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7 Things You Should Know Before Taking on a Bathroom Renovation


5 min read

7 Things You Should Know Before Taking on a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom7 Things You Should Know Before Taking on a Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom deals with a lot of messy situations: water spillage, makeup stains, humidity buildup and general wear and tear. This small space requires special attention and care, as taking on so much daily drama means materials and surfaces don't last as long.

Therefore, bathrooms need to be constantly renovated and updated, as problem areas will get worse before they get better.

However, if you're going forward with a bathroom update, there are many things you need to take into consideration before moving forward with this demanding project. Fortunately, has come up with a list of things you should think about before starting your bathroom reno project!  

Here are 7 things to consider before starting your bathroom renovation

1) What are you replacing?

What needs replacing and what can be maintained? A bathroom renovation won't be cheap, so survey the area and choose fixtures and appliances based on what can be left and what needs to go. Consider how fixtures left behind will play into your budget, the layout of the bathroom as well as the affordability and longevity of newer products and accessories. 

You don't want to have to renovate again in one year's time because you left an old tub behind! There are other obvious factors to consider. These include paint, tiles, flooring and accessories. How will the old work with the new? It's important to think about functionality as well as design and style before purchasing anything!

2) Plan the budget, time, materials...

writing in a notebook_Things You Should Know Before Taking on a Bathroom Renovation

If you aren't already aware of how much money you're planning on spending or how long you intend the renovation to take, now is the time to sit down and consider everything. Before renovating, spend a good portion of time carefully researching fixtures as well as appliances to construct a budget. 

Make sure to factor in and allocate an amount for labour. Since bathroom renovations can be a tricky job, it is recommended that you hire a professional. Regarding time, homeowners often assume that because of the bathroom's small size, it won't require a significant amount of days to renovate. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Planning refers not only to the renovation duration but the steps leading up to it, including choosing and purchasing products as well as their delivery time. Also, if your home only has one bathroom, planning is crucial, as you'll need the renovation to proceed as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can get back in that shower!

3) The Layout of the Bathroom

Correctly measure the room and have all the specifications recorded before heading to your local hardware store. Purchasing items that do not fit is beyond frustrating and will leave you with a big headache along with materials you can't use. Measure the entire space as well as any fixtures that you intend on leaving behind. Careful measurements will allow you to know the size of the materials you can accommodate. 

It would be worth sketching a layout of the space so that those at your local hardware store have a visual image of what you're working with. If possible, make sure to test fixtures before purchasing them. Although many homeowners are buying online, as discounts are abundant, seeing the item in real life might change your mind about it. Further, there is always a chance it won't fit correctly with the layout of the space, so be cautious.

4) Bathroom Storage 

What type of storage does your bathroom need? More is always better when it comes to the bathroom and this is something that is often overlooked during bathroom renovations. Is there room for a closet, shelving unit, counter space? As the bathroom holds a wide array of products and is generally one of the smaller and more awkward spots in the home, it is important to consider the amount of storage from the get-go.

If you live with multiple people, including children, ample storage space is absolutely necessary. Also, storage needs to be functional as well as easily accessible. Of course, your storage needs to be stylish as well, so think about innovative and interesting ways you can accommodate more storage without sacrificing design!

5) Bathroom Lighting

bathroom_Things You Should Know Before Taking on a Bathroom Renovation

As with storage, the more lighting the better! Without adequate lighting, the bathroom could turn out to be an impractical or even dangerous space. Plan for the maximization of natural light, as this is most desirable in a bathroom.

Add task lighting around the shower or under counters as well as overhead lighting accordingly. Also, consider soft lighting around the vanity that washes over the face evenly. It is recommended that you have at least 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot, as this will make sure the space is safe for every one entering.

6) Walls

As the bathroom comes up against so much humidity, proper paint or tiles are necessary. Choose a product with a gloss or semi-gloss finish, as these types of paint will repel water easily, and are easier to clean.

For a longer-lasting solution, consider covering a portion of the bathroom walls in ceramic tiles. Tiles are durable and will stand up against the heat and moisture inherent in the space. Make sure to avoid using wallpaper in the bathroom, as it will likely deteriorate due to high levels of humidity.

7) Bathroom Ventilation

One of the most important aspects of a bathroom renovation or remodel is incorporating proper ventilation. Improper ventilation in the bathroom will lead to deterioration as well as serious future problems that could include mould and mildew as well as ballooning walls and ceilings. Consider installing a fan with humidity sensors that turn off automatically, or go one step further and install a dehumidifier, which works to lessen the humidity in the room by removing it from the air. 

To see examples of bathroom renovation projects completed by contractors, check out 10 examples of beautiful bathroom renovation projects.

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