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Air Conditioners: Brands, Models and Prices

Last modified: 2022-07-05 | Approximate reading time 8 mins

It’s easy to get lost in the countless brands and models of air conditioners. For this reason, it’s essential to do plenty of research before you head out the door to buy one. Today, many air conditioner models work efficiently while also being energy efficient. However, it’s important to know the characteristics of each model to make sure it fits your needs.

One thing is certain: once you’ve chosen your brand, check to see if the contractor you’re working with offers post-installation assistance when needed. In the same way, when choosing a model it is preferable to opt for major brands. In case of breakage, this will make finding spare parts easier.

Still unsure about which brand to choose for your air conditioner? Here’s a detailed article to learn more about models and prices of air conditioners.


How to choose an air conditioner?

When first choosing an air conditioner for your home, here are the variables that will affect your choice: 

  • Price: variable depending on the desired performance.
  • Energy efficiency: The SEER rating or seasonal energy efficiency ratio measures the rate of return of the appliance. The higher the rating, the lower the energy consumption.
  • Energy Star: A product marked with this symbol provides a guarantee that it will meet the strictest requirements for energy efficiency.
  • Energy savings
  • Power generated by the device: the 12,000 BTU h models have the highest popularity rating in Canada.
  • Noise level (indoor and outdoor): Generally between 45 dB and 75 dB, as dependant on the strength of the device.
  • Ambient Air Quality: A good air conditioner will maintain relative humidity between 30 and 50%.
  • Warranty: This is a good clue as to the product’s reliability (the best brands usually offer a 10-year warranty)
  • Technological options: timer, speed, self-cleaning, LED display, remote control, wifi, etc.
  • Eligibility for government grants

Brands of air conditioners

1- Panasonic

A key player in the field of technology, the Panasonic brand is also known for its air conditioners and heat pumps. For several years the brand has offered a 10-year warranty on its products, not only covering labour but also the compressor and other parts.

Panasonic air conditioners and heat pumps are equipped with self-diagnostic control, a function that will prevent equipment breakage. The way it operates is simple: if something goes wrong, the indoor unit will warn you by way of a small light so that you can contact your after-sales service provider. Be aware that Panasonic brand products are highly reliable, and it’s quite rare that they experience problems. Additionally, this brand fits beautifully into the homes of Canadian customers as many of their models adapt to the cold temperature we've come to know so well.

Models and prices of Panasonic heat pumps

Panasonic 9000 BTU Series RE Heat Pump

Average price: $1870

Cooling capacity 9 000 BTU
Heat pump 10 900 BTU
Decibels 43/30/25 (interior) 49 (exterior)
Voltage 230/1/60 
Heating Up to -24 degrees C
Energy Star No


Panasonic Exterior 9000 BTU Wall-mounted Heat Pump

Average price: $2520

Cooling capacity 9 000 BTU
Heat pump 12 000 BTU
Decibels 43/25/20 (interior) 47 (exterior)
Voltage 230/1/60 
Heating Up to -20 degrees C
Energy Star Yes


Panasonic Exterior 12,000 BTU Wall-mounted Heat Pump

Average price: $ 2760

Cooling capacity 11 500 BTU
Heat pump 13 800 BTU
SEER 22.5
Decibels 40/30/25 (interior) 47 (exterior)
Voltage 230/1/60 
Heating Up to -24 degrees C
Energy Star Yes


You’ve probably heard about GREE Electric Appliances, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air conditioning and heating appliances. GREE brand products are made in China, but their quality is envied by even the best of brands. It’s no wonder their products are sold everywhere around the world. Moreover, one air conditioner out of 3 sold worldwide is manufactured by GREE (33% market share.) Clearly, this is a brand that has nothing left to prove.

GREE has 3000 patents, 300 labs, 3 research centers, 3000 engineers and much more! Recognized as a world leader, the brand has earned a reputation for its technology, innovative capabilities, and excellent value for money. GREE air conditioners combine quality, consistency, reliability, and energy efficiency. Like the biggest brands, GREE guarantees its products for 10 years of labour, compressor, and other parts.

3- Goodman

air conditioning

Synonymous with quality and energy-saving, the Goodman brand has been around since 1982. The secret of its longevity lies undoubtedly in the reliability of its products, especially concerning air conditioning. Goodman air conditioners and heat pumps are invented, created and assembled in the United States, making it a flagship brand in North America. You may not know it, but the Goodman, Amana and QuietFlex logos all belong to the same company and have more than 700 distribution points across North America.

Goodman air conditioners are equipped with energy-efficient compressors to maximize energy savings. Also, the manufacturer offers small models (which doesn’t detract from their performance) and allows them to be installed in tight spaces. Easy to maintain, Goodman air conditioners can be installed in almost any room of the home. Their products are both efficient and quiet, as a result of the brands' reduced decibels in devices.

Models and prices of Goodman air conditioners

Goodman GSX 14 SEER central air conditioning

Average price: $1500 to $1980

BTU 18 000 to 60 000 BTU
SEER 14/11.7
Décibels 71 to 75 decibles
Voltage 208/230-1 volts
Energy Star No

Goodman DSX 16 SEER Central Air Conditioner

Average price: $1800 to $ 2520

BTU 24 000 to 60 000 BTU
Décibels 70.9 to 75 decibels
Voltage 208/230 volts
Energy Star Yes

4- Keeprite

Keeprite air conditioners and heat pumps are perfect for homeowners and tenants who don’t have ventilation ducts in their home and want to avoid having to do extra work to enjoy the luxury of air conditioning. While there are many brands with similar products on the market, Keeprite stands out for its reliable, high-performance, low-cost products.

This brand, which has been in existence for more than 70 years, has developed its technologies to produce devices that are energy-efficient, durable, reliable, easy for contractors to install and easy for consumers to maintain. Additionally, Keeprite has implemented “Fast Parts,” a system that ensures parts and accessories of its air conditioners are accessible and available quickly, for better aftercare service.

Top of the line
  • Panasonic
  • Fujitsu
  • Gree
  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Friedrich
  • LG
  • Améristar
  • Lennox
  • Carrier
  • Sharp
  • Midéa
Low end
  • ComfortMaker
  • Goodman
  • TCI
  • No-name

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