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Cost and Installation of a Heat Pump

Cost and Installation of a Heat Pump

Exterior renovationsCost and Installation of a Heat Pump

Investing in purchasing and installing a heat pump is a wise decision. With the fluctuating temperatures in Quebec, it is not a bad idea to think about consolidating both heating and air conditioning systems into one unit and save nearly 20% of your usual energy bill.  

If properly used and maintained, a heat pump should result in an energy-saving choice with average durability of 10 to 20 years. However, the question remains: How much should you invest toward a project like this and what does installation actually require? 

Various Heat Pumps and their Prices

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For a heat pump only, the price runs at about $1,000. Without a doubt, some factors influence the overall cost, such as the model, and the amount of work in regard to installation and labour costs. On the upside, as an incentive, financial aid is available when it comes to purchasing an eco-friendly system that will benefit you and subsidize this new purchase. 

All heat pumps have character-specific models. Some brands even provide hot water as well as basic elements related to heating and air conditioning. Before proceeding with your purchase, ensure that the chosen model fits your needs and wants in terms of space, maintenance, noise level, power (BTU), energy efficiency, and coefficient of performance (elevated HSPC). 

Wall-Mounted Heat Pump

Cost estimate with installation: starts at $2,300

wall-mounted heat pump_cost and installation of a heat pump

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This monobloc, mini-split, or bi-bloc heat pump consumes little energy and is convenient in homes, condos, or apartments devoid of ventilation ducts. Its central system can be split between several separate wall-mounted units for better temperature control depending on the inhabited areas. Due to the small amount of installation work in regards to this type of unit (which does not require ventilation ducts), the cost is much more affordable than the following option. 

Central Heat Pump

Cost estimate with installation: starts at $5,500

thermopompe centrale_Prix d’une thermopompe : achat et installation

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This is most likely the most expensive and discreet option when it comes to noise and aesthetics. The central or carrier heat pump diffuses both cool and warm air by way of centralized ventilation ducts toward all areas of a home. Therefore, as long as the ventilation ducts allow for it, a single unit is required to sustain your entire house. This efficient and high-performing system can provide three times as much energy as it requires. 

However, in case of a leak or air duct damage, the repairs will be costly as well as the cost of the wasted energy paid for, yet not used, should the repairs not be done in a timely matter. A well-maintained unit will perform more efficiently; it is thus better to turn to professionals when needed. 

Heat Pumps in a Nutshell

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Multi-Zone Heat Pump (Ductless)

This is the ideal option should your residence not have any ventilation ducts and the overall dimensions are too vast for a wall-mount system, as it is possible to install four units. With installation, costs run at about $5,000

Cassette Heat Pump 

Stylish and discreet, this unit is embedded into a ceiling or false ceiling and allows for better air control. It also purified and filters the air. Yet, the model is most often used in stores. Its price often varies depending on the structure and the overall components of your home. 

Console Heat Pump

This model is floor-level and offers a viable alternative to radiators and fireplaces. However, the space surrounding the unit must be sufficient and devoid of any furniture to avoid hindering the air heat exchanger. The cost of the unit is roughly $1,500

Installing a Heat Pump

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Before jumpstarting any work, make sure to contact your municipality as there are some established guidelines, and at times, a building permit may be required to install a heating or air conditioning system. Also, the RBQ often requires homeowners to call upon the services of certified contractors with valid refrigeration or electrical licenses

Installing a Wall-Mounted Heat Pump

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First off, screw in the mounting plate to the wall, roughly four inches below the ceiling, levelled. The wall in question must be an exterior wall and allow for enough room for the air to spread without any hindrance. Ideally, the unit should not be exposed to direct sunlight, therefore, avoid mounting it next to a window or next to any electronics, such as a television set. 

You will need to drill a downward hole in order to accommodate two drain hoses and one cable. Wrap the hoses in an insulated jacket (or protective sleeve) and fit it through the hole without twisting it. Then, connect the lines to the indoor heat pump unit. 

You can then proceed by mounting the outdoor heat pump unit on the ground, on a sort of pedestal, or on your home’s façade. In general, anti-vibration shock-absorbing and noise-reducing pads are provided. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to the clearance space required. 

Lastly, connect the hoses to the unit and insulate the hole with the help of urethane. Empty the air from the system with a vacuum pump before testing your unit according to the instruction manual.

Installing a Central Heat Pump

Source: Canva

This type of unit will most likely require to help of certified professionals. 

Note that the heat pump’s capacitor will need to be installed outside roughly four feet from the home’s façade, without anything obstructing the space above or in front of it for at least 20 feet. Make sure that your yard and your home’s structure can sustain such a system. 

Also, bear in mind that if you wish to install a central heat pump in a home devoid of ventilation ducts, the remodelling work that will subside in order to accommodate such a unit will be costly and messy. From here, you can determine whether pursuing such a project is worth the investment, long-term. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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