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10 Unique Examples Wall and Floor Tiles

10 Unique Examples Wall and Floor Tiles

Interior renovations10 Unique Examples Wall and Floor Tiles

Whether you choose to place them on walls or floors, tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. It is because of their great versatility and their ability to enhance the appeal of a room that they occupy such an important place in our homes.

Are you planning to undertake a renovation project soon? Here are some types of tiles to give you a good dose of inspiration before you launch your project!

10 Examples of Wall and Floor Tiles


1) White tiles for a sober decor

tuiles white farmhouse_tiles_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

While coloured tiles make it easy to enhance the beauty of a home decor arrangement, the aesthetic qualities of white tiles are too often overlooked. Both classic and elegant, they can gently reflect the natural light entering the room. This brightness contributes to the creation of a sense of space while highlighting the other elements of the decor.

Because of the sobriety of the tile itself, it is possible to opt for bolder flooring without fear of creating a visually overloaded decor. Proof that classics are timeless!

Similar model (wall): Home Depot

TUiles blanches pour le mur

Similar model (floors): Wayfair

Plancher avec motif


2) Provencal-looking flower tiles

Source: Pinterest (

While tiles with floral motifs may appear intimidating to some, they are often featured in rustic-style decors. Paired with white walls and a design where wood occupies a prominent role, they also evoke the charm of the country kitchens of the past.

There is no fear that they will be overpowering in the company of neutral materials with a discreet finish. The whole design will create a nice balance between sobriety and exuberance and will give life to a decor that is both charming and friendly.

Similar model: Home Depot

Tuile motif avec fleurs


3) Unique mosaic pattern with hexagonal tiles

Source: Pinterest (

While square or rectangular tiles still top the list of big favourites, hexagonal tiles continue to grow in popularity.

Indeed, this tile model is trendy at the moment. Moreover, it should be known that its installation on a wall to create a kitchen backsplash is less tedious than when being performed on a floor. What's more, it's easier to hide small defects in the cutting of tiles with the presence of cabinets or electrical plates.

Whether you opt for classic or more vivid shades, it's always possible to choose more than one colour to create a unique decor. Some even dare to mix three colours to bring a more complex and refined design to life. 

Similar model: La Tuilerie


4) Small hexagonal tiles

petites tuiles hexagonales_Pinterest_small hexagon tiles

Source: Pinterest (

While conventional hexagonal tiles are often used to create a beautiful kitchen backsplash, the smaller ones make it possible to create an elaborate and complex floor design. Given the multitude of configurations available, it's hard not to find something to be pleased about!

Of course, the installation of such small tiles requires a great deal of attention and it is sometimes better to call on a professional for this type of project unless you have expertise in this area yourself.

Similar model: Home Depot

Mini tuiles mosaique


5) A tiled wall

cuisine vintage_Pinterest_kitchen

Source: Pinterest (

While the presence of tile on the wall is usually delineated by the upper cabinets, it may be interesting to counter this trend by leaving the transition as is. This aesthetic choice ensures continuity between the two wall covering materials and creates a whole new look. We should also specify that it is possible to mount the tile irregularly on the wall.

Additionally, choosing tiles with a retro look can easily bring vintage decor to life at a lower cost. Of course, the integration of devices inspired by the era in question will help to achieve the desired effect.

Similar model: Houzz

Tuile orange avec motif soleil


6) 3D tiles with a raised pattern

Source: Pinterest (

While we often talk about the wide variety of patterns and sizes in which tiles can be purchased on the market, we sometimes forget to mention the existence of embossed tiles. At once discreet and unique, the embossed tile highlights various geometric shapes as well as lines.

The shapes are sharp and precise and give character to the decor, all with a touch of audacity. Although they are still rarely found in our kitchens and bathrooms, they are gradually gaining in popularity and are already shaping up to become a new trend in tiling.

Similar model: Clayhoustile

Tuiles avec motifs 3d sur la surface


7) Showcasing geometric shapes

Source: Pinterest (

Creating a backsplash using disparate tiles is an idea that turns many people off. From the outset, choosing a design where tiles are not coordinated may seem unusual or even risky. Nevertheless, creating an eclectic design can be visually interesting.

If some opt for a mixture of tiles that are all different from each other, it is also possible to choose a smaller number of patterns. This allows us to find a fair middle ground between the completely eclectic design and the coordination of identical tiles.

Similar model: Mandarin Stone


8) Glossy tiles

Source: Pinterest (

Whether they are on the wall or the floor, tiles with a glossy finish can reflect the light coming inside the room. In either case, this is certainly an advantage, especially for small rooms.

Indeed, the latter will greatly benefit from the enlargement effect produced by the reflection of light. These magnificent greenish tiles prove it unequivocally and complement the choice of a white countertop material, which also makes the room look bigger.

Similar model: La Tuilerie

Tuiles murales brillantes en vert


9) Metal tiles

tuiles métalliques_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

What about these metal tiles? Undoubtedly, this look is certainly the one that stands out the most from our list. Metal tiles alone dress the room and they require a few complementary elements to create unique decor.

Although the tiles in the previous image are especially bright, there are variations with brushed metal finishes. Also, you can find some models with more classic patterns whose shapes or details are in relief. Do you prefer bronze? In this case, opt for a brushed nickel finish!

Similar model: Home Depot

Dosseret tuiles en métal


10) Terrazzo tiles

tuiles en terrazzo_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

There was a time when this singular motif adorned the most dreary places, from hospitals to school cafeterias. Surprisingly, it's making quite a comeback. This reinvented version uses more interesting colours and leaves out the dull and boring beige of the past.

Although terrazzo was only used as flooring back in the day, it is now possible to use it on walls and even outdoors. Now available in an infinite number of patterns and colours, terrazzo tiles can create surprise by breaking with the trend of defined patterns.

Similar model: Tile Expert

Tuiles en terrazzo multicolore

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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