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Wall coverings

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10 Original Paint Colour Ideas for Your Living Room

10 Original Paint Colour Ideas for Your Living Room

Wall coverings10 Original Paint Colour Ideas for Your Living Room

Choosing a paint colour can sometimes turn out to be demanding and complicated. Whatever the brand, there are thousands of shades from which you can choose. Because of this, it is easy to get lost during this process.

Your living room is a space that represents life, movement and gatherings, but also relaxation, comfort and rest. This is why wanting to find the perfect paint colour that reflects all these aspects is perfectly normal. Here are some examples that will help you make the right choice.

10 Original Living Room Paint Colour Ideas

1. Sage

sage coloured living room

Source : Canva

A colour like this one gives an organic and fresh vibe to your room, which is perfect to give it a bright feel. This colour pairs well with shades of pale blue, dark yellow or white.


2. Dusty pink

dusty pink living room decor

Source : Canva

This shade of pink is not only elegant, but it stands out well when accompanied by a second colour like, white. Combining these two offers a perfect contrast.


3. Periwinkle

eriwinkle blue living room

Source : Canva

Periwinkle is a shade between purple and blue. Being a vibrant colour, this tint will have an impact on your room's decor. For lovers of contrast, you won't be disappointed.


4. Bluish-grey

gray blue living room

Source : Canva

Bluish-grey is a colder shade that inspires a soothing freshness. Framed by white mouldings or paired with a white ceiling, it will create a warm and welcoming room.


5. Copper

Copper-colored living room

Source : Canva

For people looking for warmer tones, the range of choices in the orange tints could be a perfect solution for you. Just like terracotta, rust is a vibrant colour with earthy tones and an excellent shade for your living room layout.


6. Purple or cashmere grey

cachemire purple walls in living room

Source : Canva

These variants of purple and grey are softer and more neutral compared to their originals. Similar to taupe, these choices are perfect for a calm and serene atmosphere. You'll be able to pair them with other neutral tones to add depth to the room.

7. Dark yellow

dark yellow living room wall

Source : Canva

When thinking of yellow, we rarely associate this shade with the perfect wall colour. However, a darker shade of yellow, like mustard, brings an original and bold accent to the room.

In many examples, this colour is used to define different shapes painted on walls like circles and squares.

8. Hazel

hazelnut living room wall

Source : Canva

For avid lovers of fall, hazel brown is a classic colour that ages well. Warm and welcoming, it will be perfect for those nights between friends while enjoying a warm drink.


9. Oat/sandy beige

Source : Canva

Just like hazel, sand and oat are shades that age well. Slowly growing in the interior decor trends, shades of beige go perfectly with modern or vintage accessories.


10. Dark grey and black

living room with gray and black wall

Source : Canva

For people with large windows, these colours will surely complement your room. With white furniture or accessories, you will create a punching contrast that will give life to your living space.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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