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How to Create a Modern Coastal Vibe

How to Create a Modern Coastal Vibe

Interior renovationsHow to Create a Modern Coastal Vibe

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean all dreams of being whisked away seaside have to fade. What if we told you that travelling to a coastal haven with sandy beaches was a possibility without having to leave your cozy pad?

No need to pack for this one, just a few decoration tips will help you ship your interior décor seaside. Are you ready to embrace the coastal vibe? It’ll be modern and trendy, we promise!

Create an Indoor Modern Coastal Vibe

The ideal colours for a modern coastal-inspired look

colour palette

First and foremost, carefully consider the colours you want to use to achieve any particular look. No matter the theme you’re going for, decide on a colour palette before heading shopping. Otherwise, you may get carried away with all the beautiful decorative items at arm’s reach. 

Traditionally speaking, coastal-inspired decoration is a perfect mix between navy blue, white, and hints of red. However, this version of coastal chic is too clichéd and, let’s be frank, a bit old-fashioned. Therefore, it had to be modernized with trendier shades. 

Earth tones—the beacon of hope in the interior decoration world—have seeped into the coastal-inspired look to revamp the summer home feel. White, beige, ecru, and light grey can be perfectly mixed with a palette of blues, which is no longer limited to a single shade of navy blue. 

Interior decorating with earth tones guarantees a brighter, and more luxurious-looking, space that’ll make you think there’s a perfect balance between inside and outside. Blue being the strong colour that it is, we suggest adding it sparingly throughout your décor to retain the light and bright aspects of earth tones. 

Opt for shades of blue that are in line with the vibe you’re looking to invoke inside. For a décor with depth and character, we suggest navy blue or a blue-grey. 

For a chic and trendy look, go for shades of teal. If you’re looking to create a fresh new look, opt for turquoise or baby blue, both of which will bring forth a setting that’s summer beach house-inspired. Now that you’ve defined your colour palette for your coastal-inspired décor, make way for your modern beach house decoration.

Natural Materials: Trendy Coastal Look Must-Haves

coastal vibe

Source: Canva

When it comes to coastal décors, not unlike all decorative styles, the trend aligns with natural materials. 

Opt for light wooden furniture pieces for your coffee table, bed, sideboard, or dining room table. Add a few hints of rattan or leather with chairs or armchairs, depending on the style you’re trying to convey. It’ll add warmth to your bright interior. 

To retain a bright space, we suggest adding a pretty, off-white bouclé wool sofa. You may even want to opt for a blue couch, but make sure it doesn’t darken the space too much.

For a more modern, coastal-inspired kitchen, there’s nothing like an all-white kitchen with a Portuguese-inspired backsplash, known as azulejos. The latter will definitely add a hint of blue, courtesy of its pretty design. On the other hand, if you’re looking to convey a look in your kitchen that has even more coastal appeal, we suggest opting for a two-tone kitchen, your choice of blue paired with white to improve lighting. 

Add colour to your kitchen island or your base furniture with light blue tones and favour whites for all walls and tall furniture pieces. For a natural-looking and cozy kitchen, you can add wooden shelves that’ll display your beautiful kitchenware. Learn more about our kitchen decorating tips here

Choosing natural materials is much more than simply following the trend; it’s first and foremost bringing a certain authenticity and a cozy side to the interior to feel more comfortable. It’s also what we usually want to convey with a summer beach house-inspired look. 

Choose Coastal-Inspired Decorative Items

modern coastal vibe

Source: Canva

After having selected your coastal-inspired colours and furniture, now’s the time to fine-tune the rest of the decoration.

Here still, it’s best to go for natural materials: ceramic, sandstone, wooden, linen, cotton, etc. Play around with raw, organic materials for an authentic décor, down to the smallest detail. Don’t forget to add hints of blue in every room in the house. 

As for the master bedroom, look for linen or gauze-cotton bedsheets, they’re so comfortable. Consider mixing blue with some earth tones like white or off-white. When it comes to decorating your living room, rely on numerous throw pillows for added comfort. However, you can also choose patterns and various shades of blue. 

To create a coastal-inspired look, we suggest adding seaside-themed interior decorative pieces. Highlight your walls with natural and unique nautical-like décor items. As a decorative piece, you could hang a bright-coloured and gently curved wooden oar, a pretty garland of wooden floats, a cotton rope, or even better yet, feature delicate and poetic-like boating knots.  

Also, add rattan pendant light fixtures and braided seagrass rugs to render cozier the rooms in the house. Adding a few decorative items will make all the difference: shell-shaped vases, ceramic candlesticks and shallow serving bowls, blue glass bottles, coral, etc. Feel free to mix and match décor items and the colours featured on the shelves to get a more original beach-inspired look. 

Last but not least, add some life to your décor with some greenery. For a more Mediterranean-like style, opt for indoor olive trees planted in terracotta pots or even cacti. If you’re more in tune with a Californian-inspired look, opt for indoor palm trees. 

That’s everything you need to know to turn your interior décor into a seaside haven. Ready to revamp your little cocoon into a beach house?

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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