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How to stain your patio: a practical guide

Last modified: 2022-06-20 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Karine Dutemple

Once summer arrives, you can't help but quickly take out the lounging chairs and outdoor furniture to make the most of them. While we're ready to grill in the sun, your patio, on the contrary, might need a little more preparation!

In Quebec, changing seasons inevitably lead to temperatures and bad weather that will damage your wooden patio, either its paint, stain or even the wood itself. While it goes without saying that these finishes are not invincible, there are however different ways to make them more durable despite the obstacles.

How to stain your patio

1. Start by cleaning your patio

To ensure that your products adhere to your patio's wood, it is essential to clean it well. If the damages left by winter are light, a broom and the garden hose at its most powerful setting will be enough to properly dust and clean the wood. Also, be sure to do a quick inspection to spot any other apparent physical damage.

However, if your wood was previously untreated or your patio is getting old, it may be that different stains have lodged there over the years. For tenacious stains, you can use a pressure washer made especially for this kind of task. You can easily rent it from selected retailers. 

It is recommended to start at a lower pressure (500 PSI) and to gradually increase the force of the spray if you find that the cleaning is not as effective. It is important to work gradually to prevent damaging your patio and to avoid using the pressure washer too long at the same place.

Alternatively, it is possible to use a wood cleaning product, found in most hardware stores, to then rinse everything with your garden hose. Be sure to follow the directions on the product carefully. It is important to let your patio dry at least 24 hours to 48 hours before applying any type of finishing product, so be sure to carry out the work according to the local weather. 

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pressure washer_How to stain your patio: a practical guide in a few steps_RenoQuotes

Source: The Spruce

2. Sanding the patio's surface before applying products

Another important step, although demanding, is that of sandblasting. A good sandblasting will ensure that the products applied to your wood surface adhere to it well. Regardless of the condition of your wood, it is recommended not to neglect the sanding stage.

Two ways are available to you: the electric sander by hand or the floor sandblaster. The hand sander, however, requires more effort and patience. For its part, the floor sandblaster will save you a lot of time and you can easily rent it in hardware stores.

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sanding wooden patio_How to stain your patio: a practical guide in a few steps_RenoQuotes

Source: The Spruce

3. Apply the stain on your wooden patio

Applying the stain should be an easy and hassle-free step, especially if you follow the steps mentioned earlier. Once your products and tools have been chosen as well as a favourable weather report for the application of these, you can get started!

During the application, be sure to follow the grain of the wood to avoid irregularities or streaks left on the surface. It will also be essential to pay close attention to the ends, cracks and holes in the wood to saturate them with dye. Thus, you will prevent water from seeping into it and creating mould.

Although the importance of a favourable weather report is mentioned, keep in mind that it is not recommended to apply the dye in direct sunlight, since it may dry unevenly. If necessary, a second layer can be applied after waiting at least 6h to 24h. A combination of synthetic bristle brushes and rollers will be favourable to do the work.

4. Letting your patio dry

To be sure that everything is dry, you will have to allow at least 48 hours to your patio before settling there. This waiting time will give the product enough time to adhere well to the wood and avoid damaging it.

In the long run, it is recommended to stain your patio every 1 to 3 years, following the same guidelines, to maintain it perfectly.

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sunny patio_How to stain your patio: a practical guide in a few steps_RenoQuotes

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