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Everything to Know About Aluminum Windows

Everything to Know About Aluminum Windows

Interior renovationsEverything to Know About Aluminum Windows

Replacing the windows in your home can be quite an expensive project! And that is reason enough to be somewhat cautious when choosing a particular model or material.

To help guide you along in terms of options, we thought we would take a look at the different models of aluminum windows currently available on the market, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum Windows: Pros and Cons


First off, note that aluminum windows are very light, and offer excellent soundproofing qualities, and thermal insulation.

Aluminum windows are especially valued for their durability and sturdiness. These features allow for greater resistance to temperature variations and high winds. Also, it is important to note that aluminum windows are available in a wide range of colours, which makes it possible to mix and match your home’s exterior cladding.

In addition, you can opt for two different types of finishes for interior and exterior frames. Furthermore, aluminum windows are available in several sizes, which make them easily adaptable to one's needs.

For consumers concerned about the environmental impact of such a choice, note that this material is fully recyclable, and the majority of aluminum window models require minimal maintenance. Cleaning-wise, they usually only require a wipe-down using mild soap and a sponge.


living room_everything to know about aluminum windows

Since no material has all the qualities alone, there are some drawbacks to choosing aluminum for a window renovation project. First, it should be noted that aluminum tends to scratch easily, which means that certain precautions must be taken during the installation process.

On another note, aluminum tends to get cold during the winter months due to its high conductivity. For this reason alone, it may be challenging to find a window made of this material with an Energy Star certification. However, this can be solved by inserting thermal pads inside the aluminum window frame and sash.

Different Types of Aluminum Windows

Awning Windows

When it comes to aluminum windows, the first model you can choose from is the awning window. This model has a very large opening and maximizes light and fresh air flow during the warmer months. Also, during the summer, parents will be able to open their windows worry-free in regards to the safety of their children.

From a practical viewpoint, it should be noted that an awning opening facilitates cleaning. As for the overall aesthetic aspect, this specific model of window has a sleek look that will perfectly suit modern homes. Lastly, the awning opening is space-efficient, which is convenient for those who have a rather small patio.

Fixed Windows

modern home_everything to know about aluminum windows

Although installing new windows is often for the purpose of airing out a room or space during the summer months, however, some people may want to incorporate them to optimize the natural flow of light. Regarding the latter, know that fixed aluminum windows are currently available on the market. This type of window will definitely increase the amount of light flowing into the house, especially if you choose to create a window arrangement in a designated area.

Casement Windows

This type of window opens the bottom outwardly, which allows for greater space inside the home. Generally, the interior surface will be covered with polyvinyl chloride, while the exterior surface will be covered with extruded aluminum. The interior shutter of the window is often welded PVC (with extruded aluminum in the insulated portion of the wall).

Its configuration ensures maximum sealing and, depending on the model, has a locking mechanism in several places. Note that because the hinges open to a 90 degree, window cleaning is greatly facilitated.

Sliding Windows

Aluminum sliding windows are known for their low maintenance, which is a huge advantage when it comes to spring cleaning! Also, because of the way they open, this type of window is perfectly suited for smaller spaces. Moreover, it opens wide, which is quite practical to ensure a generous flow of fresh air into the home.

Hung Windows

Not surprisingly, the hung window is still a crowd-favourite. There are several reasons for this: sturdiness, low maintenance, and excellent sealing. Although not featured on all models, some hung windows are equipped with a shutter that tilts inward to make maintenance even easier.

Need some advice for your window project? Check out our article How to Choose Your Windows.

Hiring a professional to install aluminum windows

lit space_everything to know about aluminum windows

As briefly stated, aluminum can be easily scratched. As a result, too much handling can damage the finish and compromise the overall appearance of the window.

On the other hand, poor window installation can cause condensation and humidity problems. Keep in mind that a window with a weak seal can lose up to 50% of its efficiency.

For more information regarding the overall cost of a window project, feel free to use our cost calculator or check out our article Price Guide: How Much Does it Cost to Install a Window?

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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