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10 examples of balcony designs

Last modified: 2022-07-27 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

For city dwellers who live in multi-storey buildings, the balcony makes the outside world accessible. It’s a little corner where we can rest, a place to enjoy the sun and maybe even, to set up a small garden. Houses located in the countryside or in the suburbs are also sometimes equipped with balconies, but their role is less important. This is because the occupants of the house generally have access to a yard or other large green spaces.

Whatever your situation, you’re here to find layout ideas that will make your balcony welcoming, pretty and practical. Thus, we’re here to help you! In this article, we’ve collected 10 examples of balconies that have been smartly designed and decorated.

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10 balcony designs for all tastes and needs

1- A small green balcony in bohemian style

Balcon fleuri_soumissionrenovation

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Do you like plants? During the summer, why not offer your green friends some sun? In the summer months, you can create a little jungle on your balcony. Some other positive aspects are that it will allow you to create a beautiful, intimate, warm and colourful space. If you have a ceiling (joists, structure, pergola) above your head, see if it’s further possible to hang planters.

2- A protected, colourful and flowery balcony

Balcon avec toiture rempli de fleurs_SoumissionrenoVation

Photo: Ariyona Interior

Here’s another example of a green balcony. The reason why we decided to present this example which is somewhat similar to the previous one is the wooden floor, which caught our attention. This flooring is nice, smooth and appears easy to maintain. We also like the colourful furniture, including the pink bench and the small cushions decorated with traditional Indian patterns.

3- An open, warm and comfortable balconyBalcon en bois coloré

Photo: By SH Nordic

Here’s a narrower balcony, which is not covered by a ceiling. Therefore, we can imagine this home is located on the top floor of the building. Despite the fact that this balcony is small, its layout is comfortable and welcoming! Think about organizing an evening with friends,  with everyone comfortably seated on the armchairs to admire the sunset. When it gets dark, the soft lighting takes over, creating a friendly atmosphere that promises to keep the party going into the night!

4- A wooden balcony that brings nature to the cityBalcon en bois

Once again, it’s the flooring of this balcony that we adore. The dark wood varnish creates nice soothing straight lines, and this definitely provides the perfect base for a balcony steeped in a zen atmosphere.

The colour palette of this balcony is also very interesting, with a rich combination of shades of brown and green. We can simply say that this balcony is a real isle of greenery and relaxation between the large city buildings that surround it.

5- A sophisticated balcony in black and woodBalcon noir et bois

Photo: Ctendance

Here’s an example of a balcony layout that offers a lot of privacy. The wall on the side serves as both a partition and a backrest for people seated on the bench.

The colour scheme is centred around black, green and pale wood, a combination that evokes a very chic and sophisticated style. It almost feels like a prestigious hotel with a private balcony that opens onto a large suite.

6- A balcony with very pleasant soft lightingBalcon avec lumière tamisé

Photo: Improve your Drawing

This small balcony promises to be pleasant both during the day and in the evening. The wooden structure that creates a partition and a ceiling (pergola style) offers a nice level of privacy while allowing light to penetrate softly into the seating area as well as the house. This space is perfect for romantic evenings or small gatherings with friends.

7- A concrete balcony with cheerful and colourful decorBalcon en béton coloré

Photo: Julia Borioni

This balcony looks a bit like a solarium, as it’s less open than the others. Was this structure designed for protection or to offer more privacy? Of course, we don’t have the answer to this question. But we can say the layout is very pretty and makes us want to spend lunchtime here or even take a nap in the hammock.

The concrete floor adds a touch of modernity, while the tiles on the wall take us to Portugal or Spain. Why not transform your balcony into a place to escape? There’s no better way to promote rest.

8-  A large wooden balcony with the ideal swing for taking a nap

Grand balcon avec balançoire

Photo: One Kin Design

Here’s an example of a larger balcony. Some may say that at this size, it’s not really a balcony, but a terrace. However, we decided to include this example in the list as this type of layout can be adapted to smaller balconies.

There are several interesting architectural details to notice, including the two-tone wooden floor, the wooden slatted ceiling, the white railing and the patterned mouldings that allow the rays of the sun to travel indoors. We also love the idea of ​​installing a swing that serves as both an armchair or a day bed for napping.

9- A wood balcony with storage ideal for cyclists

Balcon avec rangement


Many people who live in condos or apartments have a difficult time finding the best solution for bicycle storage. Often, in order to install bikes indoors, there’s a lack of space or storage options. Also, in urban areas, it’s rarely recommended that you leave your ride close to the street, as it has the potential to be in reach of thieves.

Here’s an interesting option for cycling enthusiasts who have access to a balcony. Installing a bicycle rack on the wall takes up little space and is also quite pretty!

10- A high balcony with hidden storage

Balcon rouge en hauteur

Photo: Home and Garden

We end the list with a spectacular balcony, located on the building’s roof. This balcony is boldly laid out, with plenty of storage, sections dedicated to rest and a nice little dining table.

For those who like to spend time in the sun, this is a dream spot to do so! We also love the fact that under the benches, there appears to be built-in storage, something rare in urban balconies!

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