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Rooftop Paint: An Essential Add-On?


6 min read

Rooftop Paint: An Essential Add-On?

RoofRooftop Paint: An Essential Add-On?

When considering painting your house, you’re probably not automatically thinking about painting the rooftop. However, if your roof is in rough shape or needs a fresh coat of paint to match the rest of your house’s siding, then thinking about it, you might!

This article will delve into everything you need to know about roof paint, including how it's properly applied, and the different types of paint available on the market nowadays.

Painting a Rooftop: Prep Steps

Source: Canva

  1. Determine whether you want to paint the entire roof or solely the eaves.

  2. Remove former layers of paint (if any) from your roof with a pressure washer or other useful tool.

  3. Check for loose or rotten planks that'll need to be replaced before painting – don't forget to check under the eaves!

  4. Cover any yard furniture and vegetation that could be damaged by paint during the process – better safe than sorry!

  5. Shield anything under your roof with tape so that it doesn't get stained with paint mist.

  6. Conceal the areas around windows and vents to prevent paint from also coating them – this is important, as omitting to do so can lead to costly water damage!

These prep steps will also allow you to properly inspect and clean your rooftop (prior to painting). Keep in mind that your roof must be completely cleared of leaves, branches, and any other type of residue. Rust, flaking paint, and any contaminants have to be removed.

Use a degreaser such as TSP (trisodium phosphate) to remove any traces of oil or grease that could hinder the paint job.

Benefits of a Painted Rooftop

Painting a rooftop can help you save money on your heating and air conditioning bills since a fresh coat of paint will reflect heat away from the house. It also provides additional shingle protection in the event of hail or wind damage. Painting is also an easy way to add colour to a stale exterior without having to proceed with an expensive siding project. Lastly, a fresh coat of paint gives your home an edge, therefore making it more appealing to potential buyers if you decide to put it up for sale.

A painted rooftop has a number of advantages. One is that it'll last longer than an unpainted roof, since it'll be able to withstand a lot more heat. Also, the chosen paint colour can enhance the house's overall aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, a painted roof is easier to maintain than an unpainted one, as it doesn't require as much maintenance (since there are no mineral deposits).

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your rooftop will help prevent infiltrations. In Quebec, harsh weather is a commonality, and your roof is definitely subject to a lot of damage from freeze-thaw weathering, snow, rain, wind, etc. It's worthwhile to give it a coat of paint for added peace of mind.

Types of Roof Paint Available On the Market

Source: Canva

Sheet metal roofs require an additional layer of protection, but there are various options, paint-wise, to choose from. However, a primer should be applied to these types of coverings before paint or even a sealant is applied.

Some sheet metal roofs also have a protective film which doesn't require repainting, as it's designed to repel water. For asphalt roofing shingles, you have two options: acrylic or elastomeric coverings. Elastomeric coverings are applied directly to the asphalt shingles to seal them against leaks and prevent cracks. 

Acrylic coverings offer an additional protective layer and are available in a wide variety of colours that can be mixed and matched to your house’s exterior siding.  

Basically, there are two categories of roof coverings: elastomeric membranes and polymer-type paints. Each of these is adapted to address a specific problem. If you want a type of paint with 200% elasticity that'll seal your coated surface, opt for Noxyde paint. On the other hand, if you want a waterproof solution, an elastomeric membrane is the way to go, although a costlier solution.

Average Cost of Painting a Rooftop

Source: Canva

The cost of painting a roof actually depends on a lot of factors. For one, the size of the house or building has to be taken into account, as well as the type of paint used. In general, it'll cost about $1,500 to paint an average-sized asphalt shingle roof. However, the costs can run as high as $4,000 for a large commercial building with sheet metal or slate roofing.

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when it comes to painting a roof is whether or not you need a professional house painter. The answer largely depends on the type of paint you're planning on using. Oil-based paints require more maintenance and can't be easily stripped from surfaces such as plastic gutters or asphalt shingles.

Therefore, calling in a professional house painter is a must for these types of paints, as they don't adhere well to sheet metal roofs or other surfaces that haven't been previously coated with an oil-based primer. On the flip side, latex paint adheres to nearly all surfaces, making it easier to work with than oil-based paints.

Similarly, chipped roofing requires more work, since it'll need to be stripped for the paint to adhere properly. Thus, this extra work will cost you the time spent prepping the surface.

Whatever it might be, experts in the trade will make the trip to analyze the specifics of your roof before establishing a detailed cost estimate of the work required.

Noxyde Roof Paint: Features, Advantages, and Prices

One of the most popular types of roof paint is Noxyde. This type of paint has many benefits and is one of the best options for homeowners who want to paint their roofs.

Noxyde paint is composed of a water-based acrylic resin, which gives it high elasticity. It's meant to be applied on metal structures exposed to harsh weather conditions, thus making it perfect for Quebec’s climate.

For instance, Noxyde paint is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of roof paint. It also dries rather quickly and resists quite well to heat, meaning that you can often use it to apply a second coat after some time has passed since the last coat of paint was applied.

It also prevents rusting for more than 15 years and complies with the C5-M standard.

Being rust-resistant with high elasticity, it’s also flake-resistant, so the paint is easy to apply and has a very low preparation time compared to other paints on the market. 

Keep in mind that having a well-maintained roof is a key part of protecting your home. Noxyde paint is a durable, long-lasting solution that means you won't have to carry out too many repairs.

If you’ve decided to paint your roof, note all the important factors involved before proceeding with such a decision. 

Always use certified and recognized professional tradespeople. It's easy to find cheap services on the Internet today, but that doesn’t mean the services are worth it. The work is often rushed and the results shoddy, meaning the work oftentimes needs to be carried out again, soon after.

We offer the finest roof painting solution. Our certified experts select the most durable and high-quality paints to ensure stunning results and a well-protected roof.

Cover image source: Robin Kutesa - Unsplash

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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