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Everything About Hotel Housekeeping

Everything About Hotel Housekeeping

Collaborations with expertsEverything About Hotel Housekeeping

Regular hotel room maintenance is a non-negotiable element that impacts the daily well-being of guests. 

Housekeeping plays a vital role within every hotel. The maintenance staff is responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy guest area. Without housekeeping, the conditions of the hotel would soon deteriorate and guest occupancy would dwindle fast.

What elements should be considered when cleaning a hotel?

cleaning hotel

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Generally speaking, room occupancy represents a good 50% of total sales, making it a major contributor to a hotel's overall profit margin. Hence, the effort and hard work put forth by the housekeeping department to provide guests with a pleasant experience often directly impacts the overall stay of hotel patrons.

Guest rooms and suites are the very heart of the hotel. Housekeeping staff not only regularly maintain well-kept and comfortable rooms for arriving guests, but also thoroughly clean and uphold a certain quality standard within the hotel's rooms so that the setting looks as fresh as ever and entices guests to stay longer or choose to repeat their stay at the hotel as well.

As such, housekeeping is very much an extension of the hospitality industry and therefore has a commitment in regard to the establishment’s reputation and success. Hotel maintenance staff strive to offer guests a hygienic, pleasant, stress-free, and welcoming environment that results in excellent value for money.

Hotel housekeeping duties include room cleaning and set-up, bathroom, hallway, and common area maintenance, as well as back-of-house sanitation.

As mentioned, hotel maintenance is essential to ward off:

  • Dust and other dirt build up;

  • Spread of mites;

  • Bacteria growth;

  • Germs, moulds, and fungi growth;

  • Unsightly dirt and grime overall.

A well-cleaned and maintained guest room promotes a feeling of safety, comfort, and convenience.

What’s the best way to ensure that a hotel’s germ-free once cleaned? 

hotel cleaning

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There's nothing more appealing to guests than an immaculate facility. No amount of service, courtesy, or glamour can rival a guest's satisfaction upon entering a room that's spotless and well-appointed with stocked amenities. Management and guests concur that ensuring a clean and tidy room is a prerequisite for guest loyalty.

Since it can be difficult to guarantee meticulous housekeeping services, hiring a qualified cleaning company means entrusting the task to a trustworthy team.

Basically, it's always a good idea to schedule regular and detailed hotel maintenance and to perform regular quality control inspections, as well as ensure quality products are used and a focus on details is applied.

For these reasons alone, it's worthwhile and much encouraged to hire a professional cleaning crew to ensure impeccable day-to-day cleanliness, and that without the hassle.

Housekeeping and Janitorial Trade

hotel cleaning

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As with many services, choosing the right hotel cleaning agency is paramount. Housekeeping is a particular job that consists mainly of the following tasks:

  • Cleaning floors;

  • Cleaning and dusting furniture;

  • Vacuuming or sweeping carpets and furniture;

  • Disinfecting public areas;

  • Waste disposal;

  • Laundry services and managing bed linens and towels;

  • Managing and disinfecting appliances;

  • Washing windows, mirrors, walls, and ceilings. 

It’s also good to know that the housekeeping company's hotel cleaning rates can vary depending on several factors:

  • Amount of rooms;

  • Cleaning methods and products used by the qualified staff;

  • Qualification and reputation of the staff.

A tell-tale first clue may be the quality of the company's equipment. That being said, on top of experts specializing in detailed assessments, we also have the most reliable and efficient cleaning system available.

Bear in mind that calling in a professional cleaning service is highly recommended after any work is carried out in your home, whether it be after relocating or remodelling.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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