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10 Renovation Projects to Transform Your Bedroom

10 Renovation Projects to Transform Your Bedroom

Interior renovations10 Renovation Projects to Transform Your Bedroom

The decor and layout of a bedroom are more important than one might think. Given the role of this room, which is to serve as a place dedicated to rest, it is important to feel comfortable and to make sure that the room fulfils our needs. If you have landed on this article, this probably means that you are looking for a change!

If your room no longer suits your taste, or its layout is not ideal, we will present different options for renovation projects that can help transform this space into a welcoming and comfortable area.


Explore the Different Types of Bedroom Décors

A bedroom transformation project often involves a change in decor style. Not sure exactly what you are looking for? We suggest that you consult our series of articles about the most popular decor styles at the moment. You will be able to glean some tips and think about what could best meet both your tastes and your needs.

You can also take a look at Pinterest, where you can lose yourself for hours through the thousands of pictures of dreamy décors. Be sure to do specific research to get more accurate results and subscribe to the account to see what we share.

10 Renovation Projects to Improve Your Bedroom

Some renovation projects will impact the aesthetic aspect of the room while others will be more practical. In many cases, there is also a combination of both. For any transformation project, there may also be small transformations and more large-scale projects that can be completed. The list we are presenting below offers a variety of options, including minor and major projects, to provide ideas that will fit your budget.


1) Repaint the walls

House painter

Often, the first idea that comes up during a transformation project is to buy some paint to change the colour of the walls. This is indeed a very good idea because the painting is rather accessible and most people can complete this task by themselves.

What must be determined is whether you will be opting for a radical change or a simple layer to refresh the shade that is already on the walls. Here are some articles published on our blog about interior painting that might be useful if you decide to start this type of project:


2) Change the floors

Man installing floorboards

The condition of the floor is an important aspect to consider when deciding to renovate a room. Does it make noise? Is the surface comfortable when walking around barefoot? Is it in harmony with the rest of the decor? These are some questions that are worth asking. The floor covering material plays a big role in the level of comfort felt in the room, and while this kind of renovation project is rather complex, it is one of the most worthwhile transformations.

Check out our Floor Renovation Guide for more information on flooring materials, work and maintenance.

3) Install or enhance mouldings

Installing crown moulding

Simple architectural detail or useful element? The debate is open with regard to the actual role of mouldings. However, we know that they can add a lot of character to a room and create a more harmonious decor. If your room is not adorned with mouldings, you could consider installing them. This project is relatively simple, depending on the model you choose. To know more about the different types of mouldings, see this article:


4) Rework the layout of the bedroom

Big bedroom

A bedroom often comprises several bulky items, including the bed, dressers and bedside tables. In order to make the room practical and enjoyable, it is important to focus on how these elements are arranged. Should the bed be directly against the wall? Near the window? Should the chest of drawers be next to the door? All in all, you will probably be more comfortable if you have enough space to move around the room.

For planning purposes, it is recommended to consult an interior designer. Here are a few articles to read if you are thinking of reworking your bedroom’s layout and décor:


5) Improve the room’s soundproofing

Carpet to soundproof room

Ideally, a room that is primarily devoted to rest and relaxation should be well-soundproofed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially in old buildings. If you have trouble sleeping because you hear too much noise from outside, soundproofing should be a priority. Here are some examples of techniques to reduce disturbing sounds:

  • Install drywall;

  • Block noise leaks;

  • Change doors and windows;

  • Lay carpet.

For other tips to improve the bedroom’s soundproofing, here is an article on this topic:


6) Install decorative panels on the walls

Wall panels

Instead of opting for paint, why not try decorative panels, which are an interesting alternative? The technology of decorative panels has evolved a lot in recent years. There are all kinds of possibilities in terms of patterns and materials. Of course, prices vary greatly depending on the product and the complexity of the installation process.

Here are two articles to learn more:


7) Build a closet or improve the one you already have


Most people store their clothes in their bedrooms, and the lucky ones have access to a well-organized and easy-to-use closet. However, due to the amount of clothing, we tend to accumulate, these spaces quickly become cluttered. Among the projects that will have the greatest impact on everyday life, the layout of a closet truly stands out. Indeed, as we use it practically every day, sometimes even several times, having a well-organized closet will represent an improvement in terms of efficiency and simplicity.

We wrote an article about walk-in closets. Knowing that this type of space is not accessible to all, we still believe that the article will be useful to you for its storage advice. Find the article by clicking here: Planning for a master walk-in closet.


8) Make the room multifunctional

Bedroom office

Studies are formal: a bedroom should be used almost exclusively for rest. This type of setup promotes sleep and improves the quality of life of the occupants. However, this is not always possible given the lack of space or privacy that often occurs in housing.

After all, the bedroom is a private space where people are able to be themselves and are comfortable indulging in their favourite hobbies without disturbing other occupants. These include playing video games, practising certain musical instruments or working away from noise and other sources of stress.

By means of certain planning techniques, it is possible to transform a bedroom into a multifunctional room without unduly affecting its main objective. You must know how to create separate areas and establish criteria that fulfil your needs. In the following article, you can learn more about multifunctional rooms:


9) Change doors and windows

Glass doors

As noted above, changing your doors and windows could have a positive impact on soundproofing. By extension, this could also improve the insulation of the room, making it more comfortable. Make sure that these elements which create an opening between the inside and the outside of the room are watertight. Finally, you can also look at the different materials in order to think more about the aesthetic aspect.

Check out our renovation guide for windows and doors to find out more.


10) Modify the room’s lighting

Bedroom lighting

Last but not least, lighting plays a role in both the decor and the comfortable setting of the room. Good lighting will promote a pleasant atmosphere and highlight the decorative elements. Achieving proper lighting is not as simple as one might think. There are many things to consider and the installation can be complex. Moreover, as soon as it turns out that you will need to modify electrical installations, you will have to hire a certified contractor.

Here is an article that will help you plan your project:

Photos: Deposit Photos et Unsplash

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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