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Everything to Know About Pool Safety Fences

Everything to Know About Pool Safety Fences

Exterior renovationsEverything to Know About Pool Safety Fences

Are you considering putting in a safety fence around your pool? That's a great idea to safeguard your children and those of your neighbours who may be tempted to explore its depths. However, you have to consider some vital factors before embarking on this project. This entails familiarizing yourself with the regulations pertaining to the installation of such fencing and exploring the various models available in the market.

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Pool Safety Fence Materials

pool safety fence

Source: Canva

To create an aesthetically pleasing and practical pool safety fence, you have several options when it comes to materials. And, of course, you can also opt to combine different materials. An example would be the use of wooden posts with glass panes, or wrought-iron posts with Plexiglas panes. 


Looking for a solid and stylish pool fence? Stainless steel is just what you need! It’s resistant, durable, and has a somewhat avant-garde look. Moreover, it’s the ideal option for outdoor use due to its easy cleaning and installation.

Price: $40-70/linear foot


pool safety fence - glass

Source: Canva

You can also decide to go with stainless steel posts with glass panes. By opting for see-through panels, you’ll know for sure that your children can’t, under no circumstances, climb the fence. You'll also have ample opportunity to monitor the pool area and keep track of individuals coming and going.

Furthermore, glass is a resilient, elegant, and sophisticated material that brings a contemporary and progressive aesthetic to your backyard. Additionally, this model fully adheres to Canadian safety guidelines, while also elevating the overall appearance of your property.

Price: $90-100/linear foot


pool safety removable fence

Source: Canva

You also have the option of selecting a mesh pool fence with PVC posts. This approach isn’t only cost-effective but also highly practical, as long as your children refrain from attempting to climb or damage the netting, and as long as the material remains sturdy and resilient if subjected to their weight.

Price: $45-60/linear foot

WOOD Fence

pool safety fence - wood

Source: Canva

If you appreciate natural beauty, wood is an excellent choice to enhance the look of your backyard while also providing an elegant safety solution for your pool. This material will seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic of your deck, especially if you choose to customize it with a suitable paint colour that complements your preferences or changes in the surroundings.

Additionally, keep in mind that wooden fencing necessitates regular maintenance, such as applying a coat of stain or protective coating every 2 to 5 years, depending on the type of wood. Whether you opt for cedar, pine, or brown treated wood, you'll enjoy a highly durable fence with exceptional longevity. By installing a wooden safety fence around your pool, not only will you create a pleasant and exotic ambiance, but you'll also ensure the safety of your children. However, it's crucial to build the fence high enough above the ground to protect it from moisture.

Price: $20-70/linear foot


pool safety fence - composite

Source: Canva

Composite is just like wood…visually speaking that is!

We recommend testing the durability of the selected composite fence model and ensuring strong foundations with secure posts and a ground anchoring system to support the weight of the fence. Aluminum frames are particularly suitable for this purpose.

One of the key benefits of composite wood is its impressive durability, lasting anywhere from 10 to 25 years. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance and is eco-friendly.

Price: ranging to $155/linear foot

PVC Fence

pool safety fence - PVC

Source: Canva

Whether you opt for traditional PVC or its recycled alternative, you'll enjoy ample privacy. Moreover, these types of fences require minimal maintenance. While they are exclusively available in white, you have the option to paint them in a different colour if white doesn't suit your aesthetics.

Price: $90-100/linear foot


pool safety fence - aluminium

Source: Canva

Aluminum is renowned for its appealing appearance and resistance to rust. This material combines durability with aesthetics and can withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Price: $35/linear foot (standard model)

A slightly more unique choice may raise the price to $150.


pool safety fence - WROUGHT IRON

Source: Canva

A wrought iron fence is bar-none in terms of durability, requiring minimal maintenance and eliminating the need for replacement. The added advantage is that it's often available in a wide range of colours and shapes.

This fence is highly appreciated by homeowners not only for its refined and prestigious appearance but also because it offers exceptional, all-around visibility. Such a fence allows you to have a clear view of what's happening beyond its boundaries at all times, allowing you to go about your business with peace of mind.

Price: $50-70$/linear foot (installation included)


pool safety fence - CHAIN-LINK

Source: Canva

This is probably the least expensive option. if you want to opt for a sleeker model, it will cost between $23 and $32 per linear foot. . 

Price: $25-35/linear foot

When it comes to slats, you’ll need $60 to cover 5 feet. As for the gate, it costs between $195 and $546

Backyard Pool Safety Fence Regulations in Quebec

pool safety fence
  • A backyard pool safety fence is mandatory, nothing can replace it (not even cedar hedging);

  • An in-ground or above-ground pool must be fenced on all sides;

  • If you have an above-ground pool, the safety fence must include the pool deck and access platform; 

  • The fence in question must measure at least 1.2 metres high;

  • The space between the fence posts must be rather limited to prevent 10 cm-wide (or bigger) items from squeezing through;

  • The fence must be devoid of climbing materials;

  • It must have a locking mechanism that locks from inside, and be out of reach to children;

  • While the law doesn’t state that pool safety fences mustn’t restrict the pool’s visibility, it’s still recommended to respect this guideline for the well-being and safety of your children.

Putting In a Pool Safety Fence: How and Using What?

Note that putting in a pool safety fence isn’t rocket science; it can be done in a few steps, and you’ll have no issues carrying out the work yourself. 

To do so, you’ll need concrete sleeves, wood, or grass pavers to secure your fence. Insert the fence posts into the fixed or temporary sleeves, and then drive them into the ground. Depending on whether you wish to have a fixed, temporary, or removable fence, you can add locks to the hooks binding every section. 

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Last modified 2024-02-16

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