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Renovation tips

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Design & Renovation Tips for 2020 | Renovation Quotes

Design & Renovation Tips for 2020 | Renovation Quotes

Renovation tipsDesign & Renovation Tips for 2020 | Renovation Quotes

In 2020 the underlying inspiration is to create lush spaces by transforming traditional designs with a modern twist and by making use of textures and material choices.  However, attempting to integrate all the design options is not advised. Rather, take stock of your space and take some time to determine which colours and finishes would complement the existing space.

Here are the main home design and renovation tips for 2020

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a house. As a room, it transcends the normal functions of just being a place to cook and eat by becoming an entertaining space or somewhere for the kids to do homework. This is why it is fundamental to keep your kitchen as welcoming and comfortable as you can. The accent colours used on cabinetry now include some darker blues and navy. These darker colours complement elegant gold fixtures now appearing in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Built-in bars are a great way to open the kitchen and create a more social space. Not only does a built-in bar jazz up your kitchen but it also gives extra space thanks to shelving for glasses and other cocktail ingredients. A great option is either extending your countertop or adding an end piece. In either case, the ideal material for this look would easily be stainless steel which is affordable and very easy to maintain.

Change up your backsplash

Not many people realize the effect an updated backsplash can have on the kitchen's overall look. While the tiles behind the sink and stove may seem to be easily overlooked, once they’re replaced, the space changes. While traditionally square tiles have been the standard trend, hexagonal tiles are a trend to watch in 2020. This shape helps to break up the usual monotony of a kitchen while also giving you the freedom of going monochromatic or colourful.

Add some colour

For kitchens, a classical white can never go wrong. This is especially true when paired with natural woods which can give a very cozy rustic country vibe. 

The best colours for kitchens, bathrooms, and any space really, are neutral tones. Greys and beiges help to keep a space well-lit whilst giving a sense of warmth. Sherwin-Williams also offers a colour of the year for curious home decorators. Poised Taupe, Sherwin-Williams selection for 2020 is a beautiful neutral colour that offers a modern and warm balance while giving a weathered and woodsy appearance.

In reality, any combination of grey and beige or even grey with beige undertones is ideal for a flexible space that will most likely serve more than one purpose.

Although keeping it neutral should be the goal for whole walls, it’s essential not to forget the colour. This is why experts recommend infusing the colour into the room through artwork, furniture and accessories such as vases.

Bathroom concepts

Bathroom design trends 2017

Bathroom vanities have come back into popularity and considering that they offer a great solution to those needing a mirror, sink, and storage, we’re not surprised. One of the more unique aspects of having a vanity in your bathroom is the ability to be crafty and use an antique chest rather than something premanufactured. This will undoubtedly make your bathroom more unique while staying chic.

Efficient storage is often the biggest issue with a bathroom, considering that space is quite limited and there can never be enough storage space. Opting for shelves or baskets can be a great way to texturize the space while keeping it uncluttered.

Human docking stations

Home design and renovation 2017

Gone are the days of having a full-fledged office space within your home. Thanks to both the freedom of Wi-Fi and the increasing amount of people working from home, the physical office is no longer necessary. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure you could move easily around the home and set your laptop down almost anywhere. While you should still have a designated spot for your printer, having at least one area with a pull-out desk (docking station) is ideal to complete small computer-related tasks.

It’s important to remember that trends, especially annual ones, are not static and change constantly, sometimes as often as month-to-month. Therefore, it’s ideal to have a more fluid sense of design which will help you to effectively curate your spaces, because nothing will be set in stone. At the end of the day, any trends or updates should result in upgrades that make day-to-day life more convenient and comfortable while ensuring your spaces are timeless.

Author: David Ben-Zaken

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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