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10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out - May 2020

10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out - May 2020

Design and home decor10 Home Decor and Renovation Articles to Check Out - May 2020

If you've clicked on this article, we imagine that you are a fellow home design, decor and renovation enthusiast. We share this passion with you and thought it would be fun to create a monthly article where we share the most interesting articles we've found on the internet that cover this type of subject.

Each month, you will find 10 interesting articles that delve into architecture, decor trends, home transformations, construction materials and other themes of the sort. 

We'll also be sharing links to the best articles we have published on our home renovation blog.

Since there's no use in making this intro any longer, we'll jump right into the articles!

Our favourite May 2020 home decor, renovation and architecture articles

1) Virtual touring of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings

Frank Lloyd Wright home

Everyone needs a little bit of distraction during this difficult period. Thankfully, there are lots of interesting things to look at on the internet, including access to masterpieces. With modern technology, we can also do virtual tours of great museums and buildings around the world. In this article, Architectural Digest presents a list of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings that can be explored online. 

What a great way to look at some of the most interesting architecture in the world and find inspiration for your own home!

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2) Commercial renovation: a look at 6 beautiful bakeries

Beautiful commercial renovation bakery

We often focus on home design, but looking at examples of beautifully renovated commercial spaces is just as satisfying. This month, Dezeen presents 6 bakeries with interior designs that are just as lovely as the treats they sell.

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3) Turning your porch/veranda into a dream space

Patio decor example

Since most of us have been spending a lot of time at home, we're more likely to notice that our outdoor areas could use some extra attention. Elle Decor has rounded up 40 examples of charming porches and verandas in one article.

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4) An interesting look back at interior design trends of the last 20 years

Decor trends in the past few years

Home decor and renovation trends evolve very quickly and it's easy to forget what was in style in 2007 or 2013. For some, it feels like the turn of the millennium was yesterday! As a way to see how things have changed, The Spruce presents a fun little article about some of the most popular materials, layouts, colours and designs of the past 20 years.

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5) The beautifully decorated apartment of a textile designer

Home designer appartment

Bilingual decor blog Planete Deco is a great resource for decor inspiration and one of the homes they have featured this month is the apartment of Carolina, a textile designer for Carolita Home.

Artists and designers often have interesting homes and we're lucky to be able to glimpse so many of them on the internet. This is one we especially love. 

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6) A tiny home with a whirlpool tub, now that's intriguing! 

Hot tub in a tiny house

We rarely associate tiny homes with luxury items such as whirlpool tubs. Indeed, most tiny homes are equipped with miniature-sized appliances and structures, so the thought of including a larger element such as a bathtub with jets is surprising. Inhabitat presents this interesting little house on wheels that is based in Florida.

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7) Experts discuss how home decor colours affect our emotions

Colour psychology in home decor

Many people are currently experiencing strong emotions and in need of some reassurance. This leads to noticing that some areas of the home may be more attractive and comforting than others. Many studies validate the fact that certain colours, designs and layouts are more soothing than others. This theme is covered at length in a fascinating article published on Curbed.

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8) A look at the winners of the A' Design Awards and Competition

A'design award competition winner

The A'Design Awards and Competition include more than 100 categories, covering all aspects of design. The writers at Desire to Inspire sifted through the winners to present their top choices. 

Click here to read the full article

9) Singer Michael Bublé gives his grandfather's caregiver a home renovation

Michael Bublé and the property brothers

And now for something sweet: Canadian crooner Michael Bublé teamed up with the Property Brothers to offer a wonderful gift to his grandfather's caregiver. The devoted woman has become a part of his family and to thank her, he and the brothers carried out a breathtaking renovation of her home. Check out the results on the HGTV website.

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10) A lovely example of a peaceful lakehouse with a timeless decor 

Beautiful lakehouse kitchen

A mostly-white decor is not to everyone's taste but this lake house is bound to be a crowd-pleaser. It's got everything that one looks for in a relaxing, calm interior. Remodelista shows us the different rooms of this home, which is owned by fashion designer Jenni Kayne.

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Here are this month's top home decor and renovation articles

Once you're done opening all the previous articles in separate tabs on your navigator, we've got a few more for you to read. These are from our own home renovation blog, which features hundreds of articles covering a wide variety of subjects. 

Here are the best articles we have published in the past few weeks: 

Renovation Ideas: 10 Examples of Family Bathrooms

Family bathroom decor

In this article, we share 10 types of bathroom layouts and decors that will please everyone in the family. 

Click here to read the full article

How to Have the Ultimate Staycation at Home

Staycation example

It's looking like we won't be able to move around come vacation time this year, so one option is to plan an amazing staycation. In this article, we share tips on how to feel like you're staying at a hotel while remaining at home.

Click here to read the full article

The Best DIY Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement DIY projects

With more time on their hands, many people are taking on DIY projects right now. Which of these projects are the easiest and which ones should be left to professionals? Check out our article to learn more.

Click here to read the full article

Basement Renovation Project: Checklist

Basement decor

If you're planning to renovate your basement, you need to check out this extremely useful and thorough article, which includes a checklist that you can use to oversee the process. You'll also find tons of information about materials, different options and questions to ask yourself as things evolve.

Click here to read the full article

See you next month!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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