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What you need to know before rebuilding a house

What you need to know before rebuilding a house

Exterior renovationsWhat you need to know before rebuilding a house

Whether building a custom home or redesigning one that just wasn’t cutting it anymore, taking on a home building project is exciting, but is also a huge job.

This process is a considerable time commitment, as well as a huge chunk out of the bank and several factors should be considered before moving full throttle into this all-encompassing project.

Even with smaller home rebuilds and remodels, once you rip down and open up those walls, situations arise that you may not have anticipated and creative problem solving will come in handy. However, to avoid the element of surprise, here are some things to know and consider in the process of rebuilding your home. 

Rebuilding a home: what you need to know

Planning your rebuilding project

House rebuilding

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All the cost involved

Make sure that before you start rebuilding a new home, you've considered all the costs involved in the process. Having an accurate estimation of construction costs will help you to determine several crucial factors, and home construction must be considered from many angles. Firstly, why did you initially choose to take on this renovation project?

Family planning

famille_Soumission Rénovation

Think about the current and future lifestyle and habits of all family members involved, such as family planning and consideration: will your family be expanding or shrinking, with children moving out or new ones joining the family? Do you plan to entertain overnight guests? Think in the long term, as asking yourself these questions can help you to determine the overall costs of construction.

Space planning and design

Further, space planning and design is crucial. Consider storage space and closet placement, as the placement of storage is especially important in smaller homes. Next to storage planning, consider the placement of lighting. Is it possible to have windows in every room, and if not, is there an alternative?

Natural light

lumière_Soumission Rénovation

Natural light should be the main source of light wherever possible. Take ample time during the home renovation planning process, speak with various professionals on the subject and spend some time conducting your own research: contractors, architects and builders are trained to help homeowners make effective decisions in home building projects so do take advantage of this.

Room Use

When re-building a home, you’ll hope that the rooms included will be used. There is no point in constructing a playroom if your children are on the cusp of becoming teenagers, or building a home gym if no one plans on working out. It is important to be realistic rather than impractical, planning to build rooms that will be used without question.

If you plan on including a spare room in your construction plan, make it multipurpose, or a space that can easily transition from one type of room to the next. An office that doubles as a guest room is an excellent example of a multifunctional space that would be used often.

Room Placement

House with red

source: Pixabay, Catkin

It is worth considering the placement of all rooms in the home ahead of time, as room placement is key to living in a cozy and comfortable home. Again, lifestyle and habits should be considered when thinking about room placement. If members of your family are coming and going at all hours of the day, it would be advised to keep bedrooms segregated from central living spaces.

Is your home only one level? If so, the master suite would ideally be located at the furthest point of the home and would not share a wall with your living room. Kitchen placement is also very important, as it tends to get a lot of foot traffic and will have high noise levels. It would be worth diverting this foot traffic away from the main living areas and bedrooms.

Furthermore, think about if your new home is going to have a laundry room or garage. The laundry room should be easily accessible but must have the proper fixtures in order to accommodate a washer and dryer. A garage will come up against traffic and dirt, so you’ll need to think about the rooms that it is adjacent to. Think about floor plans and room spacing carefully, and if you’re feeling unsure, get in touch with a professional!

Think Green Renovation

As the world becomes more environmentally friendly, homeowners who are rebuilding their spaces are designing with green energy in mind. Would a green-friendly energy system, such as solar heating and cooling, be possible for your home? Consider outdoor climate as well as your home's placement and access to the sun or other natural energy sources.

Furthermore, consider window size when thinking about heat gain and loss in the home. Spend time researching and considering insulation placement, HVAC systems as well as energy-efficient appliances that can be incorporated into certain rooms to make things economical.

Would you like to take advantage of some tips to adopt an eco-responsible approach as part of your renovation project? Take a look at our article Building an Ecological Home: 10 Things to Know.

Hire the Right People for the Job

reconstruction_Soumission Rénovation

Unless you plan to rebuild your home all on your own, this is a very crucial part of the job. The experience of rebuilding a home will be greatly determined by the individuals you hire to help you carry out the job. Look for someone who understands your vision, while remaining professional, organized and friendly.

You’re likely going to be spending a lot of time in communication with them, so make sure that you can connect not only on a professional level but a personal one as well. Certain professionals look good on paper, but it’ll be the personal relationship that really solidifies a comfortable home renovation project. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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