark accessories or walls will open the room, making it appear larger.

6) Hunter Green

Cuisine vert khaki_khaki green kitchen

Photo: Vtwonen

Not for the faint at heart, a deep and dark hunter green can breathe new life into a kitchen by way of an accent piece.  This isn’t necessarily a colour you’d choose to cover an entire room but would be best suited for an island, hutch or other large pieces of hardware in your kitchen. Using a profound accent colour is a noncommittal way to give your kitchen an update without going all the way or breaking the bank.

7) Saxon Green

Cuisine vert foret_saxon green kitchen

Photo: Elle Decor

Homeowners often incorporate their love of nature into their kitchen colours, as earthy tones and natural shades of sand, sea, and air have grown in popularity over recent years. A mossy green is an excellent choice for the walls of your kitchen, and muted, soft green tones look great when paired with natural wood finishes as well as clay undertones or brass hardware accents. Keep the rest of the kitchen decor simple when working with a colour like this, including tiles and furniture. If you’re looking to channel the great outdoors, this is the way to go!

8) Dusty Rose

Cuisine rose antique_antique pink kitchen

Photo: Desire to inspire

Painting your kitchen a shade of pink is no longer stuck solely in the 1950s! A soft salmon shade or a dusty rose has a subtle but eye-catching effect when painted on the walls of the kitchen. If you don’t feel confident covering the walls in pink, consider painting your cabinets or an accent wall alone, keeping accessories and furniture neutral.

Pink might seem like an odd choice at first, but if you’re a fan of surprise and delight, this colour can give even the dullest of kitchens brand new energy and life.

9) Bittersweet Chocolate Brown

Cuisine brun chocolat_chocolate brown kitchen

Photo: HGTV

This contemporary take on an old-world shade is a rich and beautiful dark colour that will make lighter cabinets and kitchen accessories pop! If you’re interested in taking a bold step regarding the walls of your kitchen, try this deep brown, almost black, shade.

Although this may be a dark colour, its red undertones will add warmth to an otherwise white space. Also, darker shades paired correctly with white accents can create an illusion of depth and extra space where there may not be any.

10) Pastel Blue

Cuisine bleu pastel

Photo: Studio Mcgee

A pastel blue that isn’t too light is an easy shade to live with, as it is classic while remaining versatile and elegant. This subtle colour pairs well with brass accents, as well as soft yellows and bright whites.

Paint natural woods in the same pastel blue shade as the walls to create an unexpected element of dimension. This colour is calming and inviting, so if you’re looking to open up a darker home or apartment, this shade is worth considering! 

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