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Expectation vs. Reality: Painting an Interior With Bright Colours

Last modified: 2023-03-13 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

On a whim, have you ever considered painting your kitchen a bright red shade? Maybe you can already imagine the spectacular effect this vibrant colour will have on your interior. Of course, you may also wonder if the end result will really live up to your expectations?


Bright colours on interior walls: shall we dare to go for it?

mur jaune_Attentes vs. réalité : peindre votre intérieur avec des couleurs vives

Source : Canva

Paint with bright colours

Do eggshell white or pale blue walls sound just a little bit depressing to you? If so, the first idea that comes to mind could be to repaint everything and revamp your now outdated decor.  In order to do this, you may be thinking about painting your walls in vibrant colours so that the rooms of your home are able to emanate an atmosphere of joy. At the same time, you’re wondering, what will be the actual result?

While it’s well known that colours have an effect on our moods, it should not be taken for granted that for some, there are specific colours that won’t necessarily bring a feeling of plenitude. Indeed, while orange offers a sense of vitality and enthusiasm, it should be noted that purple is known for its propensity to cool the atmosphere rather than warm it.

Further, it seems that certain shades of red could even exacerbate anger, which is clearly undesirable. However, in small doses red has the effect of enticing appetite and social interaction. Green embodies tranquillity, harmony and is said to foster a level of understanding between people. Now, bright blue will tend to revitalize people when they lay their eyes on the colour.

So while incorporating bright colours needs to be thought of in a way that considers the effect the colour has on people, this should help you move towards an aesthetic choice that will work for you. The right bright colour will also depend on the room in which it will be used. Below, you’ll find a table offering some very useful indications.


Colour   What it evokes  Where is the best place for it?
  • joy and mirth
  • openness towards others
  • anywhere
  • growth
  • vitality
  • balance
  • harmony
  • children's bedroom
  • bathroom
  • freedom
  • pleasure
  • relaxation
  • dynamism
  • office
  • home library
  • passion
  • excitement
  • vitality
  • power
  • sociability
  • office
  • entryway
  • living room
  • bedroom
  • movement
  • mutability 
  • vitality
  • enthusiasm
  • living room
  • entryway
  • kitchen




Using a bright colour in one room: a recipe for success?

mur orange_Attentes vs. réalité : peindre votre intérieur avec des couleurs vives

Source : Canva

We often hear that incorporating bright colours should be done with caution and more importantly, be limited to a single room or two. Many of us believe that following this unofficial rule will be the key to success and one can dismiss the possibility of getting bored with a canary-yellow kitchen or a bright red bedroom. 

So what about the relationship that this bold colour has with the rest of the house? If it's all about harmony, will a single bright colour work with a home that is mostly light or dark? Not necessarily!

Here, a new idea arises: it would be wise to consider opting for a touch of bright colour in several rooms. By doing so, you’ll create harmony in your decor, instead of allowing a single room to clash with the rest of the house. In order to maximize the creation of a harmonious decor, we’d suggest that you choose complementary colours.


How to integrate bright colours

intégration de couleurs vives

Source : Canva

On this point, did you know that the best balance could easily be created by the combination of three colours in the same room? This offers a good reason to avoid painting every wall in your bedroom lime green!

Furthermore, we recommend that you follow the 60-30-10 rule. More concretely, this rule suggests that it’s wise to paint 60% of the area with a dominant colour (the walls), 30% with a secondary colour (mouldings, doors and/or ceiling) and 10% with an accent colour (various accessories).


Bright colours on walls: will you get bored of them?

Attentes vs. réalité : peindre votre intérieur avec des couleurs vives

Source : Canva

Of course, the biggest worry about painting a room’s walls in a bright colour is getting bored with it. However, we have to consider that it’s also possible to lose interest in a dark or paler colour. If this is the case, then it may be wrong to believe that the decision to paint a wall bright yellow or ocean blue will necessarily be a source of regret. Should this be the case, no fear! It’s always possible to cover a brightly coloured wall as long as you follow the proper method.

In this regard, we should once again mention the importance of creating a harmonious decor first and foremost. If the bright colour of your choice is directly involved, it’ll be hard not to love it, right?

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