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Ceramic Entryway Floor Tiles


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Ceramic Entryway Floor Tiles

FlooringCeramic Entryway Floor Tiles

Your home's entryway is a fairly important space as it's the first space your guests occupy as they are invited in. Naturally, this means the entrance is a very high-traffic area and its floor will consistently come into contact with dirt, mud, and water just to name a few of the elements.

That's why it's fundamental to make sure that your entrance floor can hold up and last.

Here are 4 reasons why you should lay ceramic tiles in your entryway

1- Ceramic tiles are highly durable

Entryway Ceramic Floor Tiles

Source: Canva

This is where the ceramic tile flooring comes into place. As one of the oldest flooring materials, ceramic tile is known for its strength and durability. The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) has determined the standards and scale for rating tile durability on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most durable and hardest tile.

Considering how much foot traffic passes through the entrance of your home, you should consider tiling that is no less than 4 on the PEI scale. Choosing ceramic tiles that are rated 4 or even 5 will help to guarantee your new floor stays beautiful and resilient for decades to come.

2- Ceramic tiles have an excellent thermal efficiency

Entryway Ceramic Floor Tiles

Source: Canva

Another great feature of ceramic tiles is their great resistance to temperature changes. As a material, ceramic is quite strong against extreme cold and excessive heat so it holds up exceptionally well against thermal shock. Thermal shock is, of course, an effect of going from one extreme temperature to the complete opposite, which in many cases can compromise the structural integrity of the component and result in noticeable cracking.

Thankfully ceramic tiles are far less likely to crack than other flooring materials so rest assured that your new floor can take a proverbial beating. Remember, a ceramic tile’s thermal resistance is greater as the PEI durability grade increases.

3- Versatility

Entryway Ceramic Floor Tiles

Source: Canva

If ceramic tiles weren’t already extremely appealing as an all-around outstanding flooring material, then their versatility easily puts it over the top. One of the best qualities of ceramic is the array of options available since ceramics have been developed in several colours, shapes and textures. Some homeowners, for instance, enjoy the long, jagged, uneven edges of mosaics while others prefer the uniformity of a classic tiled floor.

One of the coolest developments in ceramic tile flooring and one which has become a growing trend is the introduction of imitation wood ceramic tiles. This solution combines the natural beauty of hardwood floors with the durability of ceramics. So in essence, you can have flooring with all the beautiful details of wood but without the concern of scuffing and scratching.

Thankfully there are so many aesthetic choices offered by ceramic tiles that there's no doubt you can find one to match your decorative style that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home.

4- Low maintenance 

Entryway Ceramic Floor Tiles

Source: Canva

Thanks to the nature of ceramic tiles, maintaining their beauty is a pretty straightforward process. Unlike other surfaces that need to be treated with a sealer to ensure it's prepped to go, ceramic doesn’t require any special products to be laid down before it's ready to go. That being said, glazed tiles, which have a thin glass-like surface bonded to the tile, are more water and stain resistant than unglazed ceramic tiles, which are porous.

You should consider glazed tiles for the entrance of your home and avoid unglazed tiles to avert any unnecessary damage and repairs. Ceramic tiles are so resilient that cleaning the floor is as easy as using any high-quality floor cleaning solution or as simple as mixing soap with warm water.

In many ways, the appeal of ceramic tile floors for your entryway is the combination of the simplicity of this material combined with its phenomenal durability and of course the great variety of options available to you. With the right care, you can rest assured that the ceramic tiles in your home’s entrance will shine while welcoming guests into your beautiful abode.

You should always remember when preparing for a job of this nature to contact a licensed contractor in order to assure the work is completed properly.

Author: David Ben-Zaken

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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