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6 bedroom storage solutions

6 bedroom storage solutions

Interior renovations6 bedroom storage solutions

The bedroom is the definite haven of the home. Depending on your living arrangements, this room may be the only space offering you a little bit of peace, quiet and privacy. Of course, you’ll need it to be as organized as possible if you’re spending endless hours tucked away in your bed.

Maybe you lack the space to store all of your precious things or maybe you’re looking for a strategy to keep things extra regulated. Regardless of the reasons why, we’re here to offer you some serious tips that will leave your room in tip-top shape, and keep it that way!

Here are 6 tips to keep your bedroom organized!

1- Declutter and cleanse


source: unsplash

How many times have you searched your closet extensively to come up empty-handed with claims to have "nothing to wear?" This all too common narrative is a result of an overcrowded and overpacked closet. Before even considering storage solutions, you should take a day or two to thoroughly clean out your closet and get rid of things that you no longer need.

Donating worn or older items is an excellent and green-friendly way to free up more space for things you actually need. Be ruthless with your choices, and pack away anything that is seasonal but that you plan on wearing again in the future.

2- Under the bed storage

You may have ignored this space previously, but there is plenty of room beneath your bed where narrow bins can keep seasonal clothing as well as additional linens. This space could even be used to store books or art and pictures that aren’t currently on display. Consider building a small rolling storage box that can be accessed when necessary. This is a simple project that even a novice could complete, using a few pieces of wood and four caster wheels to allow the structure to slide in and out.

If the thought of this is unsightly, consider a bed skirt or decorative quilt and allow it to hang over the sides. If your bed isn’t raised off the ground and there is no available space underneath, may we suggest building a small chest for the end of the bed? If you really need that extra room, consider investing in a new bed that has built-in storage.

3- Closet organization is key for a decluttered bedroom


source: unsplash

Regardless of the size of your closet, you need to find a way to maximize the space you’re working with. If you are using every single section to the best of its ability, then consider reorganizing and adding a few essential pieces of closet storage.

Even if you’re a renter and have a fear of wrecking the landlord's perfect paint job, there are plenty of closet organizers on the market that will allow for organization as well as space maximization. Consider an additional clothing rod or rack, over-the-door hangers and shelves or folding bins and boxes.

4- Design specific storage for shoes

For some, your bedroom might not come equipped with the proper storage to keep hold of your shoe collection. If you’ve got several pairs for every season, chances are you might need a solution to keep everything. If you’re working with a lot of boots, why not consider installing a low-hanging bar and using pant hangers to keep them off the ground but still in good form

This storage method can also be used for regular pairs of shoes as well, especially if you’re working with a large number. Further, you could create a custom shelf at the top of your closet, one that is specifically dedicated to footwear. We’re certain that finding a way to neatly keep all of your shoes will free up space for other clothing, accessories and items.

5- Use the headboard or footboard of the bed as additional storage

Now, you may be interested in a decadent showpiece headboard, but if you’re lacking space it would be important to reconsider this. The space where the headboard should live is another great area to consider overbed shelving or other unique storage solutions that will literally blend in with the decor.

Try pocket shelving and use smaller, square shelves propped up on the wall behind the bed. The footboard also offers a spot for a storage cabinet rather than a table or a floating drawer in place of an awkward shelf or dresser. The key to maximizing space is creativity, and we’re certain you have a bit of that lying around.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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