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Everything to Know About Wood-Fired Pool Heaters

Everything to Know About Wood-Fired Pool Heaters

Exterior renovationsEverything to Know About Wood-Fired Pool Heaters

Who wouldn’t want to be able to use their pool, year-round, even during those really cold winter days? The only way to do so is to set up a swimming pool water heater. A wood-fired pool heater is an efficient way to warm up your pool water at a low cost. Here’s everything you need to know about this type of pool heater and the products retailed.

Characteristics and Workings of a Wood-Fired Pool Heater

wood-fired pool heater

Source: Canva

To heat your outdoor pool, opt for a wood-fired pool heater capable of increasing the water temperature to a reasonable level, enabling you to prolong your swimming period for as long as possible. Wood-fired pool heaters are an eco-friendly alternative to standard pool heaters like heat pumps, solar panels, or electric pool heaters. The former heats swimming pool water without resorting to gas, heating oil, or electricity. True to its name, wood-fired pool heaters use wood, an affordable and renewable energy source.

To heat a pool using firewood, one will typically use a wood-burning stove, which happens to be relatively easy to use. Indeed, one simply inserts a copper pipe into the ignited wood-burning stove. The cold pool water will then be pumped and drawn into the pipe where it will be heated by the fire before it's channelled back into the pool.

This heating system works just like a thermodynamic water heater. In order for the device to be as efficient as possible, build a stone and brick wall around the stove. Also, remember to regularly clean the build-up of ashes in the stove from the wood to sustain the fire. Furthermore, to guarantee optimal water-heating results, you can ensure the wood-burning fire’s flames are as close as possible to the water pipe. Also, make sure you have enough firewood to prevent your inventory from dwindling fast, causing the water temperature to drop.

Pros and Cons of Heating Pool Water with Firewood

wood as pool heater fuel

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Opting for a wood-fired pool heater has its fair share of advantages, especially for those who have firewood readily available.

  • It’s cost-effective: Electric pool heaters can cause your electricity bills to skyrocket. Wood-fired heating is a great alternative to reduce energy consumption. You simply need to find a local business capable of providing you with fairly priced firewood.

  • It’s more eco-friendly compared to other heating systems: Most modern pool heaters use non-renewable energy, such as electricity or gas. Whereas, firewood is a renewable source. Indeed, when a tree is felled, another can be planted in its place. As such, heating your pool with firewood not only allows you to benefit from a warm and inviting pool but also limits your home’s carbon footprint. 

  • It’s easy to use: Using a wood-fired pool heater is relatively simple. It doesn’t require a separate heating radiator or a header tank. The heater’s tall chimney allows you to insert significantly sized logs. You just have to add a good amount of wood to ensure it burns for a while. 


Despite everything, heating your pool with firewood does have its share of drawbacks that are important to mention. Note that this heating device is efficient for small bodies of water. However, it doesn’t necessarily suit large pools, which will undoubtedly require a lot of firewood to heat, which might become a hindrance should you not have a decent amount of firewood readily available. Furthermore, if you opt for this type of pool heater, note that you’ll have to constantly be ready to load your device with firewood to sustain the fire. 

How to Heat a Pool with Firewood: Devices and Price Points

wood-fired outdoor pool heater

Source: Canva

In Quebec, there are several pool heaters sold on the market, of which, each has its respective characteristics. Here are some examples of pool heaters alongside their price points.

Bilovax Pool Heater by L.S. Bilodeau

Given its smoke-free patented technology, this wood-fired pool heater efficiently increases pool water temperatures. It heats the water from 6 to 15°F per day, based on the heating device model and pool type. Indeed, there are two different types of pool heaters like this available. This water heater can be used for above-ground and inground pools. It’s also suitable for both urban and rural areas. 

  • Material: Stainless steel

  • Heating capacity: Up to 250,000 BTU

  • Combustion chamber dimensions (in):  25 × 32 × 25 OR 31.5 × 45 × 39

  • Installation: Outdoors

  • Price: Between $4,000 and $6,000

Performance Water Heater by Chauf-Eau-Bois

It has a manually controlled air intake mechanism with a triple wall design. It benefits from emitting a limited amount of smoke. It can heat a 21-foot pool 3 to 7°F per day and a hot tub 8 to 15°F per hour. It’s recommended in rural areas.

  • Material: Stainless steel

  • Heating capacity: Up to 120,000 BTU

  • Combustion chamber dimensions (in): 26 × 16 × 17

  • Installation: Next to the pool’s edge

  • Price: Between $1,000 and $1,250

Ambiance Water Heater by Chauf-Eau-Bois

This is the most affordable model of the three showcased here. This water heater was designed for chlorine or saltwater pool usage. On average, it has 30,000 BTU, capable of heating a 21-foot pool 2 to 4°F per day. Not unlike the Performance model, it’s recommended for rural areas. When the wood-fired heater is in use, continuous water circulation is recommended.

  • Material: Stainless steel

  • Heating capacity: Up to 60,000 BTU

  • Combustion chamber dimensions (in): 20 × 20 × 16 

  • Installation: Next to the pool’s edge

  • Price: Between $500 and $700

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Last modified 2024-04-11

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