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7 Wall Designs For Bedrooms

7 Wall Designs For Bedrooms

Design and home decor7 Wall Designs For Bedrooms

The bedroom is the heart of the home; a place of relaxation, serenity and clarity. As one of the few rooms where we experience silence, one must consider how important it is to feel comfortable in this space. The walls of our bedroom are a clear place to start, as the surrounding features of a room are what lead us to a place of ease and satisfaction.

7 ingenious ideas for bedroom wall designs

Exposed brick wall bedroom_7 Wall Designs For Bedrooms

Photo: Flickr- Urbane Apartments

1- Exposed Brick Wall

Not everyone is privy enough to live in a New York City Loft. However, if you're into the industrial warehouse vibe and want to recreate this aesthetic in whichever type of space you live, it's a fairly simple DIY job. There are a few ways one can mimic the look of exposed brick. Starting with the easiest method: a brick stencil.

A stencil requires little commitment, just a keen eye for detail and a willingness to paint. If you'd rather not take out a brush, brick wallpaper can be found in paper mural form as well as brick panelling; both can be purchased from your local hardware store, and are applied using wallpaper paste (temporary or otherwise). Brick Drywall is an alternative option, which is a more detailed faux brick made from stucco or drywall mud. Finally, Brick Veneers offer whole bricks rather than silvers but require a home that is a little more permanent, so not an ideal option for those renting.

Bookshelf will old books_7 Wall Designs For Bedrooms

Photo: Unsplash

2- Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves

Are you an avid reader or a lover of knowledge? If yes, then laying your head to rest underneath a shelf of all the classics should appeal to you. Having a floor to ceiling bookshelf in place of a headboard is a gorgeous option for any bedroom. You can build your own using found materials, industrial pipe or purchased wood. Another option is to find a large or attractive bookshelf, securing it to the wall behind and pushing your bed up against it. For those who lack space, this option is more efficient. Plus, next year if you're looking for a change you can always repurpose the shelf to another room!

Bedroom wall design_7 Wall Designs For Bedrooms

source: Flickr; albertmenin

3- Upholstered Headboard

Although this option isn't anything new, textured accent walls are often overlooked in place of walls that match. However, upholstery can take a bedroom to another level, adding sophistication and whimsy to an otherwise plain room.

This project can be completed using plywood, screws, a staple gun and a fabric of your choosing: the cost will vary as dependant on the fabric. A soft and cozy fabric will foster a sense of intimacy and warmth in any room, but especially next to the master bed!

Picture frames over bed_7 Wall Designs For Bedrooms

Photo: Unsplash

4- Picture Frames

This project can be completed with one large frame or several smaller frames stacked together. Whichever option, picture frames are incredibly versatile! Leave them empty and let the wall colour behind shine through, or create a collage using found images, family photos and pressed flowers. This headboard option is nice because it's adjustable, and we all know everyone's taste changes over time!

Honeyxomb wood shelves_7 Wall Designs For Bedrooms

source: Flickr; Wicker Paradise

5- Hexagonal Honeycomb

If you're looking for a bedroom update, and want something sleek and defined, then a honeycomb headboard would suit you well! This style of wall art has been showing up behind beds for the past few years, but can be recreated using pine boards, sandpaper, a saw and wood glue. The structure of the honeycomb is up to you, as options are unlimited with geometrical patterns! Also, this structure could serve as cute freestanding wall decor if you decided on a different headboard a few years down the line.

Bedroom wall design idea_7 Wall Designs For Bedrooms

source: Flickr; willsheilastevens

6- Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

For those without the funds to purchase a proper wooden headboard, recycling materials to create something beautiful is very en vogue. Trending in 2020 is salvaging alternative objects to makeshift non-traditional wall art for the bedroom. Try old wood slats or leftover wood floor pieces stacked together in offbeat shapes and patterns. Even an old door, refinished or varnished, can work wonders. Take a stroll to your local thrift store and see what kind of gems you find!

7- Industrial Pipes

PVC pipes are cheap and all-purpose, and this wall art option is for the lover of minimalism. Paint the pipes (PVC or metal) whatever colour you desire or keep them their classic shade. Create a simple square structure using the pipes, wrap string around them and add some clothespins to pin up photos, posters or postcards from your travels. Stretch a small rug or tapestry in between the pipes and pin it up. This headboard might be basic, but the possibilities thereafter are endless!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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