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Wall coverings

5 min read

Interior Design: Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home

Wall coverings

5 min read

Interior Design: Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home

Wall coveringsInterior Design: Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home

In the past year working for the blog team, I’ve quickly found myself obsessed with interior design. A decor trend that has especially stuck with me over the past few months is the comeback of wallpaper. Often seen in kitschy or retro decor, it has now been revived and is incorporated into more modern setups to bring a pop of life to any decor or space. 

Offered in a great variety of styles and designs, it also offers renter-friendly options with peel-and-stick, removable wallpaper. This is also great news for people who like to experiment and try new things, or that change their minds quickly when it comes to their home decor! Still not convinced? Here are some great examples that could make you change your mind.

Interior design: Wallpaper ideas for your home

1. Going all-in with contrasting wallpaper designs

Definitely a bold move, applying different styles of wallpaper in different rooms is truly a statement. When matched harmoniously, it adds depth and texture to your walls, on top of creating a unique style that will visually define your space.


Source: southernliving & houseandgarden uk

2. An accent wall? More like an accent ceiling! 

This is yet another clever way of sprucing up your interiors with creativity: wallpaper on the ceiling! If you prefer more of a subtle approach when it comes to decor, selecting a striking and original pattern to complement the colours of the room will invite your guests to look up, making it feel bigger and wider.


Source: Domino

3. A small and awkward nook or closet turned stylish

We’ve all lived somewhere with a strange layout, sometimes creating small nooks or spaces in the walls we just don’t really know what to do with. In previous articles like Home Office Design: 10 Inspiring Examples, we share 2 easy and clever solutions to add an office space to these areas, like an unused closet.

But why not use the same hack when it comes to wallpaper? By using it to embellish the back of a small library, a closet or a nook in the wall turned into a storage corner like on this picture, you add interest to often forgotten corners.


Source: smithhonig, liliinwonderland & caseydesignplan

4. A welcoming bedroom with a warm wallpaper design

Your bedroom is supposed to be a space of relaxation and comfort and this is why the decor and colours you choose will greatly impact these aspects. By choosing an organic pattern or soft and minimalist wallpaper for your bedroom, either as an accent wall, the entire room or the ceiling, you will maintain this relaxing ambiance you would want in a bedroom.

Source: houseofhackney, &

5. An original and lively bathroom

This trick applies even more if you have a very small bathroom. By adding a fun-patterned and interesting wallpaper, you will trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger and brighter, on top of being stylish!

Perfect when matched with accessories like hooks, towel holders and new cabinet handles.


Source: Domino & melanielissackinteriors

6. An inviting entryway for your guests

The first thing your guests see when coming into your home is the entrance (obviously!). This is why a well-designed and welcoming entryway will have your guests impressed and eager to see the rest of your home decor.


Source:, entryway.selbermachendeko, decouvrirlendroitdudecor & micasarevista

7. A kitchen and a dining room that will motivate your cooking

As a lover of anything related to cooking or baking, I personally love to have a beautiful and well-decorated kitchen. In the same way, I love to have a dining room fit to receive my friends and all the meals I cook!  

This is why whenever I see pictures of these rooms designed with wallpaper, I instantly feel envious of having such beautiful decor.


Source: pazugena, delikatissen, anewall & murphydeesign

8. An interesting look for the stairs

This is a simple fix and will definitely add interest to something as ordinary as the stairs! For each step, an original and fun patterned wallpaper can be applied, either with matching or mixed designs to make things funky.


Source: livinghip.nl_abeautifulmess

9. Wallpaper for the perfect kid’s bedroom  

While looking for inspirational images, a lot of kids’ bedrooms came up in my Pinterest search. Every single one I would find made me truly jealous of their beautiful designs, so I can’t imagine how amazing it would be in the eyes of your children!


Source: kidsinteriors & anewall

10. Dreamy hallways for your dream home decor

We rarely talk about hallways when it comes to decor. Even if our minds drift to more central spaces like all the ones listed above, we need to remember that corridors are like the veins of the home: they help circulate between rooms and walk around the house. This is why their decors are as important as any of the other rooms!

Source:, domino & apartmenttherapy

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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