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A Spike in Construction Labour Shortage in 2023

A Spike in Construction Labour Shortage in 2023

Advice for contractorA Spike in Construction Labour Shortage in 2023

The labour shortage is one of the leading recruiting challenges facing the Quebec construction and renovation industry in 2023. As a result of the aging workforce and declining birth rates, the amount of available workers has significantly decreased in the last few years. Furthermore, the construction and renovation industry is confronted with an intense rivalry from other industries, making talent acquisition even more difficult. Companies are struggling to find labour and its effect is increasingly recognized. It’s a pattern that has been established within our company. Indeed, much like our CEO, Michel Jodoin, stated at the start of the year, hundreds of job offers specific to the renovation industry are being posted on our platform, many of which have yet to find takers. 

The Aftermath of a Labour Shortage in the Construction Industry

Source: Canva

Construction and renovation industry-specific recruitment issues have dire consequences in Quebec. Here’s a rundown of the major ones.

Project Timeline Delays

Firstly, these problems lead to construction and renovation project timeline delays, which may end up costing contractors and clients a lot of money. 

Inability to Meet the Growing Demand

Moreover, this limits the industry’s capacity to meet the growing demand to build new homes and carry out renovations, which, in turn, puts pressure on the real estate market, resulting in soaring prices. As long as there aren’t more workers, this spike in numbers won’t ever come to an end. 

Waning Interest in Construction and Renovation Industry Jobs

Another major recruitment and labour shortage hurdle in the construction and renovation sector is the waning interest in such industry-specific trades amongst the new workforce. Many young Quebeckers don’t consider such trades as viable career choices as they’re often perceived as strenuous, hazardous, and lacking in social recognition. Furthermore, the growing development and use of automation in the construction and renovation industry paints a less-than-appealing picture, one in which some jobs, in the near future, will slowly be replaced by machines, further discouraging the new workforce from pursuing such a career path. 

Costly Training 

A third recruitment-related problem specific to the construction and renovation industry is the cost of trade-specific training to pursue such career paths. The required professional training courses to become a qualified industry worker can be rather costly and necessitate years of schooling. For a lot of the new generation of workers, it represents a major hurdle and prevents them from pursuing a career in the renovation or construction industry.

Possible Solutions

Source: Canva

Given the recruitment challenges, finding effective solutions is imperative to ensure the future of the renovation and construction industry in Quebec. 

Promote Construction Industry Trades

First off, promoting construction and renovation industry-specific trades to the younger generation is a must, highlighting the rewarding aspects and career opportunities available. 

Make Vocational Training More Financially Attainable

Furthermore, it’s important to make professional vocational training more financially attainable by offering trade-specific scholarships and student loan programs. 

Improve Working Conditions

Additionally, efforts must be deployed to improve the working conditions in the construction and renovation industry, lowering the health and safety risks of workers and offering increasingly competitive salaries. This will lure in new talent while retaining current industry professionals.

Quebec Construction and Renovation Industry in Peril Due to New Talent Acquisition Issues

Talent acquisition issues facing the construction and renovation industry in Quebec in 2023 are threatening the future of key sectors of this province’s economy. Taking immediate action to promote construction and renovation industry-specific trades is of utmost importance, as well as making vocational training more financially attainable and improving working conditions. By acting swiftly and effectively, Quebec may be able to overcome recruitment issues and ensure a prosperous future for these industries.

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Last modified 2023-11-13

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