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Commercial Renovation Ideas: 10 Well-Designed Corporate Offices

Commercial Renovation Ideas: 10 Well-Designed Corporate Offices

Commercial renovationCommercial Renovation Ideas: 10 Well-Designed Corporate Offices

Corporate office designs and layouts have really evolved over the years, better adapting to modern-day needs and cutting-edge technologies. For example, we’ve seen offices evolve from the infamous cubicles to preferring partitioned-off quarters, to now open and airy concepts.

Companies haven’t always taken the time to consider their office design or layout, as well as how it may mirror their employees' morale and productivity. Therefore, when you actually lay your eyes on stunning and bold offices, ones designed by architects and interior designers, you can actually start understanding to what degree such workspaces can shift an entire staff’s experience on a daily basis.  

Even conservative-leaning companies in terms of values and practices will have a tendency to test out non-conventional office layouts, especially now since working remotely isn’t as foreign, and far more common than ever before. 

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10 Corporate Office Designs that Give Off Good Work Vibes

1) A modern, open, and airy workspace

Source: Canva

Let’s start this list with a layout that isn’t a stretch from the “standard” workspace, meaning wall-to-wall carpeting, a few closed office spaces, and big windows looking out onto a breathtaking urban environment. However, this rather classic floorplan was modernized by glazed partitions, colours and textures showcasing a range of grey hues, and ceiling light fixtures. 

2) A bright and inviting office space

Source: Canva

Even though open-concept workspaces are all the rage when it comes to commercial and corporate office designs, it doesn’t mean that partitioned areas are entirely archaic, especially when securing a so-called socially distanced space between employees. Nonetheless, to steer clear of cloistered spaces, it’s best to install clear partitions that create a makeshift bubble that still allows for some privacy for the users in question. 

This type of layout fully exploits the natural light gleaming through the office.

3) An office space that blends both modern and traditional features

Source: Canva

This common area is open and modern, courtesy of its layout and furnishings, while also embracing a classic décor style. The floor-to-ceiling bookcases add a quaint charm reminiscent of old libraries. 

All these elements blend together, creating a setting that fosters sharing and brainstorming, two vital actions needed to ensure the operations of a company are running smoothly for customer satisfaction while also promoting employee well-being by way of a detailed and well-thought-out corporate workspace. 

4) A welcoming open-space concept

Source: Canva

Here we have a modern version of the previously depicted office space. The same long table, shelves, and flooring that play a vital role in the office’s decoration, and so on…

This goes to show that you can start from the same interior design principles while adapting the space according to the owners and staff using the office space along the way.

5) An elegant workspace

Source: Canva

At first glance, one wouldn’t guess that this workspace is home to a financial services company, thereby bearing witness to a well-done creation in terms of commercial design. The interior designer hit the bullseye on this one!

The designers sought to turn this workspace into a residential, chic, and cozy setting, one that’s in line and tailored to the company’s culture and desired branding image. Their main goal was to avoid designing a too corporate-looking space since such a setting can be stuffy and cold, which could ultimately come off as unappealing to clients.

6) A work and study loft

Source: Canva

Making a swift shift with an entirely open workspace. The interior designers who came up with this look integrated maximum lighting, both artificial and natural. They also wanted to somewhat divide the space, yet without using partitions. 

There’s a certain creative spirit at work here, which isn’t all too surprising as the décor appears to have been largely inspired by New York lofts that made a name for themselves in the ‘60s and ‘70s. 

Such workspaces aren’t for everyone, but for those who truly enjoy collaborating and savour every bit of their bold personalities, now this is an office space that will foster their happiness, as well as their productivity; two concepts that aren’t complete opposites, unlike what we might be led to believe.

7) A mid-century modern-looking closed office

Source: Canva

Mad Men is often referenced as a series in which the sets were particularly spot-on, especially in terms of the advertising firm’s office space where the main characters were making a name for themselves. This décor style is known as “mid-century modern,” a term around which the commercial design industry revolves.

This type of design is characterized by straight lines, the use of organic materials, and surfaces devoid of superfluous knick-knacks. In this example, we’re looking at a style interpretation that’s very reminiscent of the mid-century modern concept with a few modern touches, bearing witness to a keen interest in client satisfaction and creating a space that’s conducive to staff well-being. 

The details mentioned above allow for a very trendy workspace, but one that’s also not succumbing to fleeting fashions, by using custom-made furniture designed with the team’s comfort and effectiveness in mind. 

8) A redesigned and unique workspace

Source: Canva

Conference rooms are often overlooked when it comes to corporate office design. Most often, it features a table, chairs, focused lighting, and a few structures to accommodate the necessary equipment needed to conduct board meetings. 

This is a conference room that defies all clichés. The room isn’t cluttered with decorative items, but the visual balance created by the plants, lights, wood, and door and window frames are all part of the dazzle!

The interior designers tasked with designing this room sought to create a welcoming conference room, one in which the staff is at ease. 

9) A fresh look at office cubicles

Source: Canva

The ‘80s version of the cubicle just wasn’t it, and they managed to carry their bad rep throughout the years. Often cold, sterile, and with limited privacy, these workspaces were often exposed by staff and workspace design professionals. 

However, there’s a way to upcycle the whole cubicle look while readjusting certain key characteristics to make this particular structure a lot more appealing. Here’s a fresh look at the modern-day cubicle, where glazed partitions are featured, with more space between the desks, and shelving for more storage and privacy. 

10) An interior designer-worthy workspace

Source: Canva

Wrapping up this segment with an office that’s largely inspired by co-working spaces. Such a layout is found to be especially appealing to company staff and higher management, since it provides great versatility, thereby suited to different day-to-day realities, especially considering that working remotely is a growing concept. 

Therefore, having a dedicated workspace for each and every staff member might be obsolete. When the staff do work from the office, it’s often to collaborate with colleagues or to switch it up a bit. 

With this type of office, every staff member can set up where they please. They can even move around throughout the day to better fuel creative thinking and get acquainted with new people. This particular style of workspace isn’t fit for all, but it can nonetheless be extremely stimulating!  

Lastly, open-concept spaces make it possible for the staff to space out, which will be an especially appealing factor in years to come, while other work routines will have been altered along the way. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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