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Our Ongoing Commitment to Contractors: A Partnership with Elper

construction plans
construction plans

Our Ongoing Commitment to Contractors: A Partnership with Elper

Advice for contractorOur Ongoing Commitment to Contractors: A Partnership with Elper

Elper was founded in 2016 by two Quebec-based entrepreneurs under the brand name Hoptimize Pro, representing the willingness to become an everyday partner in managing construction businesses. In 2024, the company changed its name to Elper, which was essentially a play on words with the well-known expression “helper.”

Elper is an innovative management software specifically designed to meet the needs of construction industry contractors. Developed by a team of experts who have an in-depth understanding of construction industry challenges, Elper is meant to streamline and optimize project management, quoting, and invoicing processes.

Hence, we’re proud to announce our partnership with them. 

A Comprehensive Software for Construction Companies

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Unlike several off-the-shelf software, Elper was designed and developed whilst considering construction industry specificities. Its intuitive interface and streamlined functions allow contractors to save precious time while benefiting from a slew of comprehensive features. Whether it’s to submit quotes, create timesheets, establish budgets, or manage expenses, Elper is an all-in-one solution adapted to the needs of construction professionals

Elper was designed to be accessible via a variety of supports, from computers to mobile phones, with tablets in between. Whether operating with iOS, Android, Windows, or MacOS, contractors can access this construction management software wherever they might find themselves that day, further highlighting its great versatility.  

Elper’s Features

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Elper offers a slew of comprehensive features designed for effective construction project management, including: 

Quote Management

  • Create detailed quotes in a few clicks of a button using templates

  • Send quotes via email or a shared link

  • Accept quotes via electronic approval

  • Convert approved quotes into detailed projects automatically

Project Management

  • Track workloads and delegate tasks

  • Create purchase orders for suppliers

  • Access project logs, incident reports, and other electronic forms

  • Share documents between the office and jobsites

  • Track expenses based on allocated budgets

Invoicing and Accounting

  • Generate invoices automatically (standard templates, cost grids, hourly rates)

  • Track payments and send reminders

  • Analyze project profitability through detailed reports

  • Transfer data through compatible software

On account of its features spanning an entire project’s life cycle, from quoting to final invoicing, Elper positions itself as a comprehensive tool to better manage construction projects. 

Service Fees

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Elper offers service features tailored to all sorts of contractors and construction companies. Service packages were put together to meet construction business needs based on specific requirements and capacities. 

PRO Package

This package is for start-ups or family-run businesses. Here are some of the features offered:


  • Quotes and custom templates

  • Profit calculator

  • Electronic approval

  • Fixed, time-material, and cost-plus pricing

  • Automated billing

  • Automatic follow-ups and reminders


  • GPS punch clock with zones

  • Automated timesheets

  • Reports and follow-ups with notes and photos

  • Service calls

  • Jobsite logs


  • Dashboard

  • Per project budget planning

  • Real-time cost and profit tracking

  • Expense receipts and reimbursements

  • Accounting and project reports


  • Employee questionnaire

  • Electronic purchase orders

  • Sales item catalogue

The PRO package costs $89/month + $10 per active employee per month

MAX Package

Made for companies that have to coordinate projects between several offices, teams, and jobsites. In terms of additional features that aren’t offered with the PRO package, the following are included:

  • Project scheduling calendar

  • Supervisors with private notes

  • Custom jobsite logs

  • Accounting software integration: Sage, Acomba, and Quickbooks (available soon)

  • Creation of custom forms and documents

The MAX package costs $99/month and $12 per active employee per month.

Other Packages

XXL package: For construction companies with 100 to 500 employees. If this applies to you, you can request a service quote via Elper's website.

Elper also offers two other packages for $59 per month + $10 per active employee per month to meet very specific needs:

  • PUNCH package: For timesheet management only. 

  • QUOTES package: For sending quotes and invoices on a fixed-price basis.

Elper: Essential Tool for Construction Contractors

Elper is a management software that meets the specific needs of construction contractors. Courtesy of its custom design, reinforced security, multi-platform accessibility, and user-friendly interface, said software positions itself as the must-have tool for optimizing construction project management. 

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Dial 1-844 828-1588 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.

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Last modified 2024-07-11

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Get 3 free quotes for your project!

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Table of contents

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